How To Manifest Through Decision

How To Manifest Through Decision

I get messages from people all the time wondering WHEN their manifestation is going to show up.

Obviously, I can’t ever answer that question! I’m not a psychic for one thing. And I’m not the Universe itself either. (OK fine technically we all are but you know what I mean lol )

But when people are messaging me asking when their manifestation is coming it actually raises a big red flag:

Getting stuck in the why, the when and the how means you’re not actually manifesting yet!

When you’re busy wondering if it’s ever going to actually happen for you, then you definitely haven’t stepped into deciding much less into calling your intention in.

The point of manifesting is for you to literally CREATE your own reality!

It’s definitely not about hoping and wishing and waiting for something to show up.

It’s about projecting your desires out from inside you into the outer world. That requires your belief and faith and action.

I love to empower my students to take matters into their own hands!

So I’m here to remind your own power over and over and over again.

You create your reality! And the most important part of manifesting is the decision.

One you truly decide and start taking action with faith, things fall into place very quickly.

If you’re in a place of wondering and wavering, it’s time to go back to manifesting basics. Your wish is your creation! So instead of sitting around wondering and waiting, it’s time to double down on your commitment to the process.

Here’s my three-step guide to help you DECIDE and make your manifestation intentions come true!

How To Manifest Through Decision

How To Manifest Through Decision

How To Manifest Through Decision Step #1: Commit

A decision is a true commitment. But you may have missed this crucial step by putting a lot of attention onto your desire but not actually following through with the decision itself.

It’s really just flicking a mental switch inside your own mind! This is how your intention goes from all the questions and uncertainty into deeply knowing.

So take some time right now to truly commit to your intention. Decide it’s yours no matter what and very soon it will be. Simply thinking about how great your intention is is not the same thing as deciding! So make sure you get this part straight.

How To Manifest Through Decision

How To Manifest Through Decision Step #2: Feel Into Your Intention

The next phase is to feel into what that future Already Have It And Got The T-Shirt version of you. So tell me, if your wish was totally done and dusted and you were just rocking your life with your intention just being a part of your normal reality, how would you feel?

This might feel kind of strange at first because we’re so used to putting extra shine on the things we want! We’re not used to imagining our wishes as being real without some crazy Hollywood ending to match.

Don’t get me wrong though! When our wishes do actually appear, they will feel pretty amazing for a little while! But then we quickly adapt to them just being around. They simply become part of our new normal.

So it’s not the whoa crazy energy you want to connect to. It’s the energy of already being there, just doing your thing and enjoying your life with your intention in it. So spend some time visualizing that and feeling into the havingness of it all. The more you can connect with this energy, the faster you’ll call your wish in!

How To Manifest Through Decision Step #3: Take Action

Let’s face it, when you know with all your heart and soul that your wish is yours, you would act a whole lot differently.

For one thing, you would not be sitting around asking “when/how is it going to happen?” ☺️

There aren’t any questions anymore! It’s already yours and you simply know it. But that doesn’t mean you can just kick back and do nothing. It’s important to also take action from this place of inner confidence.

When you’re in that state of feeling into the future you, you also get to feel into the knowledge that future you has.

As True Detective so infamously told us: time is a flat circle. That means you and your future selves (and past selves!) are all actually existing at exactly the same time.

I know that’s a big concept to wrap your head around so let’s just concentrate on what we need to do here: connecting with that future version of you. So what does Future You want you to know? What have you already done to get there? Spend some time thinking on it and take notes if you want. And keep an open mind.

This isn’t always about taking the kinds of action your rational brain usually goes for (although it might be). Everyone will be different! But the most important thing is that you simply choose to act from that deep place of knowing instead of from desperation or thirstiness.

I hope this post inspires you to truly decide on your intention and to take action to make it happen! This is your life after all! You owe it to yourself to be bold enough to go after what you really want.

Thank you so much for reading!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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How To Manifest Through Decision


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