Designing With The Yin Yang: My Secret Design Sauce

How To Design With Yin Yang

Curious about how to design with yin yang?

This is it kids: the true key to awesome design.

Yin Yang Symbol

The Yin Yang (otherwise known as Taijitu) is a powerful Taoist symbol. It’s undoubtedly familiar to you, even if you have come to think of it as some weird hippie symbol.

The symbol itself has two parts, one white and one black each with a tiny but of the other in the center. The pieces themselves seem to be moving against and with one another, one up and one down and I’m absolutely certain that effect was intentional.

The Yin and Yang symbolizes eternal duality, the constant motion of two opposite but totally equal forces. It symbolizes the constant rhythm of up and down and back and forth that we experience time and time again within this life.

It’s pretty easy to come up with examples of how to design with Yin Yang:

Good. Evil.
Masculine. Feminine.
Cold. Hot.
traditional rug with mid century furniture

[ >traditional rug + chest mixed with mid-century modern furniture ]

So what exactly does this ancient concept have to do with interior design?

I actually believe that Yin and Yang is the secret sauce to every beautiful room. (It’s kinda the perfect example of how spiritual principles can be applied to a physical space.)

There is something new that is created in the play between two opposing elements. These forces become more beautiful together than they could ever be on their own; the natural tension between the two is what creates interest.

Light. Dark.
Black. White.
Old. New.
Contemporary. Traditional.
Take a look at Pinterest and see what you notice. But I always think the most appealing spaces draw from a balance between Yin and Yang, in one way or another.

black and white decor

[ strong use of black + white ]

So if you are looking to add more visual interest in your space, think about the concept of duality, rhythm and the Yin and Yang symbol itself.

How can you create that delicious push-pull within your space? Here are three ideas:

Tip 1:

Mix things up. Add floral pillows to a contemporary sofa or display antique books on a sleek bookcase.

Tip 2:

Bring in some unexpected items. Mix vintage furniture pieces with Ikea.

Tip 3:

And don’t be all matchy-matchy (split up your matching bedroom set if you have one).

The results will be much more interesting than by-the-book design could ever be.

I hope that this post inspires you! Let me know how you use it.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Designing With The Yin Yang: My Secret Design Sauce


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