How To Develop Your Intuition - 3 Essential Elements

How To Develop Your Intuition in 3 Steps

Many you would love to know how to develop your intuition…but don’t really think that you can do it.

What if I told you you had a superpower? Would you believe me?

I know the answer is probably no. But give me a minute here to prove otherwise. 🙂

The truth is: you’re intuitive. It’s the superpower that you possess and probably aren’t using to its full potential.

It’s a useful skill in almost every situation imaginable.

But that also doesn’t mean you’ll be able to come up with the wining lotto numbers. Intuition is not make-believe.

It’s simply about using our whole bodies as a way to perceive information instead of just our logical little brains.

It’s a natural skill that we’ve just forgotten how to use. And it’s time you get to work on developing yours.

And I know you’re next question: so if it’s a natural thing, why aren’t more people doing it?

Why You Don’t Think You’re Intuitive

Western society has had intuition in its crosshairs for ages, since it doesn’t conform to our overly rational approach to life.

We’re simply not encouraged to think intuitively. In fact, we’re encouraged not to! The school system and society at large just do not delve into how to feel feelings, much less to intuit anything.

In order to fix that, we simply have to unlearn how to be the type person that society has conditioned us to be and get in touch with our real selves.

Intuition is about feeling not thinking. It’s about learning to sink into our feelings and pull meaning out of them.

After all, feelings are not our enemy! It’s normal and natural to have both highs and lows; it’s part of our human experience. So when we dull out any extreme points we’re also masking an aspect of our true self.

Even though intuition can give us information about the world around us, in the end, the most important thing it can offer us is a better understanding of ourselves. And that’s why I’m sharing this with you here today.

It’s your birthright.

How To Develop Your Intuition: 3 Essential Elements

How To Develop Your Intuition Step #1: Open The Channels

We miss a lot of internal signals just because we’re not paying any attention. Our bodies have the ability to communicate all manner of information to us. But we need to pick up the phone in order to hear the message.

Intuition can work in any type of sensory capacity. You might hear an audible message (or have a random thought pop into your head). You might pick up on physical sensations or maybe you’ll hear a message through a song. While we all have the capacity to work every channel, over time you’ll probably find that one channel is more strong for you.

To practice, begin to work on your mindfulness. Check in with yourself throughout your day. How is your body feeling? Your gut? Your heart? Your hands and feet? Conduct a scan and try to notice the difference sensations felt in different situations. How does rushing to work feel compared to chilling on the sofa with your partner? Then aim to make this check in a regular habit.

How To Develop Your Intuition Step #2: Set Your Intention

Ask and you shall receive. Making an intention about receiving guidance is a crucial step. It’s the difference between feeling around and picking up on something random (and probably unrelated) and with cutting right to the very signal that you need.

Put your intention out there first by posing a very specific question to the Universe. (Don’t worry though. You can totally get this done in your own head!) Just pause for a few moments to tune in with yourself and then “speak” your question clearly. Intention setting doesn’t need to be any fancier than this.

How To Develop Your Intuition Step #3: Create Space

When we fill up our senses with incoming information (via social media, TV etc.) we are consuming. You already know you can’t listen while you’re speaking and the same principle applies here. In order to receive messages, we have to leave the door open for them to appear. Have you ever had a brilliant thought during your morning walk or while you’re doing a mindless task, like washing the dishes? That is the power of the blank space at play.

You’re now in touch with your senses and you’ve posed your question. The only thing left to do is to create room for the answer to come back to you. Let yourself have “blank space”: walking, running or driving without listening to a podcast or music is often quite illuminating. Just keep yourself open and observant of both how you feel and how you feel in relation to the world around you.

Bonus Tips


Meditation helps with so many different things, intuition included! Clearing your mind for even just a few minutes a day helps to turn down the overall “noise” inside your mind and allow your intuition to be hard.

Ask For A Sign

Another way to play with your intuition is to start asking your Higher Self or intuition direct questions. This one works best for yes or no questions. For example, if I’m supposed to take this job, show me a blue balloon over the next three days.

If you do this frequently, you’ll be able to quicken up the speed with which you do this and get a sharp yes or no feeling in your gut (or mind, or wherever it is you feel your intuition).

Watch Your Dreams

For me personally, dreams are always a huge form of intuitive guidance. Things might not play out exactly how they do in the dream world. But you might get an overall sense of a certain situation or an intuitive hit that arrives while you’re sleeping.

Be Open To Different Ways Of Receiving

Intuition doesn’t work the same way for everyone! Figuring out how it works for you is key to heightening your senses.

Here’s a list of the 8 different clairs:

  1. Clairvoyance – Seeing. This is probably the most common form of intution and it involves “seeing” images of something inside your mind’s eye.
  2. Clairsentience – Feeling. This is the “gut feeling” that so many of us rely on. It can also sometimes be a part of your body that goes cold or feels another sensation that ultimately doesn’t belong to you.
  3. Claircognizance – Knowing. This is the clair that I personally have the most. A thought (more like a fact) will just pop into my mind.
  4. Clauraudience – Hearing. You might hear a phrase or word out of the blue. Or perhaps you will “hear” a sentence from someone they want to communicate with.
  5. Clairempathy – Emotional Feeling. You might find yourself feeling the emotions of those around your or of someone you’ve been thinking about.
  6. Clairtangency – Feeling In Your Hands. Hands are our biggest power conductors–our built in wands! You might experience psychic feelings just through those: heat, buzzing, or maybe a localized sensation in a finger.
  7. Clairgustance – Tasting. Yes, some people have a psychic sense of taste! That usually means being able to taste something like food,
  8. Clairsalience – Smelling. If you’ve ever smelled someone’s perfume after they’ve departed, or smelled something like smoke where there wasn’t any actually around you, then this could be you.

Let me know how your intuition practice goes! What surprising things can you learn about you?

As always, I hope this exercise serves you well. Please don’t forget to share it if you found it useful!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

PS Looking for more? Try this one about the difference between intuition and ego.

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How To Develop Your Intuition - 3 Essential Elements


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