The 3 Kinds Of Feng Shui Luck & The Law Of Attraction
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The 3 Kinds Of Feng Shui Luck & The Law Of Attraction

Did you know about the different types of Feng Shui luck? Or about what that has to do with manifestation.

You probably don’t think of Feng Shui and the Law of Attraction as working together. But when you study them separately, it becomes quite easy to see that they both fundamentally deal with the same thing: combining intention with action to create sustained change.

And when you study one, it gives you fresh perspective on the other one. Which is what happened to me recently!

Often people think manifesting doesn’t work when really the problem is that they’re not doing all the work required.

You’re constantly manifesting something. The only question is do you actually want what’s coming to you?

Feng Shui can actually shed some light on those “missing steps” people are always looking for on their manifestation journey.

According to Feng Shui, there are three different factors that determine your luck (and luck dictates the speed and ease with which things arrive in your life).

This isn’t talked about in most manifestation classes but when you learn the pieces it’s easy to see how they all come together.

The process of alignment is really just all about looking at the different areas of your life and figuring out how to work with them to get where you want to go.

Because let’s face it – most of the time the biggest obstacle we face in our own life is ourselves.

Learning how to harness the three types of Feng Shui luck just gives you a better perspective on how different areas of your life can work together to better your life. It’s simply about treating your life holistically.

So if you’re ready to learn more about Feng Shui luck and how you can use it in your own life, keep reading.

The 3 Kinds Of Feng Shui Luck

Feng Shui Luck Type #1:

Heaven Luck

There is only one aspect of luck that we don’t have any control over. Heaven Luck describes all the different types of luck that you were born into: the time/date of your birth and all the various factors associated with that. It explains your horoscope along the situation you were born into in this life (country, socio-economic, family etc.).

Feng Shui Luck Type #2:

Human Luck

Human Luck is the one factor you’re undoubtedly more than familiar with! Mindset. It teaches us that while there will always be factors in our life that are out of our control, our attitude about things always holds power.

(Meaning you don’t have to settle for anything! There’s always room for you to change!)

Your attitude decides so much about what you find and receive in the world around you.

This is the kind of luck you can create with affirmations, visualizations, meditations etc. (I’ve already written lots about this so head over to the archives if you want to learn more.)

It’s also typically the only piece of the puzzle that most manifestation experts talk about. And, as you can see now, it’s only one part of the bigger picture.

Feng Shui Luck Type #3:

Earth Luck

Your earth luck is the final factor to consider – and lucky for us it’s another aspect that you can take control of.

While perhaps the country, town or building that you live in might be out of your hands, the way you choose to live with your space is always within your control.

Remember: your space sends messages back to you (consciously & subconsciously), all day, every day.

So what messages are they?

When you live in harmony with your space, you positively engage with Earth Luck. You know that feeling of everything falling into place? That’s what we’re trying to create here.

And if your space is cluttered, chaotic or just chronically disordered, your energy will be too.

Of course perfection doesn’t actually exist and I’m hardly suggesting running yourself ragged attempting to create an unreasonable (and unattainable) style of living.

But long-term patterns and habits (or lack of habits!) in your home have an impact on the rest of your life.

So it’s important to look at your space with fresh eyes from time to time just to make sure things aren’t slowly spiralling out of control.

Feng Shui is ultimately about much more than just hanging a crystal in the corner and hoping for the best.

A bandaid approach is never going to be enough to fundamentally shift your entire life.

When you truly begin to understand the theory behind the art, you’ll realize how laughable that idea actually is!

Feng Shui about taking responsibility for our space (and your life) in the most whole and complete way possible.

Including your own space.

At it’s core, manifesting is really just about the process of alignment (understanding yourself, your own motivations, where your own beliefs come from, what you prioritize in your life and where you want to go next) and learning how best to support that.

Which really isn’t so Woo Woo at all is it?

Like all other types of energy work, it all comes down to getting out of your own way.

So if it seems extreme to spend so much time thinking about your space and how you interact with it, you just need to reframe that thought.

Caring about your space is not superficial. It’s crucial because you’re crucial. It’s a huge stepping stone to creating the life you really want.

I hope this helps gave you a fresh perspective on how Feng Shui and the Law of Attraction work hand in hand. As always, please let me know how this works for you and don’t forget to share!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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The 3 Kinds Of Feng Shui Luck & The Law Of Attraction


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