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How To Receive Signs From The Universe

Wondering how to receive signs from the Universe?

Maybe right now your manifesting experiments feel broken.

Or maybe you just feel like the magic of the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for you.

You’re not alone. It’s super common to feel like you’re doing something wrong, especially when you’re just starting out.

But I pinky-swear promise – the Universe hasn’t forgotten about you.

It’s showing up for you in all kinds of ways, all around you, day in and day out.

Your only job after setting an intention and releasing it into the world, is to begin to notice how it shows up for you.

They might be small and subtle but those signs all around you – if you’re willing to look.

Cultivating a magical attitude is half the battle in co-creating a better life with the Universe.

The way this works is quite simple:

What we focus on expands.

So the more we focus on the way things are showing up for us, the more and more magical wonderful things we’ll find.

After you set your intentions, your only job is to look for the signs.

Energy flows where attention goes.

When you make it a habit to focus on the good things in life, more and more of those good things will be revealed to us.

It magnetizes you towards what you want.

So be playful and keep your eyes open.

Because those tiny signs are everywhere!

Your only job to find them.

If you need a little extra advice on how to see the signs around you, I’ve got a few tips to get you started.

How To Receive Signs From The Universe

How To Receive Signs From The Universe Step #1:

Become Aware

The first step is to look at the world with an new awareness. Remember that nothing is left to chance! Pay attention to what you encounter every day. Those tiny moments of awe, random findings and coincidences are subtle winks from beyond. Train yourself to be open to seeing them.

Try to notice at least one sign a day. If you’re at a loss as for what to look for, look at those small moments of your day that give you joy: the things that spark up make you smile, laugh or illicit some sort of “wow!” reaction. They can be the smallest most mundane thing; the only thing that matters is that (for whatever reason) you’ve noticed it.

How To Receive Signs From The Universe Step #2:

Be Grateful

So you’ve found a sign! That’s pretty awesome in itself. Now it’s time to show some gratitude.

But don’t worry. That doesn’t mean you need to shout “thank you!” out loud in the middle of a crowded street!

The only thing you need to do is hold that grateful energy in your heart.

One of the signs I’ve chosen for myself is feathers. And now I see them all the freakin’ time! (Anything from feathers on the sidewalk to random feathers in the house to a friend gifting me with a feather pendant.) I actually used to collect the found feathers until my collection got a bit out of hand.

So now, instead of packing them home, whenever I notice one I just take a second to send a little message of thanks back out into the world. It really only takes a second but that’s long enough to show the Universe that you’re paying attention.

How To Receive Signs From The Universe Step #3:

Have Patience

Magic moves on it’s own time line but that doesn’t mean it’s not working.

Things don’t always look the way we think they’ll look. The things we want sometimes don’t manifest themselves in the exact way that we envisioned.

And that’s totally okay.

We can’t possibly control every little detail; we only delude ourselves into thinking that we can.

Besides, where would the fun be in having all the answers?

Be open to being surprised, sometimes surprised beyond your wildest imaginings.

Most often, the things that are coming for us now are a much better fit for our current needs and they’ll often lead to something else that will take us to what we wanted later on.

So let the manifesting journey unfold.

Examples Of Signs

Subtle signs are arriving at your door at every minute of the day.

Open your eyes and take a look around.

Stay alert! Sometimes the signs are so small if you blink you’ll miss them.

Here’s a few examples: a random song on the radio, a snippet of overheard conversation, saying something at the exact same time as someone on the TV, multiples of things randomly showing up in a short period of time.

But this always works best if you can tie your intention into what you notice.

If you wished for money, start looking for dropped coins or cash.

If you wished for love, start looking for friendly smiles, intimate conversations, acceptance.

Your signs can be whatever you like, but whenever you see them understand deeply that they are a direct message for you.

The more you notice, the more you’ll find them. So treat it like a game! Get out there and have fun seeing what you can pick up on.

Magic is entirely dependent on having the right attitude. So if you want to create more magic in your life, cultivating a new way of looking at the world is exactly how you’re going to get there.

It’s all about reacting to the things around you with the right mindset: a mindset of wonder, gratitude and imagination.

Those qualities alone will always create a happier existence, no matter what your life is like currently!

Hopefully this article inspires you to view your world through a new lens. I wish you the best of luck with your magic and manifesting!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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