How To Make Your Home A Sanctuary: 5 Low Cost Ideas

Make Your Home Your Sanctuary: 5 Simple Low-Cost Ideas

Clutter. Junk. Disorganization. Or even just a ‘meh’ paint color! All of these things are negative energy drains in our home – even for those who think they don’t really care about design.

You deserve much better than ‘meh’.

If you’ve ever walked in the door at night and not immediately felt comforted, it’s probably time to pop the hood and give your space a once over. This is especially important if you’ve lived in your space for years! You might think things are under control but complacency is a conscious design killer. It’s not hard work but it needs to happen regularly.

But think about it: a home that isn’t a true sanctuary will never let you truly relax. Instead of fully enjoying your off-hours you are being stressed continuously, even if only at a low level. I’ve talked about this many times before but taking care of your home is more than act of self-care; it’s a necessary step for a vibrant and healthy life.

So are you convinced yet? Good! Because I’ve got a few easy no-cost and low-cost ideas to get those conscious design juices flowing.

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Home Your Sanctuary

1. Take Control of the Lighting

Dimmer switches are my jam and they should be your jam too! Having control over the level of light in your space is a true luxury. There’s a world of difference between all-the-way on and all-the-way off! I like things nice and bright for working or cleaning but when you relax it’s time to bring it down. Dim those lights at night to create a cozy or sexy vibe. Plus lowering the lights at night helps tell your body that it’s time to sleep (an easy trick to try out if you suffer from insomnia).

2. Invest in New Bedding

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When was the last time you replaced your pillows? If you’re like most people, it was much too long ago. Bedding gets filled with dust mites and other nasties over time. I don’t want to put pictures up of that stuff because trust me it’s gross! Washing helps out in the interim but replacing things on the regular is the only way to go. BTW that’s every two years for your pillows and every five years for your duvet.

3. Style Your Mantel for the Season

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We don’t live in a vacuum! Our homes should be reflections of our current lives. Once you set up and style your mantel (or bookcase, dresser etc.) the journey doesn’t end! I like to switch things up seasonally. It only takes a few small shifts to the focal point of a room in order make your home seem weather-appropriate. For winter think: candles, wooden accessories and deep colors. For summer: lots of white, seashells or glassware. (Of course anything you truly love can be used year-round!) Switching things up seasonally allows you to show off different pieces.

4. Rearrange Your Furniture

Elaborating on the previous step, why not try rearranging an entire room? Very rarely is there only one workable layout in any room. Switching things around gives everything a new perspective – literally! Again, it’s really important to consider this even if you’ve lived somewhere for a very long time. Do you have to arrange your room around the TV or can you create a conversation area somewhere else? Can your bed move to another wall? Think of this all as a fun experiment; if the new arrangement isn’t working you can always switch it back.

5. Reconsider Your Art

gallery wall

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Switching up your artwork is an easy way to breathe new life into your space. I met so many people that have pretty amazing collections of art that they’ve never gotten around to hanging. Such a shame! So if you have art that needs hanging put it at the top of your To Do list, even if you can only splash out on Ikea frames at first (it’s still better than letting such pretty things languish in the back of your closet). As for your existing art, maybe there’s a better way to arrange things. You know that pair of too-small framed prints behind the sofa? Time to add some oomph to the collection and create a whole gallery wall.

I hope you enjoyed these easy tips for making your home your sanctuary! Don’t forget to share the post if you found it useful or inspirational!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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How To Make Your Home A Sanctuary: 5 Low Cost Ideas

How To Make Your Home A Sanctuary: 5 Low Cost Ideas

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