Your Home Is A Metaphor For Your Life - How To Use Design To Change Your Life

Your Home is A Metaphor for Your Life

Your home is a metaphor for your life.

This is one of the key principles of conscious design–and today I’m going to explain to you why.

This might be a tough organic gluten-free cookie to swallow but trust. It’s absolute truth.

Let’s prove the point. Make a quick list of what you don’t like about your space. (If you have a large space, you might want to concentrate on just one room in particular.) Just write down a few general observations about things you dislike or want to change (point form will do nicely).

Then take a look at your list. Can you see a correlation?

  • Clutter can mean many things: difficulties with decision-making, anxiety or even disordered thinking.
  • Your overflowing drawers of clothing might mean a shopping problem or a scarcity mentality (“there is never enough”).
  • Furniture that you bought to “make do” ten years ago could mean that you aren’t yet ready to step into a new way of being or that you don’t really think you deserve the life that you’ve earned.
The problems that surface in our environment are always reflections of the bigger picture.

Even if it has been neglected, we are ultimately the creators of our space and in turn, our space, has very specific things to say about us.

So how can we use this concept to our advantage?

We are just as affected by our space as it is by us.

And that’s great news because that means taking control over the little things around us has a much bigger overall impact on the way we live.

Putting energy into these little (or big) nagging problems literally puts energy into those larger issues elsewhere in our life. That is how one tiny little action can end up creating a huge amount of momentum.

Today I invite you to pick one of your little home problems and think about ways you can deal with it. Then after you tackle it, sit back and watch the shift expand outward into the other areas of your life.

And I promise – it will happen!

You can take control of your home and design your own metaphor.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Your Home Is A Metaphor For Your Life - How To Use Design To Change Your Life


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