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10 Simple Ways To Connect With Your Spirit Guides

In today’s post, I’m sharing ten different ways you can connect with your spirit guides.

But if that sounds a little out there, let me reassure you that it’s not.

Sure, you might not have a conscious relationship with your spirit guides right now. But that doesn’t mean that they’re not there.

We all have guides around us: spirit guides who are here to offer support and guidance as we work our way through this tricky experience called human life.

Truth is, they’ve been watching over you since Day One. (Yes, even throughout your rockiest experiences, and through times of extreme shame and sadness.)

Remember, we’re not here as humans to live a perfect negative-emotion-free experience. We’re here to experience human limitation. We’re here to experience reprogramming that tells us we’re not divine and magical just to see if we can remember who the f*ck we really are.

Your guides are here to connect you with the truth of who you are–which is so much more than who your identity thinks you are!

Forming a relationship with your guides is one of the most rewarding experiences a conscious spiritually awakened person can create.

Because if they are there all around you at all times, why not actually tap into that guidance? (Even if it’s just for the occasional reminder that you’re not alone.)

This is a relationship that can serve you for the rest of your days!

But you need to make contact first. So to help you get started on your spiritual guide path, here are ten of my favorite ways to connect to my spirit guides:

10 Simple Ways To Connect With Your Spirit Guides

Connect With Your Spirit Guides Tip #1:

Ask For Help

One of the most simple yet effective ways to work with your guides is to simply ask them for guidance.

Simple, right? Yet few people ever bother to do this.

Hint: you don’t have to save this one for times of extreme stress or confusion! It’s not like the Magic Genie who will only grant you three wishes. That means you can ask for guidance about a bigger problem in your life (“Should I stay in this relationship or not?”). Or you can ask for something relatively small: “Which way should I walk to work?”

It’s best to think of this as an ongoing practice. The more you tap into this knowledge, the more trusting you will become. If you just leave it for times of extreme stress, you’re just going to second guess yourself. So my best spirit guide advice is to play now and play often!

Connect With Your Spirit Guides Tip #2:

In Your Dreams

Dream time is absolutely sacred to me for the guidance and wisdom it creates. The period before falling asleep and right before waking can be one of the best times to connect to your spirit guides. Your guides can also show up in your dreams.

Set the intention for guidance before you fall asleep and then notice what happens. It might take a few tries before something comes up but that’s okay! Again, the more you practice this the easier it becomes so don’t shy away from asking.

Connect With Your Spirit Guides Tip #3:

Acknowledge Them

Personally, my guides appreciate a simple hello! After all, since you know that they’re there why not say hello once in a while?

I’ve made this part of my daily routine so when I’m doing certain things I’m sure to remember to say hi. But you can do this anytime, anywhere. It’s as simple as saying (in your mind or out loud): “Hello guides!” Just set the intention of making contact and trust that they can hear you.

For bonus points, keep an open mind and heart and notice if they say hi back.

Connect With Your Spirit Guides Tip #4:

Write Them A Letter

If speaking to the spirit realm feels a little out there, why not try writing them a letter instead? This a wonderful way to kick off your relationship, especially for you more Type A people.

To do this, just sit down with your journal and write them a letter to introduce yourself. Tell them anything that seems important and finish off by asking them for a response.

Leave your letter under your pillow while you sleep or place it under a favorite crystal or plant. Basically, just put it somewhere intentionally and then sit back and wait to see what kind of response you receive.

Connect With Your Spirit Guides Tip #5:

Leave Them Gifts

Just like saying hello, a small gift can go a long way. This is an important part of working with your guides so why not kick off your (conscious) friendship the right way?

Leave something for them on your altar (or window ledge, bookcase, etc.) Again, this is all about intention so be sure to “tell” them what you’re doing.

Some ideas for offerings: candles, incense, oranges, chocolate, flowers. There’s no need to go wild but a simple gesture will go a long way!

Over time, you can experiment with different items and figure out what your specific guides appreciate the most. (Or they might go all out and tell you!)

Connect With Your Spirit Guides Tip #6:

Give Them A Name

To be clear, your guides don’t need names. But sometimes our silly human brains do! Giving your guide a name is a great way to create that relationship.

Let’s face it: you’re probably a whole lot more comfortable addressing “Jane” rather than “Shapeless Entity”. 😂 So make it easy on yourself and on your guides. This way they’ll at least know when they are being addressed directly.

To do this, proceed with respect, just as you would IRL. Ask: “Is it okay if I call you this?” and try to gauge their reaction.

Connect With Your Spirit Guides Tip #7:

Free Writing

Does talking to “nothing” seem to weird to you? That’s okay because freewriting (or journaling) is another powerful way to connect to your guides.

To do this, just set aside some quiet time with your journal. I recommend starting out the conversation by saying something like “Hello guides!”. Then just start writing whatever comes into your mind.

The key here is to be open-minded! If you’re second-guessing yourself or editing before you write, you’re going to miss the magic. Give yourself permission to be messy and to not make perfect logical sense. Give it fifteen minutes or so (or whenever you feel like stopping). Then go back and look at what you wrote.

I guarantee something magical will spring off the page at you, even if you didn’t notice it immediately when you were writing it down.

Connect With Your Spirit Guides Tip #8:

Ask For A Sign

Asking for a sign is another way to receive guidance from your spirit guides. The key to this one is to ask your question and be open to what comes your way. In other words, don’t give your guides ultimatums: “If my boyfriend doesn’t say I love you five times this week, I’m dumping him!”

The guidance you get here might not come in the form of a direct experience, or something appearing on a billboard in front of you. In fact, most of the time it’s a lot more subtle than that.

Think: repeating symbols, synchronicities and (everyone’s favorite!) angel numbers. For example, if you have a question on your mind and you keep catching the clock at 11:11, notice what else is happening for you then. Are you feeling good or “bad”? Stressing out or feeling calm and confident?

Just becoming aware of these patterns can give you the guidance you so crave!

Connect With Your Spirit Guides Tip #9:

Inner Knowing

Intuition plays a huge part in how we connect with our guides. Again, you might not think of yourself as an intuitive person but that’s okay! Intuition is something we all have access to. You might be out of practice right now but that doesn’t mean you can’t use this power.

Intuition can come in many forms: seeing something (in your third eye), hearing a voice, or just receiving a hit of knowing. The key is to notice what comes up for you and to trust in whatever that is (no matter how illogical it might seem at first).

Think of intuitive practice like going to the gym. The more you go, the stronger you get! Similarly, it would be crazy to expect yourself to start lifting heavy weights straight out of the gate. So don’t expect that with your intuition either. Start small and be regular with your practice and it will start to pay off for you.

Connect With Your Spirit Guides Tip #10:

Pay Attention

Even without trying, you are being given divine guidance! In order to foster a better connection with your guides, all you really have to do is to start noticing it.

Notice your intuition, the words that pop in your head, the message you got in a dream, the numbers that seem to follow you everywhere. Truly, there are so many ways that guidance is coming to you. All you have to do in order to receive it is have an open heart and open mind.

No, this stuff doesn’t make logical sense. But knowing is knowing. I’m sure you can think of certain times when you went against your intuition and lived to regret it. We’re so used to defending our actions and having to explain ourselves to the world. If you take away that layer of conditioning, what does the real you see, believe, and feel?

So which tip are you going to try u first? As always, I’d love to hear your experiences with this so be sure to come back and let me know! (Or go find me on Instagram!)

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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brunette woman with text 10 Simple Ways To Connect With Your Spirit Guides


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