Are You Waiting For Your Manifestation? Here's What To Do

Are You Waiting For Your Manifestation?

Are you waiting for your manifestation to actually happen?

Let’s face it: waiting isn’t exactly fun.

And sometimes it can do a real number on your mindset, especially when it comes to your manifesting!

Because if you’re not there yet, then something must be wrong. Maybe your cosmic order got messed up or you missed a step or maybe none of this stuff works anyway.

Speaking from experience, I know just how crazy that negative inner voice can be. I know just how easy it is to believe that you messed up or that something is broken.

So first off, I really want you to know that it’s okay. Just because you’re in the middle of your journey doesn’t mean it’s not working.

You really can move mountains and create miracles with your mind! So please don’t give up right before your next miracle.

However, contrary to what you might believe, the art of waiting for your manifestation to materialize isn’t at all passive! It’s important that you pay attention and keep your mind focused on the right things.

Waiting for you intention is actually where the true magic happens! So understand this is your time to be tested. It’s time for the Universe to see just how serious you are!

So let’s take the waiting game seriously! With that in mind, I was inspired to put together this manifestation survival guide to get you through the waiting process as fast and as easily as possible! Enjoy ~

What To Do When You’re Waiting For Your Manifestation

Waiting For Your Manifestation Step #1:

Adopt Patience

Let’s face it: our modern world is highly-fixated on instant gratification! We want to order something with the click of a mouse and have arrive on our doorstep the next day. And we’re so used the ease of these modern conveniences that we forget that life doesn’t always work that way!

Good things take time, as they say! Of course, there’s always the possibility of manifesting a miracle overnight. But most of us have to put in the work of holding space, keeping faith and passing tests in order to show the Universe that we’re serious.

So if you’re getting impatient, that’s just a sign that you’ve created a story and an attachment to a particular storyline. Which also means you’re messing with one of manifesting major commandments: trying to control the how.

Cultivating patience can be difficult I know! But remember that there’s also a lot going on behind the scenes. Trust that everything is happening in perfect timing–just as it always does.

Waiting For Your Manifestation Step #2:


One of the major mistakes people make when they’re waiting for their manifestation intention to show up is to keep going back to the finish line. I get why this happens too: since your wish isn’t here yet, maybe you should just go back to the beginning and start over.

But please resist the urge! It’s more important now to come back to your faith. Going back to the beginning and setting your intention over and over again is simply a sign that you don’t really believe in the process! So a desire to do so is just your cue to lean in. Strengthening your faith is way more effective that trying to re-do everything.

To tap back into your faith, spend some time imagining your future self with your intention already in hand. How does that look and feel? What kind of person would you be in that position? What things would you be doing if that was already you? Acting as if is the ultimate show of faith! Come back to this exercise as often as you need to when your faith wanes.

Waiting For Your Manifestation Step #3:

Hold The Space

Fact: you might have to pass up a lot of shiny objects on the way to your real desire. Things will show up that are almost-but-not-quite. You might even be fooled temporarily! But it’s important to always come back to your truth.

In other words, if it’s not a hell yes then it’s a hell no! But saying no and holding space for what we really want can be really tough for many of us. We get excited when we start to think things are going our way. We get a flicker of our wish coming through and suddenly we’re mentally projecting ourselves into our happy future!

So please slow down and analyze what’s really going on. The first person that asks you out isn’t always going to be the right person for you! Keep your focus on what you really want and don’t get carried away by what’s in front of you.

Are You Waiting For Your Manifestation?

Waiting For Your Manifestation Step #4:

Pass The Tests

When we manifest something successfully, we’re also growing into the next level. You don’t just have a million dollars show up one day. Your million dollars will show up as soon as you’ve created your million-dollar mindset!

That means putting in the mindset work and passing the real-life tests. Yet again, one of the biggest myths about manifesting (that I’d like to kill off forever!) is the idea that you can just wish for something and sit on your sofa waiting for it to happen.

But that’s totally wrong. Manifesting is about becoming what you want before it actually arrives! So how are you becoming that successful, wealthy, loving person? Are you actually doing anything in the moment to implement those changes?

In the end, all of those things are just potential learning experiences, not punishments! So when things aren’t showing up as fast as we want them to it doesn’t mean that something has gone wrong. It just means we’re still working through our expansion.

Waiting For Your Manifestation Step #5:

Stop Waiting

Waiting is always optional! But I know right now you’re thinking: what choice do I have? However simply thinking that you have to wait for something outside of you to happen is giving your power away. Remember the change starts within you first always! That means there’s something you can do right here and right now to start making your dreams a reality.

Simply believing that you have to wait is a limiting belief in itself! So if you didn’t have to wait, then what would you be doing?

Once again, it’s time to operate from a space of having. Tune into that energy of already having your wish and then working your way backwards from there. If you were already there, who would you be? Looking backwards from that space, what kinds of things would you have done to help your own success? Pay attention and start doing those things now.

Waiting For Your Manifestation Step #6:

Follow The Pings

Remember: you’re not in this alone! But even though we’re playing with the energy of manifestation, many of us forget that the Universe is helping with the heavy lifting.

However, there is a catch! You have to pay attention to the process. You’re going to have to follow the pings and signs the Universe lays out for you. That means staying aware and open then taking action when things start to show up.

But this is really the fun part! So get curious and watch for things that catch your attention. Maybe you get a brilliant idea suddenly at 2 am or maybe you run into someone randomly who turns out to be relevant to what you’re manifesting. You just never know which direction the help is going to come from–and that’s a beautiful thing! Cultivating that gorgeous anticipation and curiosity is a just a beautiful way to move through life.

So tell me: how are you dealing with this state of waiting? Are you finding it hard to keep faith or following the pings?

I’d love to know what your specific problems are in this area so I help move you through them!

I hope this post gave you some space and perspective for your manifesting intention! It can be so hard to keep believing when nothing’s happening yet. But once you master this magic trick, you’ll be so happy you did.

Good luck & much love!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Are You Waiting For Your Manifestation? Here's What To Do


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