Is Your Relationship Compatible Astrologically?

Is Your Relationship Compatible Astrologically?

Is your relationship compatible astrologically? Whether you’re thinking about a potential partner or trying to get a better understanding of a long-term partner, knowledge of your elements will help you figure this out.

While some astrologers might say your sign dictates your dating destiny, the truth is more nuanced. Astrology can be a tool for understanding your relationship dynamics, not a rigid compatibility chart. (So no you don’t have to avoid all Geminis! 🙃)

It’s most useful to see astrology as a way to explore your connection as a couple, not predict your fate. Using the elemental approach can help you better understand if you’re a dating mismatch: whether there’s simply an energy mismatch or a power struggle going on or how much work you’ll have to put in down the road.

Forget Astrology Dating Rules! Embrace the Elements Instead

Here’s a crash course on how the basics of astrological elements:

Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Passionate, bold, and creative.
Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Sensual, grounded, and practical.
Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Intellectually curious, communicative, and independent.
Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Emotional, compassionate, and intuitive.

We all have a blend of these elements, but one or two tend to be more prominent when we’re attracted to someone.

Remember, there is no perfect match in astrology! Nor is there a sign or element you should completely avoid.

Every couple will experience both chemistry and challenges. Understanding a bit more about your elements can give you a deeper understanding into the dynamics of the relationship.

The Astrological Elements In Relationships Cheatsheet

Fire + Fire

Fire + Fire | Relationship Compatibility Astrology

When a fire sign meets a fire sign, watch for flying sparks! This passionate combo is destined to ignite and will fuel each others fire. Just be sure to watch those tempers so the flames don’t go out too quickly.

Fire + Earth

Fire + Earth | Relationship Compatibility Astrology

The steadiness of an earth sign provides a often-needed container for passionate fire signs. However, this partnership can quickly feel unbalanced, with the fire sign feeling smothered by the earth sign. Watch out for scorched earth!

Fire + Air

Fire + Air | Relationship Compatibility Astrology

Air signs feed the fire signs, leading to a thrilling and dynamic partnerhship. However, both sides can promise more than they capable of giving. They might also bring out each others worst sides–so watch out for recklessness or dangerous behaviors.

Fire + Water

Fire + Water | Relationship Compatibility Astrology

When fire meets water, a steamy connection can form! This one starts off simmering and hot but the fire can quickly go out like a wet blanket. Aim to balance between emotion and passion so neither party feels overwhelmed or unsafe.

Earth + Water

Earth + Water | Relationship Compatibility Astrology

Earth and water makes a potentially fruitful match, possibly the fertile ground of a long-term pairing. Together they have both emotional connection and stability. However, different communication styles can cause chaos or confusion. In the end, watery boundaries and expectations might prove to be too confusing to solid earth.

Earth + Earth

Earth + Earth | Relationship Compatibility Astrology

Slow and steady meets their match. However, this combination works beautifully as long as you remain in sync. Expect a sensual, physical connection. It can also backfire spectacularly, as both can be prone to stubbornness and resist changes.

Earth + Air

Earth + Air | Relationship Compatibility Astrology

Earth and air offer a happy potential partnership. The roaming imagination of the air sign meets stability in their earthy counterpart. They can create a love bubble of fun and romance. However, potential criticism from the air sign can wound the earth sign and cause them to withdraw. They might also face a power struggle, each overtalking the other one, paired with unrealistic expectations with each other.

Air + Water

Air + Water | Relationship Compatibility Astrology

When air meets water, they create space for sensitive and nurturing conversations. However, the deep emotions of the water sign might scare the air sign. The air sign might come off as feeling distant or arrogant to the water sign. Communication will always be a challenge here but if you can manage each other’s energy, this can be a pleasing pairing.

Air + Air

Air + Air | Relationship Compatibility Astrology

Air signs are communicative and curious, finding their match in each other. These two will overflow with dreams, ideas, and possibility. However. there might be more talk than real-life action. They can both be blocked off from their emotions or just too distant to make it work long-term.

Water + Water

Water + Water | Relationship Compatibility Astrology

Emotional water meets its match in a fellow water sign. These two can flow and go deep together, to the point of intuitively understanding each other or feeling divinely fated. However, there might not be enough of a container for these two to last. Watch out for meltdowns and overwhelming feelings.

How To Use Elemental Astrology For Dating

Here’s how to use elemental awareness in your dating life:

  • Notice how your interactions flow. See both your beneficial dynamic as well as your challenging ones.
  • If they’re astrologically friendly, talk to your partner (or date) about your dominant elements and what challenges you face.
  • Don’t approach with a “You are like X” mentality! No one wants to labelled or blamed for something that might not have even happened yet. Instead, be curious, while aiming for self-awareness and deeper connection.
  • Aim to explore the pros and cons of your elemental blend. Look for recurring patterns and discuss them openly when you notice them.
  • Sometimes these conversations can reveal incompatibility quickly, freeing both parties to move on to more beneficial relationships.

There’s a lot more to astrology than just your sun sign! You can also check your rising signs for more information on your dynamic. Of course, looking at both of your charts together will give you the best perspective.

So what did you think? Is your relationship compatible astrologically? Which romantic pairing are you and your partner or potential partner? Does understanding the elements help you understand each other better?

Remember, astrology is a tool for exploration, not a set of dating rules. By understanding the elements, you can build stronger, more fulfilling connections and seek out partners who are more beneficial to you.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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