woman with eyes closed and text 7 Signs Your Manifestation Is On Its Way

11 Signs Your Manifestation Is On Its Way

Wondering is my manifestation near me?

So you’ve set your manifestation intention. You’ve done the visualizations or or made yourself a sweet little vision board. You’ve written it down and held all that energy in your heart space trying to harness the energy of already having it.

But then comes the hard part.

Now what?

One of the most popular questions I get when it comes to manifesting is “When will my manifestation come true?”

Or, more accurately, “OMG I’ve already done alllll the things! Where on earth is it??”

Like I said, this is the hard part! And it’s easy to see why: when you’re excited, you’re also a bit impatient. You want things to just happen–right now–and at the very least, you want some evidence that they’re actually coming true.

Because of course, no one–not even the best psychic–can tell you this!The only true answer is: it depends.

I always say, manifesting only works as well as you do. That’s because so much of it is actually under your control. Think about your limiting beliefs, your emotional state, your ability to trust. All of these things are in that little brain of yours–not in the hands of the Universe.

Manifesting is actually easy AF. But we’re the hard part. So successful manifestation is really just all about the art of getting out of your own way.

It’s not hocus-pocus. It’s mindset and positive psychology and–the big one–actually just picking something to focus on! (So many people don’t even get that far!)

To make a long story short, no, I can’t tell you when and where your manifestation will arrive!

But the cool thing is that the Universe is probably already sending you some strong signals that you are on the right path.

Sometimes when you’re losing faith even the smallest hint from the Universe is enough to keep you going. But it helps to know what to look out for! Which is why I created this guide for you.

Want to know what those common manifestation signs are? Keep reading to get the lowdown on seven common types:

11 Signs Your Manifestation Is On Its Way

Manifestation Sign #1:

You’ll Receive A Test

As you might already be well aware of, many times on the road to successful manifesting also holds a test. But rest assured, this has nothing to do with your worthiness! It’s more about testing your readiness.

The Universe just wants to know just how serious you are about your desires before allowing the real deal to show up. So think of these moments as the Universe’s way of asking “So for real dude, are you sure you want this?”

Tests can take many forms. Sometimes things will appear to go wrong before they go right. Other times, you’ll get something that is closebutnotquite to what you really want to manifest. (Frustrating!)

But all of those situations are just a sign that you’re on the verge of making a breakthrough. You simply need to keep the faith through the darkness and turn away from anything that isn’t quite right.

This can be tough to do in practice but just remember that the Universe has already heard your desire. It’s already happening. You just need to hold space for when it does.

Manifestation Sign #2:

You See 1111 (or 111)

All repeating numbers (or angel numbers as they’re also known) have important meanings. But the numbers 1111 have a special symbolism that relates to manifestation. The numbers themselves literally represent two doorways: one for this world and one for the next.

That’s why the number 1111 symbolizes a literal connection with the Universe itself and more importantly, an opportunity that’s waiting for your. So seeing 1111 or 111 is a definite sign that the Universe is already hard at work for your desires. Pay attention when you notice this number sequence and be thankful when you happen to see it!

Manifestation Sign #3:

You Experience Synchronicities

Synchronicity is one my favorite manifestation signs! We’ve all experienced moments like this. Think about that time when you thought about an old friend and the next day they added you on Facebook. Or maybe once you were inspired to listen to an old favorite song and for the next week you hear that same song absolutely everywhere.

Those little signs are all evidence that the Universe is already playing with you! It’s just a very magical way of saying hello and reminding you that you’re always being supported. So pay attention to when those synchronicities start piling up faster and faster! That’s a sure sign that you’re on the right track.

Manifestation Sign #4:

You See Your Wish Everywhere

Sometimes when you want to manifest something, you’ll start to see it literally everywhere around you. For example, say you want the latest iPhone. It’ll suddenly seem to be on TV, over the radio at the grocery store, sitting across from you on the train. It’s not your imagination in overdrive and it’s not a mere coincidence!

Sometimes our reality gives us glimmers of what’s about to come to us. So these moments are visual proof that you’re manifesting your wish into your reality (even if it hasn’t quite arrived just yet). So get when you notice them! It’s a sure sign your manifestation wish is about to become your reality.

Manifestation Sign #5:

Stepping Stones Appear For You

Stepping stones are part of the path that is leading you towards your desire. But what does that mean, you might be wondering!

To expand on the synchronicity idea, the right people/places/things are being brought to you at exactly the right time! But they don’t always look exactly like our manifestation intention. Sometimes you’re just receiving one part of the bigger puzzle. So it’s your job to take the bait, knowing that your dream still lies at the end of the pathway.

If something shows up in your reality that appears to be taking you on a mission, then get happy and take the hint! It might not all make sense right now but often that’s the best way for magic to find us. Trust that the Universe definitely has plans for you and it’s simply up to you to take the hint.

Manifestation Sign #6:

You Receive Signs From Your Guides

Your spirit guides are always working with you, although you probably don’t notice their presence most of the time. But when your manifestation is just about to come true and you’re in danger of losing faith, they might just choose to make an appearance.

If you’re new to this idea, don’t worry! A ghost isn’t about to jump out of your closet.

Instead, our spirit guides like to send us little “love notes” or pop up as a voice that we hear in our mind. Perhaps you find feathers or coins, or maybe you randomly hear a song that has some lyrics that strike your heart. Or perhaps you seemingly hear two words, that hold some inspiration or knowledge. Whatever it might be, just be sure that you’re paying attention so you don’t miss the magic that’s close at hand.

Manifestation Sign #7:

You See A Rainbows Or Butterflies

Do you have something that reminds you of happy times in your past? It’s common to associate butterflies or rainbows (or unicorns or rabbits etc.) with moments of good fortune and happiness. Pay close attention to these things, even if they’re don’t always show up in the expected form! (For example, a picture of a rainbow instead of an actual rainbow etc.)

For example, Gabrielle Bernstein makes no secret about her love of owls. In her book The Universe Has Your Back, she shared a story that she was considering buying a house in upstate New York. But she was determined to see an owl first to know that it was the right decision. I won’t spoil the story for you but she did see the owl and in turn purchased the house!

When you are manifesting something into your world, you can feel free to ask for a sign like Gabby did. Or you can just become aware for the signs that might be popping up for you. (Hint: they change for different times in our life!)

Manifestation Sign #8:

You Just Feel It

The ultimate manifestation sign? Simply knowing that it’s going to happen of course! However this sign is up to you, not the outer world which is why it’s a bonus.

Achieving your manifestation often isn’t all fireworks and champagne corks. Often receiving our wishes goes hand in hand with a quiet confidence and sense of knowing.
There’s simply no doubt or worry left in your mind because you feel your intention with your whole heart.

We all want to achieve this state with manifesting–because of course, feeling comes before having! So your feelings can be the biggest sign of all!

Because when you already have that strong inner belief, you can also safely release your expectations. You’re so close to being there that you already surrendered to the process and that’s the real trick to manifestation. When you’re really feeling it, you truly know it’s all becoming real.

Manifestation Sign #9:/h6>

You Dream About It

Dreams are often a source of intuition and wisdom. So if you’re dreaming about your manifestation intention, then it’s a good sign that your wish is nearby! This is especially true if your dream was very vivid or intense.

If this happens to you, pay attention to what else was happening in the dream. Were there any other clues or ideas for you to follow in the real world?

Manifestation Sign #10:

You Feel Calm and At Ease

When your chaotic monkey brain is on overdrive with worry, it’s a pretty clear indication that you have some work to do on believing in yourself and your intention. However, if you feel calm, confident and at ease about it, it’s a good sign that you’re on the right track.

This state feels like you just know it’s going to happen for you. You’re no longer stuck in a state of wondering “Will it or won’t it?”. You truly have the identity of the person who already has the intention and who is just waiting around for it to show up in the 3D.

Manifestation Sign #11:

You Start Taking Action

Let’s face it: most of the time, our inaction is a sign that we’re not fully there yet in our mind. We don’t want to take action because we’re afraid or stuck in self-doubt.

But when your manifestation mindset is right, you won’t have those manifestation blocks anymore. Instead of telling yourself taking action is too hard or scary (“What if you fail??”) you are naturally confident and inspired to take the next step.

Remember, in terms of manifestation, action is always necessary! It’s the ultimate proof that you are ready to take the next step. So when you just start doing the things you used to fear, it’s a really great indication that your manifestation is about to come through.

Manifestation Signs FAQ:

How do you know if your manifestation is coming?

The one thing that matters the most in manifestation is how you feel. So if you notice some of these signs and you’re still in doubt, then that’s a sign that you need to work on your inner faith and trust.

What are the physical symptoms while manifesting?

There definitely are physical symptoms that can happen while manifesting! However, not everyone will experience these so don’t worry if you don’t! Some common ones are feeling tingling or heat in certain parts of your body as well as ringing in the ears.

How do you know if you’re being manifested?

Sometimes it’s not about what you want! If you’re wondering if someone is manifesting you, here’s the signs to look for.

When manifesting starts working?

Now that you have faith that your manifestation intention is on its way to you, it’s time to do the rest of the manifestation work! Here’s what to do while waiting for your manifestation to come through.

Manifestation Journaling Workshop

So tell me: what signs of manifestation have you noticed lately? What usually happens to you before you manifest?

I hope this post gives you some peace of mind on your journey to manifesting! Always remember that you are truly a powerful being and so much of manifesting is really up to you. The biggest obstacle on your path is always your own self-doubt. So no matter what happens, stay strong and tune into your vision and eventually you will eventually get there.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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7 Signs Your Manifestation Is On Its Way


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  1. Thanks for these reminders, Jen!

      1. Thank you Jenn. You are absolutely correct about the 7 signs. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge!!!

        1. You’re so welcome Brian! Glad you enjoyed it ????

    1. I want my mom to be convinced for my n my loves marraige and i saw 1111 quite a number of times is my wish coming true?

      1. Hi Kavita! I can’t tell you exactly what it means but it is a beautiful sign of alignment! Good luck ????

    2. Dante Thomas says:

      Awesome post! Thanks for the motivation.

      1. You’re so welcome! Glad you enjoyed it ????

  2. Sayanika Sarkar says:

    I see butterflies everywhere is it a sign from universe that it heard my prayers and desires or its just a normal thing?

    1. Sounds like a sign from the Universe to me! But you’re ultimately the best judge of that. ????

  3. Dear Ma’am,

    I have been trying to manifest a specific person into my life. It has been nearly a month and I have noticed a few signs…

    – I feel his presence in and around me at all times, i.e., I can sense his presence with me always like him holding my hand, placing his head on my shoulders and the like.
    – I feel as if he is watching me at all times.
    – I keep seeing his look-alikes and him too, every time I go out.
    – I has asked the Universe for signs; like seeing a rainbow when it wasn’t possible, rains when there was no chance, jets (in my area there are hardly any jets seen), and seeing our letters together…all of which has happened. (I saw our letters together on the palms of my hand, on a split end hair strand, as formations in the clouds and on the foam at the sea.)
    – I keep getting a feeling from within that it will happen.
    – I feel a sense of being complete, contented, free and happy more lately.
    – I feel a deep sense of warmth, being complete and secure around him and also, I can even sense if he is near me or not (without actually seeing him near me).
    – I had also asked my inner self if it would happen and the reply I got was positive.
    – I see feathers more often.
    – I keep seeing butterflies (on the T.V., as pictures, formations in the clouds, etc.)
    – Repeating numbers (111, 1111, 555)

    Can the above mentioned be taken as signs???

    Awaiting your response…
    Wish you a good day!!! =)

    1. Wow, it sounds like you’re getting a TON of amazing signs! Keep doing what you’re doing because it sounds like it’s all working out in your favor! ????

      1. Ma’am,

        Thank you so much for your reply…it truly means a lot to me!!! =)

        How do we know when our vibration level matches to that of our desire (to make our desire a reality)?
        And how do we maintain that vibration level?

        Awaiting your response…
        Wish you a great day!!! =)

  4. Hi Jenn- I’m new to the law of attraction and your blog. I am just wondering if you could please clarify something for me? My 2 main things I want to manifest are a relationships with a great guy and a healthier body weight. I seem to see these signs everywhere but then something happens that trips me up and I become down about it and I wonder if that negates all the work I’ve done on myself? I really hope not.

    Example- I feel like I’m getting a lot of tests. But not the “close but not quite” kind. More like the kind where I’m reminded of something that used to upset me that I’ve been working on, and I will sometimes become sad and cry (for MUCH less time than I used to).

    I’ve been seeing repeating numbers all the time! EVERY time I look at my phone I see numbers of significance: 1111, 1234, 1212, 555, 444, 333, 222, 111, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99 etc (when it comes to my phone battery). I like to take those as signs that I’m close.

    I feel like I’m close to get things. There are days/times I feel so happy about my life and me as a person I just smile for no reason where I used to not be like that. I’ve noticed HUGE internal and personal shifts but haven’t really seen them on the outside yet.

    I seem to hear about relationships everywhere I go. Either 2 kinds: inspirational stories about how someone found love and/or stories that make me so happy to be single (because of bad experiences) I can’t tell you how many times people have said how they wanted love and gave up the expectations and it came soon afterwards.

    I’ve also seen my ideal type of guy more and more when I’m out, where as before that wasn’t the case.

    Not too much with weight loss. But with love, I wonder if I’m too attached to the outcome? I’ve never had a proper boyfriend (and I”m in my early thirties) which I now realize is from all the negative self-talk I used to engage in. I had absolutely zero self love and confidence and I understand that I only got a reflection of what I was. Self-fulfilling prophecy, which I’m glad I understand now but it stinks because I feel like I wasted so much time thinking that way and unknowingly self-sabotaging. For weight, I”m not overweight to the point of having medical issues,but I’m significantly over what my BMI should be for my height, and I don’t feel that great about it. I don’t feel as healthy as I could be.

    Stepping stones I see are: seeing all the guys who are my type, making new friends who invite me to do cool things I wouldn’t normally do otherwise, and my new friends have started a weight loss support group and dreams/bucket list group all about inspiring each other. This was after I started learning about the LOA but never mentioned anything to anyone else.

    My spirit guides are my dogs I guess. They are always loving towards me, but lately, they’ve been even more attached to me, almost like velcro. I can’t go anywhere without them a step behind me underfoot, I almost trip on them sometimes.

    My questions are these:

    Am I to understand these are all SIGNS? I’m not getting overly-excited about nothing right?

    Am I too close to wanting the manifestation? Do I need to let go a little bit? What’s the best way to detach?

    When I do get tests (especially those that reminds me of who I used to be and how I want to put the past behind me, or I feel rejected in some way) am I stopping all the great work I’ve done when I become sad for a little bit? Sometimes I can’t help but cry (only for a few minutes) but I know that it’s all about my energy and emotions. We can’t be expected to be happy all the time right? As long as the happy moments outweigh the sad ones by a lot am I still good?

    Bottom line- am I reading too much into this or am I on the right track? Do I need to detach from the outcome more? And what can I do to stop myself from becoming upset and potentially derailing all my progress?

    Thank you so much Jenn! I appreciate you taking the time to read this comment and your blog and when you answered everyone else’s comments you were so inspiring. everyone else who commented- thanks for your words as well, it’s really inspired me that I’m on the right track.Best of luck to you all!

    1. Hi Katie!

      First off, oh my gosh no you don’t have to feel good all the time! Sometimes “negative” feelings will come up & that’s totally okay! The more you supress them, the worse they’ll get over time. You have to feel the feelings in order to let them pass! Thinking positively SHOULDN’T be about living up to unrealistic expectations.

      Second, it sounds like you have a TON of amazing signs and synchronicities in your life. It really sounds like you are on the edge of making some breakthroughs so keep the faith! I know it can be really tough sometimes when you keep getting “close by not quite right”. But stay true to your heart and your vision and keep holding on because it sounds like the right person/experience is soon coming your way.

      Much ????,

  5. Hello ma’am,
    I’m new to your blog. There is a thing that just happened to me which is disturbing my vibrational frequencies to a very very great extent and bothering me to the core…I’ve been getting all the signs of manifestation including tripple numbers, desire subjects name to be seen and heard around me and messages I am able to understand through TV shows nd a day to day event and also a specific signal that I specifically asked from the universe to show me if this particular desire of mine is really getting maifested into my life by the universe and a while later I did come across that particular sign. But what lately happened was that I suddenly heard the name of something that is completely opposite of my desire. If nothing is co incidence in this world that means this word was heard by me bcoz it had a message in it..what possibly the message could be is what is keeping me worried. If I think about the other signs feels like it’s manifesting but if I think about this sign feels like the message being sent to me is that this opposite thing is manifesting…I’m getting anxious about it what should I interpret?? Plz advice .. Thank you for the help in anticipation.

    1. Hi Aarti! It sounds like you’re getting a lot more positive signs than negative ones! So try not to worry about the negative one and remember that what you focus on always EXPANDS. Good luck ????

  6. Ive literally had all that happen plus extra signs like the fb daily tarot post plus psychics telling me it will happen soon got 4 signs that said this week it should happen and im excited to see what happens

    1. Wow that’s amazing! ????

  7. Hi
    Are these signs in the order to which they appear? I’ve been seeing 111/1111 a lot lately. Things that represent my desire are also showing up. And, well, this is a test, but I have faith and I know that things are working out.

    1. No they’re not in order at all! And you might not experience all of them. They’re just ideas of things to look out for ????

      1. Thank you for the reply. I have a few more questions. When bad things begin to happen, do they have to relate to the desire? I’ve had a lot of related and unrelated things happen that are uncomfortable.Also, how long does this period last? Weeks? Months? I’ve been seeing 111 a lot everyday. I give thanks. I know it’s coming. I asked for a sign for the first time and I got it yesterday. I know that everything has to fall into place first and I’m patient, but everything does seem to play against me and my desire right now. I’m not sure what lessons are to be learned from those things? Help!
        Thank you.

        1. I can’t tell you how long this period will last! That’s up to you and the Universe ☺️ It sounds like you are receiving many signs so just keep trusting the process! ????

  8. Hello, I am very interested in this post because I have been experiencing some amazing things lately. I always see different patterns of numbers. At first I noticed numbers 911 all of the time everywhere and than 1111 and now I see 649 everywhere. Not just the time on the clock but everywhere… I always get signs about things I think about or want and it’s just so amazing to me.

    1. It’s amazing to me too! Thank you for sharing! ????

  9. Hi Jenn,

    I have been single for 7 years and have been trying to manifest love for the last 3 since I heard about LOA. I feel like I have been getting closer in that I would never interact with anyone beyond about 5 dates and in the last 7 months I’ve had 2 3 month “relationships”.

    This last relationship has left me in a confused state and I’m not sure where to go from here. I think it was a test. This was the closest I’ve ever got to someone in 7 years but when I felt like I wasn’t in his priorities I ended it and now he hasn’t spoken to me in over 2 weeks.

    In hindsight, I think I have myself to blame for pushing him away as I was not opening up to him and having negative thoughts. (as in this is too good to be happening to me). I’ve set my intention as wanting him back, or being open to someone better coming along and have tried to let go. This is because I’m unsure if it’s a case of «close but not quite right”. However, will this cause confusion in manifesting since it’s not clear what I’m
    asking for? I asked for a sign (a butterfly) from the universe that I could manifest him back and as soon as I asked a car appeared on the roundabout with the “999” on the number plate. I understand that this can signify the end of things. However later that day I was out walking and a friend told me they were going to see “madame butterfly” that night and as they said it I saw a butterfly out the corner of my eye. I’ve also been seeing 111 at lot and 11:11 as well as other repeating numbers. I’m just not sure where to go from here and am finding it hard to remain positive.

    1. Hello Rebecca! This is the perfect situation to remember that what’s truly meant for you will not pass you by! Only time will tell if your ex is “the one” or not. But I think feeling confused about the situation means, he probably isn’t the right one–or at least not right at the moment.

      However, you are getting some major signs of alignment! So know the Universe is always working WITH you. Try to come back to your original vision of what an ideal partner would be and hold the space for that person. It sounds like they (whether it’s your ex or not) will be showing up soon. Good luck! ????

      1. Thanks so much Jenn! When manifesting, do I need to take action (for example make contact) or if I’m doing it correctly, will it just fall into place?

        1. You will always need to take some sort of action with manifesting! The difference is manifesting uses inspired action not regular action. That could be acting on a flashbulb idea or acting on a synchronicity. However, I must leave it up to you to decide on what’s inspired action and what isn’t. Good luck!

  10. Omg! This is so spot on! All of these have happened to me right before a manifestation. Especially the test part. Have you ever noticed how your life will get a little chaotic right before your manifestation appears?? I love this list! Thank you for posting this!!

    1. Yes I’ve definitely noticed the chaos! So scary even though it’s meant to be ????

  11. ‘Hi.,!!! i have heard th LOA 3 months ago.. since then i am trying to manifest a new love in my life.. During May i see some signs such as, butterfly, 11:11 appears always .. i find couns in frond of me.. during my walk or ay the cashiers.. one day while i was walking ii saw a feather.. i the most important is that i have the feeling that it is coming..
    Since April, a friend of mine tries to introduce me a friend of her that might be intresting to start a new relationship, but something always happens and i havent net him yet.. are all tge above signs of the universe or my imagination?? please answer me cause i am very comfysed..!!
    Thanks a lot

    1. Hi Mary! They’re definitely signs from the Universe. However, I cannot tell you exactly what they should mean for you! But as far as this other person is concerned, it seems interesting that you haven’t been able to meet them yet! Whatever happens, just continue to trust that the right person WILL show up for you at the right time. Good luck! ????

  12. Hi jenn,
    I started liking a man and he likes me too. Staring, smiling, that’s all. It’s not the same when i like a guy, i feel it’s different. I think of him daily since november, no matter what happen in my life, how hard things are he is on my mind daily, almost everytime my mind flies at him.
    I discovered angels, spirituality, signs.. i started reading more and i pray angels to send me signs and i receive them. Not everytime but most of the time i receive. I started seeing double numbers, triplets. He is born on 27 and i started seeing this number on the clock and now i see most of the time numbers ending in 7 (and 11,1111 and 7,77,777). Love songs that play random in mall, hypermarkets, everywhere. Ladybugs, feathers. And omg, i’m not into cars, after i notice him i was thinking that seeing cars like him means he thinks of me, he likes me and i started seeing cars like him (him car is not very likely to see in my area). When i think of him i start crying and then i feel happy. It’s so strange, i’m much happy, i feel like i attract people more (not necessarily bf, people in general), i feel like i give a good vibe when i talk with someone.
    It’s weird because we don’t see each other often. In winter insee him more but now i didn’t see him sinc april. It’s for the first time when i like someone after so much time without seeing him and first time when i see a connection like this.
    I just small talk with him, but his staring at me it’s like he is watching in my soul, not just my eyes. I love that he looks at my face, in my eyes deeply.
    Last week i was in the bus and we passed beside a church and i pray to see a car like him if he still thinks of me. After 2 minutes i saw one beautiful car like his. I was shocked. Another time i was praying for seeing 3. I was so sure i will not see because like i said, rarely i see cars like his and i saw!! 3 of them. I was amazed! These days i pray for seeing a car like his if he thinks of me and i was at the exit of mall and i was feeling like someone moves my hand left i saw a car but wasn’t like him. And i was staring at that car trying to see if it’s like his or not and in the back of that car was a car like his. I didn’t belive. I was omg what is this. I often pray tor signs, sometimes when i receive them i think maybe is a coincidence (somehow i don’t belive in coincidence) but i can’t belive that he really likes me, he really thinks at me after we didn’t see eatch other since april (i saw his car one time after that).
    Somtimes i say enough! I’m not gonna think at him, enough! And i see him or his car in the next day. Happened to me this 3 or four times. And i start liking him more and more 🙂
    I feel ridiculous, maybe is, but i would like to ask you what do you think. I feel this signs coupdn’t be just coincidence. I hear some love songs playing more often and the lyrics are about love.
    I found about angel numbers, signs, manifestation since i started feel like it’s a little bit more than just a casual guy i like. I feel more spiritual.
    I’m crazy? I would love to hear you oppinion.
    Sorry for my long text and for my english.

    1. Hi Anna! Wow it sounds like you have an AMAZING conversation happening with the Universe! I can’t tell you exactly what will happen next but it sounds like you are doing everything right. Just keep feeling those loving feelings within your heart and wait to see what happens! ????

  13. I forgot to say something.
    I feel thathe manifestation it is late to appear i feel because i’m not ready or my family. I feel the things are starting to be put in place and after that it will happen. I have a feeling so strong that we will be together, we will be in love. I don’t know from where comes this safety feeling but i am so sure we will be together..
    Maybe is my intuition or my gut feeling. 🙂

  14. Hello! First of all thank you for the blog post.

    I would like some insight about my manifestation.
    I’ve been trying to manifest my SP back. More than a month ago he unexpectedly told me two days before my birthday that he wanted a break (never told me how long) while I was going through a nervous breakdown… A week before that he was talking about tattooing my name on his body…

    We finally spoke on the phone today and he said we are maybe on a break, then he said for now we have officially broken up and he is moving out. Then he said he said he misspoke, he didn’t mean “for now” but that we are completely broken up, just friends. It’s completely destroyed me.

    While manifesting and visualizing I’ve been having such high vibes, getting tons of signs when I ask for them and lots of synchronicities. Just before I spoke on the phone to him I saw “2, 222, 22, 2” at the same time in a game I was playing on my phone. Numbers that I’ve been seeing everywhere for weeks (along with 22:22, 44, 111, 1111). Why?
    Have I been putting too much hope in getting back together with him specifically? Is this just a setback? I’m just so lost and confused about what it all means.

    1. Hi Thelma! In times like these it’s important to remember that what’s meant for you won’t miss you! If he’s not meant to leave, then he will show up & show you that he’s all in. But if he’s truly leaving, then something better WILL soon show up in his place. I always suggest people focus on finding the best love for THEM, not on specifically trying to manifest a specific person to come back. Good luck & much ????!

  15. I have dreamed about something I really like and actually I’m making a way just to make it come true… After all this time the sequence of day is coming true, and I saw butterflies and feathers so many times and I really felt it will happen… Is this a good opportunity to make my dream come true?

    1. Hi Angelica! How wonderful! Yes, keep connecting to that feeling that it will happen & it WILL! ????

  16. I have been seeing Angel numbers since last year…..today I saw 11:11, 12:12, 2:22 and 4:44….. Truly !! Miracle on the way!!

  17. I posted how I was seeing signs in January of this year and I still haven’t gotten any further than signs. If anything, some days I feel like things aren’t going to happen because it’s taken so darn long. Any tips? I’ve been trying to manifest the same things for years with no real progress. If you have any tips please let me know.

  18. Hi mam..
    I was not aware of the manifestation technique before but I was manifesting unknowingly. I was in love with a man and did everything for him. Due to some misunderstanding we were separated and he got into relationship with another girl. I prayed everyday for his phone call and message bcz he had blocked me on all the social medias. My prayers came true but at a huge cost. My dad expired and he gt the news from my friend. He unblocked me to call me and console. Since then, he has nvr contacted again. I am even scared to pray again for his come back bcz I don’t want to lose anyone else. Is it so that in order to manifest our wishes, universe will go to the extent of killing?? Or it’s just a coincidence.. should I continue to manifest, if s, how should I do it.. plz help me…

    1. Hi Sweety, No I do not think you accidentally manifested your father’s death! We’re simply not that powerful (thank goodness!). As for the man, I would like to ask you two things: 1. What is it about this specific person that you are so attracted to? 2. Do you really believe that only that person has those qualities? When it comes to love, I definitely don’t recommend putting all your faith in one person. Get clear about the qualities you really want to find and open your heart to the possibility that they might come to you in a different form. Good luck! ????

  19. Someone 123 says:

    Hello! These are all so amazing and I have recently found out about the law of attraction it’s been a month or so. So this is what’s happening to me…
    My ex gf broke up with me, she met a new guy and it’s been devastating to me the entire summer and as time passes by she sent me a heart shaped balloon pic, days after I keot seeing hearts everywhere and I also discovered a song called “don’t leave me alone” that included a heart shaped balloon. Then i discovered another song that was posted on the same date we met. I encountered this song a few more times and it goes like “go go go figure it out figure it out but don’t stop moving” I’ve been seeing things that remind me of her and lately even her name! I also feel her. Now when it comes to that test before manifestation…I don’t know if it’s a test but I found out she’s dating someone new,the guy she met after our break up. My instincts tell me it’s just a rebound,it’s nothing serious and I always relied to them

    1. Hi Mike! Those signs sound beautiful…but what if they were signs for someone OTHER than your ex? In matters of love, I never advise anyone to sit around and wait! Keep your heart open because maybe the person you want to be with so much is not who you think it is right now! And rest easy knowing that if it is your ex, she will on her way back to you. Good luck ????????????

  20. Ok so since the end of September I’ve been trying to manifest something and I was receiving most of the signs and I had a really strong gut feeling it was about to happen until last week and this whole week I’ve been feeling doubt and I’m not as happy as I was before and I’m not feeling the gut feeling I was before… I didn’t start doing anything different and nothing happened in my life that would Lower my vibration so am I doing something wrong or is this an obstacle right before I manifest what I want ?

    1. Keep going girl! Sometimes things take longer than we think they “should”. But don’t make that a reflection of YOU. Keep holding your intention in your heart & remember sometimes it takes the Universe a while to rearrange things behind the scenes. Good luck! ????

  21. What if I’m feeling the guy feeling but not seeing other signs ?

    1. Stop concentrating on that ONE person & get clear about what you really want—which, I would guess, is a wonderful relationship with the RIGHT person 🙂 Sometimes the people around us are just stepping stones to the next level ????

  22. Thanks very much Jenn for initializing the steps in my mind, I know that the universe is listening and I’m so grateful for everything I have and grateful for what is coming my way. Thank you for this article I felt every word. Rich

    1. Awww I’m so glad you got something out of it! Thank you for this lovely comment ????

  23. Ellen Ahmad says:

    Hi jenn how do you know when a manifestation is progressing ! The only signs I have seen are his name and my name a white feather falling and seeing pennies on the floor sometimes ! I hear his name mentioned sometimes by complete strangers but that is coinsdence ! Sometimes his pictures appear on my phone ! What do you think

    1. Hi Ellen! Those are some pretty good manifestation signs! However, I can’t really say how it’s progressing for you. That’s up to you & the Universe. With matters of love, I always suggest manifesting the right love for *you* instead of one specific person. Who knows what else the Universe might have in store for you? Good luck ???? Jenn

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