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How To Take Inspired Action

Wondering how to take inspired action?

I’m sure you’ve heard the importance of action in manifestation already. However, many students of the Law of Attraction are often confused about what that really means.

Do I need to take action towards my goals or do I just sit around and wait for things to happen?

Well first off, I don’t blame you for being confused! Most manifestation teachers talk about the importance of getting in alignment and becoming an energetic match for your desires.

That’s because of course alignment is the secret sauce of the magical manifesting equation! Becoming a vibrational match is always necessary to manifest your desires. You’ve always got to feel it before you can have it!

But this isn’t an either-or scenario! Taking action is also necessary. One of the other 21 Universal Laws is the Law of Action: we must always take some sort of action on the way to our goal.

The Universe actually follows action. That’s because action shows true intent. It inspires confidence and creates opportunities. So when you make real moves it’s a lot easier for the Universe to come to meet you halfway.

However, there’s a huge difference between normal busywork action and boldly inspired action.

How To Manifest: Regular Action vs Inspired Action

Let’s start by defining what each one means:

Regular Action

Regular action is all about following the status quo. It’s doing what you’re supposed to be doing without thought.

If there’s no joy or inspiration in your work, then it’s probably regular (forced) action. Think: punching the clock and going through your routine with no real thought or passion. If you’re doing something only because you think you should be doing it, then you’re definitely in regular action mode.

Sometimes regular action is necessary. But sometimes, it just makes life more difficult for you! (More on that in a minute!)

Inspired Action

Inspired action is all getting inspired first and taking action from a place of alignment. It’s about knowing that divine inspiration will strike then acting on that inspiration quickly once it happens!

When people talk about creativity, they’re often talking about this kind of action! This is the kind of inspiration where you literally cannot wait to take action, when the work just flows, time passes in an instant and at the end of it you actually feel energized instead of drained.

Think of regular action as hustle and inspired action as flow.

To illustrate the difference further, I’ll give you a few concrete examples.

I’m sure you’ve had this experience at some point: sitting down at your desk, opening up your laptop and….staring at a blank screen. No matter what kind of work you do, we’ve all been there: feeling either overwhelmed or completely uninspired. It’s so hard to type the words or create the graphic or make the sale in that state! So what really happens on those days? Mostly you just sit there feeling miserable! But what’s worse is that at the end of the day you have very little work to show for your hours of frustration. And that sucks!

Similarly, I’m sure you’ve all had the experience of an idea that just seems to flow right out of you! That’s when you can’t pick up the laptop fast enough: the sentences just seem to be writing themselves, the vision is just there and all you really need to do it let it all out.

Obviously, working from flow is much more productive and way less stressful than forced action.

So the more you can create flow in your life the better! So let’s learn exactly how to do that:

How To Take Inspired Action

How To Take Inspired Action Step #1:

Get In Alignment First

Even if you’re not “woo woo”, this is one of the best productivity tips I could give you! Getting in alignment is all about taking action not sitting around and waiting for the creative lightning to strike! You can summon up that source of inspiration by putting yourself in alignment with your goal before you start the work. I

It’s not a matter of sitting around and waiting for something outside of you to happen. You can very much make it happen when you know how it works.

Getting into flow looks different for everyone! I highly recommend starting a regular practice to help assist you with this. Journalling, visualization, meditation, or a gratitude practice are all excellent places to start.

That means you definitely don’t have to sit around waiting for lightning to strike! Just remember you are always the true source of inspiration; you just have to learn how to unleash it.

How To Take Inspired Action Step #2:

Follow The Nudge

A flash of inspiration can come from almost anywhere! Sometimes you’ll have a strong gut feeling; other times, an idea will seem to pop in your head out of nowhere! So be aware that you’re always receiving Divine Guidance; you’re only real job is to stay on the lookout for it.

Many of us don’t pay much attention to those tiny divine moments. But if you want to work with the energy of the Universe, you need to tune in and become receptive to that energy.

I recommend starting a “magical” diary of sorts: a place where you can write down strange synchronicities and flashes of inspiration. Then keep your eyes (and mind!) open and see what happens! Maybe you’ll overhear a conversation that gives you an idea. Maybe a brilliant idea will pop into your head in the shower or run into someone who delivers you some news. The Universe works in some exceptionally funny and mysterious ways, so be vigilant and stay on the lookout!

How To Take Inspired Action Step #3:

Take Immediate Action

When you get a brilliant idea, it’s time to act quickly! Everything works much better when you harness the power of momentum. That means the time to act on that crazy new idea is now. Humming and hawing about it for the next six months won’t do anyone much good! Your fresh idea won’t seem nearly as fresh by then! Many of us would rather debate the possibilities endlessly or talk ourselves out of it completely due to a fear of failure. But those ideas need to be actually born into the world too.

That’s why taking inspired action is actually a bold sign of faith. Even if things don’t work out perfectly the first time, you’re still making progress on the path towards your desires! And the sooner you work with the puzzle piece you’ve just been given, the sooner you’ll make it to your goal.

The important thing to remember is that inspired action always feels amazing! You’re not just doing things on autopilot; nor are you acting from a place of fear. You’ll feel elevated and energized, not confused, bored or depleted. And that’s a pretty amazing way to walk through life!

So I challenge you to try out choosing inspired action over forced action this week and see how much more flow and fun you can add to your life!

Thank you so much for reading here! Good luck with your manifesting efforts and I will see you back here next week!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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