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5 Ways to Create A High Vibe Home

Ready to learn how to create a high vibe home?

In my opinion, the vibe in your house or apartment is as essential to your well-being as a high vibe diet is.

Like always attracts like. That’s why we naturally end up finding friends that are on the same wavelength as us, with similar values and shared experiences.

Even if you think you can tune out your surroundings, your subconscious is still paying full attention.

Living amidst chaos and clutter only attracts more of the same.

And a bright happy clutter-free home only attracts more of the same.

This is exactly why every choice you make about your home has a larger effect on you.

You get to design this environment. So get excited about it! It’s probably the only environment that you can have control over.

Cleaning, organization, color psychology and overall design all play important roles of course.

But there are also some easy quick-fixes that you can do right now that will help raise the vibe of your space:

5 Ways to Create A High Vibe Home

High Vibe Home Tip #1:

Have A Space Clearing / Energy Cleanse

Space clearing is my all-time favorite negativity buster! Honestly, it’s the easiest and fastest way to give your home a boost. Pull out the sage or palo santo and give your home a good once over.

I actually like to do this weekly, just like other chores! So try building it into your regular schedule.

(Read more about energy cleansing here.)

High Vibe Home Tip #2:

Crystal Grids

Placing crystals in the corners of your home is an awesome and easy way to get that energy flowing and growing. Feel free to experiment with different crystals or try using colors that are complementary to the Feng Shui of each zone.

(Read more about crystal grids right here.)

High Vibe Home Tip #3:

Add Plant Life

Plants are living things and Mother Nature has the highest vibe of all. So bringing a few of her charms inside is something of a high-vibe no-brainer. Plus plants acually help to keep your indoor air-quality at its best.

As a reformed black-thumb, I’m a big fan of plants that don’t need a lot of coddling (like snake plants) but any plant is a good choice.

(Find a list of NASA’s top air filtering plants here.)

High Vibe Home Tip #5:

Banish Clutter

Clutter is a magnet for stagnant energy. But even people who know better (myself included!) find the clutter monster creeping in time and time again. So if you haven’t taken an critical eye to the stuff in your space recently, now’s a great time to do so. Get rid of unused items and find homes for the stuff that just seems to be sitting around. If you don’t have room, it’s time to make some by getting rid of something else.

High Vibe Home Tip #5:

Choose Handmade

Everything in our home has its own unique vibration. Anything created by human hands will have a much deeper resonance than anything that’s plastic or that comes from a box store. Real materials will always beat out MDF or pressboard in terms of vibes. Of course there must also balance between budgetary concerns but if you can, always choose a unique handmade product instead of the mass-produced one.

It’s also smart to consider upgrading your most-used items to something a bit more special! Having a truly unique favorite mug or teapot will infuse your morning routine with a more grounded happy energy.

I hope you enjoyed these tips for a high vibe home! Thank you for reading and please share this article if you enjoyed it.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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5 Ways To Create A High Vibe Home - The Aligned LIfe


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