How To Work With Crystal Grids

How to Make A Crystal Grid

By know you already know that I’m alllll about switching up the energy in your home to make it a calm and relaxing sanctuary. There are lots of different ways to do this (I’ve covered energy cleansing over here and Feng Shui here) but crystal grids are a favorite option of mine that also yields big results.

The wonderful thing about crystal grids is that they can be as simple or elaborate as you want them to be. Set them up permanently or use them just during those times when you need a little extra help. Their versatility makes them very satisfying to create so have some fun experimenting!

Crystal Grid

What Is A Crystal Grid?

A crystal grid is a sacred geometric arrangement of crystals used for various purposes such as energy healing, manifestation, meditation, or spiritual work. It involves placing crystals in specific patterns or formations to amplify their energies and intentions.

Crystal grids are believed to harness the energy of the crystals used, as well as the geometric arrangement itself, to achieve a desired outcome. They can be created for specific intentions such as promoting abundance, healing, protection, love, or spiritual growth.

When To Use A Crystal Grid

If you’re into crystals already, you’re already familiar with the energy they can produce. Creating a crystal grid is just a way of making your crystals work together for a common purpose and it’s the perfect way to supercharge an intention or desire.

Setting An Intention

Action without intention is ineffectual. So think about the purpose of your grid before you get started. Are you looking to feel grounded or protected? Or perhaps you are creating a grid for creative energy for your office space. Remember that you can create new grids any time you need to so feel free to get super-specific with your desired results.

Which Crystals to Use

While you can use any stone, my two favorite crystals for the home are: obsidian or black tourmaline (both for grounding/ protection) and clear crystal quartz (for clarity). Selenite is another great option for it’s protective energy. You can also go with green crystals (like citrine) for prosperity, pink stones (like rose quartz) for love or healing crystals (like fluorite) if you are going through turbulent times.

But it’s impossible to go truly wrong with your selection! So always go with what feels intuitively right for you.

I like small tumbled stones for home crystal grid purposes but of course, larger ones are also great. Small ones are good because you can “hide” them easily. To keep them out of the way for cleaning (or bratty cats), I’ve taped mine to the legs of furniture and once to the wall! You can also sneak them into planters or behind stacks of books. Sometimes you just don’t want alllll your weird hippie stuff on display! (But if you do that’s cool too.)

Crystal Grid

How To Make A Crystal Grid: Crystal Placement

To create a very basic grid, all you need is four crystals.

Place one in each corner of the house. You can also place one in each corner of just your bedroom or even in every corner of every room! Again, it’s all up for your own interpretation.

Placing a crystal grid under your bed is an awesome idea if you are looking for a boost of energy. Personally, I find this much too stimulating but if you are feeling lethargic then give it a go.

Of course, you can also get wild and create some really intricate grids, as the photos here show.

Optional: Center Crystal

Use a crystal point or pyramid in the center of the room (or arrangement) to act as an energetic center for the grid.

Linking It All Together

Using a crystal quartz point, draw invisible lines from each crystal to the next to link their energies together. If I was working with a basic four stone grid, I would link them together with an X-shape as well as a square just to make sure all the energies really mesh.

Crystal Grid

If you try it out, focus on having fun with it. And if you liked this post, please pin or share it! Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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How To Work With Crystal Grids


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