The Life-Changing Power of Color Psychology

The Life-Changing Power of Color Psychology

One of the biggest disconnects I’ve come across in the design world is the complex relationship between color and our psyche.

Most people choose a paint color based on what they like or on what’s currently trendy. The psychological aspect of color is usually a distant second thought.

But as a Conscious Designer, this just seems straight-up crazy to me!

We’re ultimately creating the environment that we spend most of our time in and we are always affected by the colors around us, even in very subtle ways. Why would you ever want to choose a color that makes you feel depressed or lethargic?

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So while your preferences and current design trends are also important, we should also give careful consideration to the power of Color Psychology: how our chosen color truly makes us feel.

The Power of Color Psychology

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But if you’re looking to feel different in your day to day life (be that calm, happy or energized) then it’s probably a great idea to choose a color that will jumpstart that feeling.

For example, gray is a trendy color right now. But using too much of it can seem drab or depressing. And I’m not saying you need to avoid it entirely! But be sure to balance it out with some bright colors that are highly associated with your desired states.


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All of that said, color is a highly personal thing; we are also influenced by the role color has played in our past. So a color might seem wrong according to this chart but maybe it reminds you of a happy memory. Then it’s still a great choice!

Getting clear on the reasons why you like a certain color can reveal a lot about our inner self.

If a certain shade really speaks to you, then follow your heart and put it on your walls!

Ultimately it’s up to you to make the best decision for your own unique personality and desires.

I hope this has inspired you to think about color from a fresh new perspective. Let me know how it goes!

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