Are You Truly Ready To Receive?

Are You Ready To Receive Your Manifestation?

Are you ready to receive your manifestation?

Say: you’ve set the intention. You’ve decided on what you want. You’ve done your affirmations, your visualizations, maybe even a ritual or two.

But now what?

Getting what we really want from life through manifesting also fundamentally involves receiving.

But receiving is the fun part, right?

Surprisingly, sometimes the answer is no. Many of us don’t really know how to receive.

It might sound crazy at first: “But of course I want to allow the Universe to help me!” But if you’re not truly open to receiving you might be unknowingly blocking the help that’s coming to you.

That’s why I recommend every manifesting student take the time to assess their ability to receive. You can do all the intention-setting and limiting-belief-banishing you like but if you still can’t shift into a receptive mindset, all that work will be for nothing!

The truth is receiving is a mentality all its own.

It’s all about surrender. It’s about release. It’s about relinquishing control, in a way that’s a scary for many people. It takes bravery to open your heart and mind. It takes bravery to create space for allowing.

Manifesting is about asking but it’s also about allowing. You have to let the magic in to find you. You have to create room for the miracles to show up.

So if you’re subconsciously putting up blocks, you’re the one blocking the magic from happening.

Attitude is always the biggest key to the manifesting puzzle.

The more open-minded you can be, the better!

If you think you might have some subconscious blocks about receiving, this post is here to help!

How To Receive Your Manifestation | 4 Steps

How To Receive Your Manifestation Step #1:

Create Space For Receiving

Are you allowing space for magic to find you? If you’re a control freak (like me and many other empaths!), you might be surprised to learn that the answer is no.

Ask yourself honestly: what is your attitude is to other types of receiving? How do you feel about allowing people to help you with your work, at home or in the workplace? How do you feel about accepting compliments? Or allowing someone to treat you for coffee?

Get To The Truth

Maybe you don’t like gifts because you worry about the reciprocity. Maybe you don’t accept help because you want to do things your way. Or maybe you feel uncomfortable around compliments because you’re not truly in love with yourself.

As you can see, many of us have massive energetic blocks about allowing in the very things we crave!

If this is you, it’s time to take a step in a different direction. Accept the compliment. Take the gift. Accept the help! Stop worrying about whether things will be done your way or feeling the need to reciprocate. Enjoy these little moments for exactly what they are.

How To Receive Your Manifestation Step #2:

Let Go Of The How

Similar to the above point, asking for help is something many of us struggle with. But manifesting is all about asking the Universe to meet you half way. It’s about putting in the work and the energy but leaving space for the magic to find you.

You can’t control every last detail so stop expecting to!

Know that your intention is enough.

But if we keep saying no to the energy flowing in, we’re saying no to the Universe. So is the Universe going to keep trying to help you if you keep showing it that you don’t need the help?

It’s important to understand that the Universe is far more creative than we are! We can often only see one path to the finish line, when in reality there are hundreds of different ways for something to show up for us.

If you’re determined to control the how, you’re essentially cutting all those other options off. Trying to control every last detail shows the Universe that you’re not really trusting in its strength.

How To Receive Your Manifestation Step #3:

Adopt A Magical Mindset

If you want to experience a magical life, you need to create the mindset to match.

Adopting a magical mindset and being open to new experiences and new possibilities is one of the best ways to boost your manifesting practice! And all it requires is noticing what’s already around you.

Notice The Magic Around You

So start noticing the magic in the world. Look for the new experiences Say yes to new things. Allow it all to surprise you.

Keep your eyes and ears and heart open and see the miracles all around you. Where attention goes, energy flows.

And if your eyes aren’t open, you’ll miss all the fun.

So drop the struggle. Swim downstream. Don’t try to force things. And if the door doesn’t open, it’s not your door.

Receive Your Manifestation Step #4:

Believe In Your Worthiness

The last way you can block your ability to receive is by subconsciously not deeming yourself worthy of what you’re asking for.

If you’re still too attached to the idea of “someday” you might be pushing the thing you want so badly into the future. You might still be attached to the idea of working hard for something or for someone to come down and tell you that you’ve earned it.

Trying to manifest ideas that we’re not ready for is one trap of manifesting. We fall into the trap of imagining “someday” because we intrinsically feel unworthy right now.

Decide You’re Ready

However, you’re the only one who can decide when you’re ready. If you don’t feel worthy of it, you won’t find it in your reality. So don’t just imagine a happy future version of you. Imagine a happy version of you right now. The truth is we’re all imperfect and we’re all still deeply deserving of our desires. Your threshold for happiness is ultimately controlled by you.

We don’t often think about our ability to receive. But it’s one of the most important factors in manifestation.

I hope this helps shed some light on what can be a complicated subject. Thank you so much for reading & wishing you all much love & blessings.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Are You Truly Ready To Receive?


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