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10 Feng Shui Tricks for Money & Abundance

Have you ever tried working with Feng Shui for money and abundance?

I get questions all the time about how to manifest more money and attract more abundance and wealth into your world. And the good news is, this is truly possible for everyone.

However, if you’re working on manifesting money, that usually also means you have some big money issues to work through. So much of this comes from our childhood. (And it also means you really should be doing the work of ditching your limiting money beliefs, reprogramming your subconscious mind and healing yourself from the inside out.)

But money itself is also a form of energy. It’s incredibly helpful to start seeing it as energy, so we can start working with it instead of against it. So if you’re serious about attracting more money, it’s also wise to change your energetic attraction to money with a tool like Feng Shui.

I love working with Feng Shui because it offers a very practical approach to energy work. Think about it this way: your home (or room) design is all about becoming more attractive to Chi energy. You want it to come in and circulate around but not get stuck in any corners.

It’s about inviting more Chi to stick around and not letting it get swept out windows or down drains (taking your finances along with it).

You might wonder how Feng Shui could change your actual finances. And the answer is: through magic. As above, so below, as the magical saying goes. That means that whatever is happening in the bigger outer world is often being reflected within us and vice versa. So why not use that magic to create the results that we want?

When you have a problem (like with money), of course tackling wise. But you can also come at it from a slightly different perspective. So why not try this out at least? Changing the energy of your space can create more money magnetism in your world–with a lot less effort than starting your own business or opening a savings account (although those are smart ideas too!).

In other words, go out there and do the real inner work and manifestation work to shift your money vibration! But why not play with Feng Shui as an added bonus tool as well? Here are my top 10 money and abundance Feng Shui tricks to get you started.

10 Feng Shui Tricks for Money & Abundance

Feng Shui Tricks For Money + Abundance Tip #1:

Bust Your Clutter

The first thing on every Feng Shui to-do list is always to tackle your clutter. But there’s a great reason for that. Think of good Chi as being like water in a stream that is constantly flowing and moving around.

The only thing that stops the flow of water is a dam–and clutter creates a dam-like effect in our home. Instead of allowing the Chi to move around freely, all that energy gets blocked up. That means results in an energy imbalance: too much energy in one zone and not enough in another.

So get your KonMarie on and get down to business! I swear this one little trick has almost instantaneous effects so go get on it now.

Feng Shui Tricks For Money + Abundance Tip #2:

Fix Any Leaky Faucets

Again, water is highly symbolic of money energy. But that also means you need to be careful in how water is being used in your home. You don’t want it running away from you!

Leaky faucets or pipes cause the same things to happen to your bank accounts: a slow leak. So always make sure your plumbing is in top shape.

Feng Shui Tricks For Money + Abundance Tip #3:

Clean Your Front Door

The front door is where Chi energy enters your space. So not only should your door be able to open and move freely but it should also be visually appealing.

That means giving it a quick cleaning. (I mean, honestly, when was the last time you cleaned your front door??). Or if you want to take this a step further and go all out and give the door a fresh new coat of paint. (Maybe in a bold inviting red!)

Feng Shui Tricks For Money + Abundance Tip #4:

Replace Burnt Out Lightbulbs

Once you start thinking in terms of Feng Shui energy, it should come as no surprise that burnt out lightbulbs translate into dimmed energy. But Chi absolutely loves light!

Burnt out bulbs become an energy repellent, especially to our finances. So don’t put off changing your bulbs. Keep your future financial possibilities bright by always having extra bulbs on hand and switch them out as soon as you notice burnt bulbs.

Feng Shui Tricks For Money + Abundance Tip #5:

Add Some Plants

Since plants are living things, they automatically attract that luscious Chi energy. Plus the green color is a wonderful symbol of abundance.

While any full leafy plant is a great choice, jade plants are the traditional choice for attracting wealth. Indulge your Pinterest plant fantasies and go for it! But while we’re on the topic, dead plants create huge Chi blocks so make sure you get rid of them ASAP.

Feng Shui Tricks For Money + Abundance Tip #6:

Put The Toilet Seat Down

Again, water is highly attractive to money vibrations and even something like flushing toilet is something you need to be careful around. But obviously, we need to actually flush our toilets.

Fortunately, this one’s easily solved: just get into the habit of putting the toilet seat down before you flus. Besides, this is a great aesthetic idea anyway because who wants to look in there anyway?

Feng Shui Tricks For Money + Abundance Tip #7:

Clean Your Windows

Windows are the eyes of the home and dirty windows can symbolically cloud your vision. Do you need a new perspective on a situation in your life, especially as it relates to money? Then grab the Windex and hop to it.

Cleaning your windows creates an energetic blank slate which also helps attract new opportunities back into your life so this one’s always a win-win.

Feng Shui Tricks For Money + Abundance Tip #8:

Add Some Gold or Purple

Gold and purple are ideal color choices for attracting wealth and abundance. Just think royalty and abundance. However, you don’t need to redecorate completely to work with them. Try adding a small gold figurine to your wealth zone (the farthest left corner from your front door).

But feel free to get creative here! You don’t have to repaint your walls or completely change your decor. For example, purple can be represented by something like a beautiful amethyst crystal.

Feng Shui Tricks For Money + Abundance Tip #9:


Mirrors offer not only a view of yourself but also of your true financial state. Mirrors are another water element so they are excellent for attracting wealth and prosperity.

But FYI, try your best to keep them out of the bedroom (they can provide too much energy which results in poor sleep quality).

Feng Shui Tricks For Money + Abundance Tip #10:


A clean but well-used stove is another ancient symbol of your financial stability and prosperity. That means stop copying Carrie Bradshaw and don’t use your stove for shoe storage!

Aim to keep yours clean and in good repair. Plus, this one works best if it’s in use. So if you’re not already in the habit, try making yourself some healthy food a few times a week. Be sure to switch it up and use all the burners to spread that hot fiery energy all the way around.

I hope you enjoyed these Feng Shui tricks! Thanks so much for reading and please pin or share this post if you found it useful.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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hand with wallet and text 10 Feng Shui Tricks for Money & Abundance


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    1. Hi Swetta! You just need to consider the inside of the house. ????

  10. Hi Jenn! I have a question. I have two missing areas on my house. Outside areas. Prosperity and Relationship. Our relationship is good its jyst our prosperity area. We are struggling really bad financially. What can i put in that area outside. I live in the Midwest and my patio area(prosperity area) sits empty in the winter months. What can we do to remedy it. It also is our back door in which we enter into our home always. We live on a busy street and only access the front door to retrieve our mail. Very grateful for your time and suggestions!

    1. Hi Lisa! Sometimes homes aren’t perfect squares but you can still use the Bagua map for the inside of your house. Sometimes things don’t line up perfectly but just do the best you can! The outside areas of your home are subject to all kinds of things that are out of your control so it’s difficult to apply Feng Shui there!

      Good luck!
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      1. Your right about that. I will continue working feng shui on the inside of my house. Thanks!

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