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How to Use Crystals in Your Home

Wondering how to use crystals in your home? You’re in the right place.

Confession: I’ve always loved crystals!

So it’s no surprise that I absolutely love to incorporate them into my home.

As far as I’m concerned, it just doesn’t feel like home without some! (I am also the type of person who always drags home random rocks from my travels so I suppose this only makes sense.)

But clearly I’m not alone on this one. Crystals have become almost synonymous with the New Age world–and with all the flaky stereotypes that go along with it.

But there are still some great reasons to include crystals in your home whether you believe in their powers or not.

For starters, since they are from the Earth they bring their own powerful natural earth energy to their surroundings. They naturally conduct energy, both giving it out and purifying it. If you are also using Feng Shui principles in your space (and I recommend that you do) the colors of the stones can be used for various Feng Shui purposes. The stones themselves are also a perfect for anywhere you need an Earth element. Plus many people–New Age-y or not–are just naturally attracted to them and find them fascinating. The last reason alone is enough for me to regard them as being quite special.

Crystals In Your Home Tip #1:

How to Choose Crystals for Your Home

There is all kinds of literature out there telling you about what stone to pick for what reason. And that can all be very helpful to a certain point. But I always think the best way to choose a crystal is to let it find you.

Sound weird? Don’t worry–it’s not quite as strange as it first sounds. If you walk into a crystal shop, it’s really common for one stone to “stand out” more than the others. It might happen to catch your eye or maybe when you pick it up you can just sense that it’s different from the rest. It’s definitely worth giving it a shot if you have a crystal shop near you.

There is also nothing wrong with just choosing ones that look good to you! But I would still recommend going to an actual crystal shop to see them rather than making a purchase online.

Crystals In Your Home Tip #2:

Cleansing Your Crystals

Before using your stone in the home, be sure to give it a cleansing first to remove any lingering energy from the store or anyone else who might have touched it. This can be done by simply holding the stone under running water from a faucet or by placing in the moonlight during the full moon. (Every month I charge my crystals with this method!)

Crystals In Your Home Tip #3:

Where to Use Crystals

If you have Feng Shui elements already at play in your space, crystals are a perfect complement. Think a citrine stone near your Money corner or a rose quartz in your Love and Relationships zone.

Crystal grids are another powerful choice that isn’t as common. Creating a grid just involves laying out multiple crystals around your space in a deliberate and intentional way. You can make a very simple crystal grid by placing a small tumbled stone in each of the four corners of your home to represent protection and to generally improve the energy of your space. Small stones are really easy to disguise so don’t get discouraged by thinking you need to create a huge display for this to work. (You can also create very elaborate crystal grids if you like! I’ll do a specific post on this in the future.)

I hope you found this helpful! Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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How To Use Crystals In The Home - Plus Free Cheatsheet! - The Aligned Life


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