How To Cleanse, Charge & Program Your Crystals: A Beginner's Guide

How To Cleanse, Charge & Program Your Crystals

Once you buy some crystals, the next step is to learn how to program them.

As far as magick and manifestation goes, I’m admittedly a minimalist.

I honestly believe you need nothing but an intention and the power of your own mind in order to create real results in the world.

However, what kind of good witch would I be if I didn’t occasionally dip my toes into the Woo Woo extras?

I do love a good moon ritual. I love being extra intentional and magickal with things. And I definitely believe in the power of crystals.

The one thing I always say with this stuff is to make sure you don’t get overly attached to what the crystals represent.

They’re beautiful and powerful. But it’s still you creating the magick, not the crystal.

So with that being said, I do always have crystals around (in all four corners of my room, on my altar, my desk…everywhere!).

I absolutely love the way they look. I do choose them based on their formal meanings but I’ve also been known to choose one just because I like that particular one’s energy. (This is something you can do too!)

(Fun fact: I used to live one block from the Crystal Gallery in Vancouver and I would jog by every morning while basically drooling over their windows!)

One thing you should know about crystals is how important it is to take care of them properly–especially cleansing them.

So why is this important?

Crystals literally hold energy. Want proof? There are crystals inside much of our modern technology, including your phone!

When you bring a crystal home you’re inevitably bringing some extra energy with it. So creating a neutral space for you and your crystal is an important first step.

From there, you can also think about charging or programming your crystals. (Not sure what that means? It’s okay, just keep reading!)

Whether you’re new to the world of crystals or a well-seasoned witch, I hope this guide helps you take better energetic care of your crystals!

3 Ways To Cleanse Your Crystals

Cleansing is exactly what it sounds like: removing any unwanted or old stagnant energies from your crystals. While this is a solid regular energetic practice for all your crystals, you especially want to do this when you bring a new crystal treasure home with you.

Crystal Cleansing Method #1:


Water is the classic cleansing method. Run your small crystals under some tap water or make a bath for your larger ones to soak.

Just plain water will do but you can also add some salt to the mix if you like. (More on that next!)

The only caveat here is to make sure your crystals are water safe before beginning. Crystals like selenite (one of my personal favorites!) are definitely not and will disintegrate in water over time. (Not a good ending for your pretties!)

Crystal Cleansing Method #2:


Salt is just another crystal when you think about it! It’s also a popular element for many magic spells. So it should be no surprise that salt can be used to cleanse your crystals.

There are a few different ways to do this:

You can pour a bunch of salt into a big bowl and either bury your crystals in it (or just let them sit on top).

Or you can combine salt with water (as in the first suggestion) to make a salt bath for your beauties. (Again, please check if your crystals are water-soluble first!)

Crystal Cleansing Method #3


Smoke cleansing is another simple way to cleanse your crystals. If you happen to be saging your home anyway, then just be sure to spread a little extra on your crystals.

(For more info on this type of energy cleansing, click here.)

Personally, my favorite tool for this is palo santo. But you can also use any other type of smudge stick. (Definitely try to pick something from an ethical company!)

3 Ways To Charge Your Crystals

Charging your crystals is filling them up with extra natural energy. Now make no mistake, your crystals are already powerful just as they are! But if you want to use them for a specific purpose or ritual, charging them can give them that little extra oomph.

Crystal Charging Method #1:


Sunlight is a wonderful way to charge your crystals with some extra energy. It’s very simple to do: just place your crystals on a sunny windowsill and let nature get to it!

Try to place your crystals separate enough from each other so that they can all collect that ooey-gooey good sun energy.

For some extra oomph, you can also set an intention for what you want to charge the crystals with specifically before you let the sun get to them.

Crystal Charging Method #2:


Yes, even dirt can be used to charge crystals! After all, it’s just another form of Mother Nature.

If you’re lucky enough to have a yard, then go on outside and let your crystals lay in the ground for 24 hours or so. (Just be sure you mark the spot where you bury them so you don’t lose them!)

If you don’t have a yard, no worries. You can do this just as easily with an indoor houseplant. Plus–in my opinion anyway–the plants love them.

Crystal Charging Method #3:


If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I’m always reminding you when it’s the full moon, and therefore time to charge your crystals! This is my personal favorite charging method because it’s simple and effective.

Simply place your crystals on the night of the full moon and let the moon do the work! Again, try to place them out with enough room around them that the moon can envelop them fully. Also, try to pick a place to maximize the amount of moonlight they receive. (In my little Berlin apartment, it’s never as long as I would like but hopefully, you can do better!)

3 Ways To Program Your Crystals

Programming your crystals is an optional step. If you are using a crystal for a specific purpose, then consider programming them with that intention. For example, maybe you have a gorge new crystal necklace. You might want to program that crystal for protection or clarity (or whatever else it is that you’re after!).

Crystal Programming Method #1:


This is my own personal favorite for programming your crystals. Take your crystal, hold it near your mouth and simply whisper your intention into it. So simple and powerful, I just love it.

Crystal Programming Method #2:

Hold It

To do this, simply hold the crystal in your hands while bringing your intention to mind. Or do this first and then whisper your intention into it as well, for some extra strength.

Crystal Programming Method #3:


Another popular method for programming crystals is to visualize yourself inside the crystal. For this, throw on your favorite meditation background music and take some time to do this in your own mind.

Keeping your crystal in your hand (or perhaps laying on top of you), start meditating. When you’re fully relaxed, now imagine yourself stepping into the crystal itself. From their “say” your intention or concentrate on projecting your intention out from your heart space.

Imagine “filling” the crystal with the intention of your energy. Then say a quick thank you and allow yourself to return back to the room, with gratitude in your heart.

So tell me: do you already cleanse, charge and program your crystals? If you’re new, which one of these are you going to start with first?

Crystals are really a pick your own adventure: you can just buy them and admire them based on their looks and vibes. Or you can start using them in alignment with your magick or manifestation practice. There’s no right or wrong here so don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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How To Cleanse, Charge & Program Your Crystals: A Beginner's Guide


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