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Is Someone Using The Law of Attraction On Me? 5 Signs

Is someone manifesting me?

I know so many of you want to know how to use the Law of Attraction on someone specific. But did you ever think about the opposite side of this equation?

“How do you know if someone is using the Law of Attraction on me?”

Maybe someone just pops into your mind more than normal. Perhaps you keep crossing paths. Or perhaps you just want to know if the person who you like, likes you back!

Whether you’re just curious or have your own intentions about the situation, wondering if someone is manifesting you is only natural at times!

And while at first this might seem like Mission Impossible, there are actually ways to tell if this is happening!

First off, let’s get this clear: no one can actually control you, make you fall in love with them, make you do things that you don’t really want to do.

The important thing to know here is that energy can play telephone between two people. Have you ever thought about someone you haven’t seen in awhile only to have them suddenly text you out of the blue? That’s not just a coincidence! Basically, you were sending them an energetic ping across time and space. They became inspired to reach out because they suddenly thought of you–but in reality, you thought of them first. It just took a little time for your energetic message to be received.

This phenomenon isn’t really manifesting at all. It’s just energy at play, doing what it always does. However, if you’re curious if someone is manifesting you (whether that’s an ex, a crush or even someone you’ve never met IRL) then these signals and signs will be the best way to figure it out.

5 Signs That Someone is Manifesting You

Someone Is Manifesting You Sign #1:

They Suddenly Pop Into Your Mind

We are all energetic beings and we are actually a lot more tied into each other than we’ve been taught! But one of the ways this can manifest is through our thoughts. If someone is thinking about you a lot (like they would be if they were trying to manifest you!) you might find that that person suddenly “pops” into your mind out of nowhere.

This is a lot different than obsessing about someone yourself! It will feel more like a picture or something just randomly appeared in your mind–as if the Universe itself was trying to tell you something. (And it is!)

What’s really happening is that they’re just tuning into your frequency–and in turn, you are becoming aware of it. Please know that for most people this process is completely unintentional so it’s not like someone is trying to get into your mind.

However, if you’re curious if someone is trying to manifest you and you experience this phenomenon, you might just be right.

Someone Is Manifesting You Sign #2:

You Have Dreams About Them

Our dream state is another time where we are extremely open to the energy of the rest of the world. Essentially, we’re momentarily freed from our human state and we’re able to have spiritual experiences that most of us are not open to during our normal “muggle” time.

However, don’t get too excited about this one just yet! For example, if you just broke up with someone and you’re really wanting them back and you’re thinking about them a lot (especially right before bed time!) then no your dream doesn’t mean that they’re thinking about you. That’s just your brain doing some normal healthy processing.

But if you suddenly randomly dream about someone and there’s no big emotional charge around it, then yes, that could definitely be a sign that they were in fact thinking a lot about you.

Someone Is Manifesting You Sign #3:

They Suddenly Hear Them/Smell Them Etc.

One day you’re walking down the street and you suddenly hear a familiar voice. But when you turn around, you realize it was all just in your mind.

Most people think of psychic powers as being able to see or know things. But in reality, there are a few different ways to feel energy and experience a psychic connection.

One of those senses is clairaudience: being able to hear things that aren’t physically present. Perhaps you hear their voice or suddenly a song that reminds you of them pops into your mind.

Another is clairalience or the ability to smell something that’s not actually physically there. Perhaps you’re catching wafts of their signature scent?

Finally, there’s clairvoyance. Traditionally, this happens when you see a past or present vision of someone in your mind. But if you keep thinking you see someone while you’re out in public who turns out not to be them, that person might very well be thinking about you.

Again, just be honest with yourself here about where these sensations are truly coming from!

Someone Is Manifesting You Sign #4:

You Keep Running Into Them

Perhaps you know your friend from your neighborhood. But you find yourself out and about one day in an entirely different part of town and BOOM! There they are right in front of you.

Or maybe you randomly got seated near each other at a concert. Or perhaps you even find yourself randomly at the same (unusual) cafe at the same time.

When two people are tapping into the same energy, don’t be surprised to end up at the same place at the same time. This is a little bit of energetic alignment and a splash of help from the Universe.

But again, don’t get it twisted! This definitely doesn’t count if you’re repeatedly swinging by the bar where your crush works.

Someone Is Manifesting You Sign #5:

Your Mood Suddenly Shifts

Sudden emotional changes out of nowhere might not just be random events! Again, this might be a sign that someone is tuning into you energetically and that you are also “feeling” them. This is especially common for empaths and intuitive people. We pick up on other people’s energy when they’re around us and this can also happen “at a distance”.

If that person associates you with good thoughts (and let’s face it, if they’re trying to manifest you then this is probably the case!) then your sudden good mood might be the result of you picking up on those feelings yourself.

Knowing if this is what’s really going on for you requires self-honesty (like with all the other signs). Our mood can also be shifted by what you’re reading, listening to, the weather–all kinds of things! Be honest and eliminate other potential causes of your good mood first.

Is Someone Manifesting Me? FAQ

If someone is manifesting you, will you also feel it?

Yes, sometimes you can feel when someone is using the Law of Attraction on you! You’ll suddenly feel a strong pull towards that person, even if it doesn’t make sense.

How do I stop someone from manifesting me?

Let’s face it. Sometimes the manifesting energy isn’t what you want! Read more about how to stop someone from manifesting you here.

How do you tell if an ex is manifesting you?

Look at the symptoms above. Are they appearing in your dreams? Are you suddenly running into them everywhere? Then perhaps your ex is manifesting you.

So tell me: is someone manifesting you? Which manifestation signs are you experiencing?

In reality, we’re all energetic beings who are manifesting at all times! So when someone is thinking about you a lot, they’re manifesting you without even realizing it. So when you receive a sign, hold it in your heart but remember that you are still the one in control of your own world. After you receive the message, it’s now up to you to go and act on it.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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woman in front of man with text that reads 5 Signs That Someone Is Manifesting You


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