7 Ways To Feel Abundant (Even When You're Broke!)

7 Ways To Feel Abundant (Even When You’re Broke!)

Looking for some ways to feel abundant? You’re not alone!

Hands down, the most popular manifestation request of all time is to create more abundance.

Of course, this is only natural. In an ideal world, we would all live an abundant life: we want to eat fancy food at nice restaurants, wear designer clothes, travel, own property. (Not that everyone’s definition of abundance is the same! For you that might mean a fridge well-stocked with vegan delicacies rather than Lamborghini parked in the driveway.)

Abundance is also one of the trickiest things to manifest, by its very nature. To admit that you want abundance, is to acknowledge that you’re also somehow lacking.

They are two sides to the same coin.

So to just wish and think about acquiring abundance somehow magically in the future is not enough to make a change. That will only keep you trapped where you are!

You’ve to do the work on yourself now in order to make the shift happen.

So just because it’s such a tricky topic, today I’m offering seven different tips to help you manifest that abundant state.

7 Ways To Feel Abundant (Even When You’re Broke!)

Ways To Feel Abundant Tip #1:

Love What Is

While you’re looking to improve your abundant state, you’re probably not thinking very positively about the state you’re in right now.

You might even be stressed, scared or a bit in denial about where you are.

Do you have excuses for where you are right now? Maybe you say are where you are due to some old trauma, tragedy or heartbreak.

Oh how we love our excuses! And while there might be a kernel of truth in each excuse, the excuse is often shielding our real truth.

So ask yourself: what do you LOVE about your life/situation right now?

Acknowledging these things involves confronting that secret Shadow side of ourself.

Maybe you secretly love shirking responsibility from certain things. Maybe you secretly love living your life at 70% because that allows you a whole lot more time for those Netflix binge sessions. Maybe you’re afraid that moving forward will result in less free time or less time for your relationship.

The bottom line: no matter who you are or where you are, there’s something that you really love about your life right now.

And you’ll need to figure out what that is first, before the change can come.

We can’t move forward if we’re denying where we currently stand. We can’t transform without becoming brutally honest about who we are first.

Confronting ourself only seems scary at first; the reality is never as bad as we’ve made it out to be. So get onboard with your laziness, emotional confusion, energy levels or whatever. Acknowledge it all to make peace with your future.

Ways To Feel Abundant Tip #2:

Shift Your Perception

There’s always something good you can focus on, even if right now you think everything is against you. There’s always something you can be happy about or grateful for, even in the most dire of circumstances.

Even if you’re scraping by, there’s always something to express gratitude for. So right now, even if your rent is overdue or there are bills that need to be paid, take a look around at what you already have. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably got a roof over your head and a computer (or smartphone!) to read it on. So you’re already doing pretty well, by the standards of the world! Be thankful for your warm winter coat, your waterproof shoes, your reliable car, your education, your clean, running water, your beautiful boyfriend, your loving family, that moment of laughter you shared with a cashier at the grocery store.

Find at least five things today that you can genuinely be happy for. Then tomorrow, start again with another five and the next day and the next. Make it a habit and keep that grateful energy flowing!

Ways To Feel Abundant Tip #3:

Look For Signs From A Loving Universe

Turn on the TV and you’ll see war, pain, fear. But that’s a one-sided picture. There’s still a lot of good in the world, even though much of it will never make the six o’clock news. In order to see the love, you need to train yourself to look out for it. Be a witness to the random good around you, the kindness between your neighbours, those small moments between strangers that echo into your soul.

I promise you, it’s out there. Look for the things the Universe has conspired to bring to you. (There are many!) We all have a story about thinking about someone and having them call 10 seconds later or bringing up a name in conversation only to turn around and find that person behind us. Think about how often you were in the right place at the right time or how things just seemed to somehow magically happen for you. The Universe is talking to you all the time. It’s showing you how important you truly are. So if you’ve forgotten, now’s the time to tune in and listen.

Ways To Feel Abundant Tip #4:

Be Happy For Others

It’s time to kill your jealousy monster! Remember that someone else having something that you do not does not have any reflection on you. We’re all on our own timelines and we’ll never know the true story behind someone else. Your jealousy comes in part from judging yourself. (And also partly from the belief that life should always be fair. Ha!)

Instead, it’s time to try sending some active love towards the object of your jealousy. Being genuinely happy (like right down to your heart) energizes you and the other person. And sending out happy energy feels really really good!

It can take practice to get to that place but you can start small. If throwing down some congrats in person or on social media seems like too big of a step, start with your own thoughts. Just purposefully think a few happy, warm thoughts towards whoever you’re feeling jealous of. Then later on, add in a few more. Then tomorrow, try a few more.

Eventually, this practice will also become second nature. (Really!)

Ways To Feel Abundant Tip #5:

Notice Those Negative Thoughts

For most of us, our own biggest enemy is our own mind. The limitations we unknowingly impose on ourself begin to shape our life. We mentally get in our own way.

Eliminating negative thinking is an ongoing process, not an overnight miracle cure! The first step is simply to become aware of when you’re experiencing a negative thought pattern. You always have the option of choosing a better thought!

Here are some common ones:

  • I’m just not good/smart/pretty enough.
  • I can’t pay my bills.
  • This always happens to me.
  • No matter what I do I can’t get ahead.
  • I never have enough money/time.
  • I’ll never get the guy/girl/job/recognition.

Each one of these statements (or similar statements) represents a limiting belief: a nonsensical, non-rational negative belief we carry about ourselves.

When you “vibrate” (think/speak/act) in accordance with one of these thoughts, you are agreeing that you are not enough. And as long as you let your energy stay there, you won’t be able to shift out of it. In fact, you might only make things worse!

It’s time to look at those thoughts rationally. Are they empirically true? Do you even have any evidence of them being true? (And no an experience you had at the age of fourteen should not count as solid evidence twenty years later!)

These thoughts are always very black and white. But the world we live in has a lot more color and nuance than that! Just hold in your heart the fact that very rarely can any such statement be true.

Ways To Feel Abundant Tip #6:

Use Your Nice Shit

Take a look at you! Are you sitting around in cat-hair covered sweatpants when you have a closet full of designer jeans at the ready? (Admittedly, this is me far too often!) We often own lots of nice things that we put off using for “someday”: towels you keep for guests, the fancy expensive candles you’re afraid to burn, the nice clothes you’re keeping for special occasions.

Well it’s time to stop waiting for a day that might never come. How would it make you feel to actually use all that stuff right now?

The truth is you might have closed yourself off to receiving more abundance because you’re not enjoying the abundance you already have.

Burning that expensive candle is an act of receiving. It’s an act of allowing. It’ll smell good and make you feel amazing.

And feeling good about using it opens up the possibility that you might just have enough money to buy a new one when it’s done! (Whereas hoarding it keeps that energy trapped!)

So using all that stuff is a way to hack into that abundant part of your brain (instead of “punishing” yourself by limiting your own use of your belongings! It’s loudly saying yes to a more abundant life.

Ways To Feel Abundant Tip #7:

Play A Game

For most people, money (and abundance) can be heavy, emotionally charged issues. If that’s the case for you, then it’s time to shift that. The best manifestation experiments begin with a playful mindset. The Universe wants to dance with you, not to be ordered around like a robot! So let’s start by giving it some parameters and seeing what you can make happen.

Try playing a game. Pick a symbol (not money-related to start with) and ask The Universe to bring to you within the next 72 hours. Once you’ve done this successfully a few times, start playing with monetary amounts ($2, $5 etc.) See what you can find! Then once you’ve got some more confidence with money, go bigger!

Remember: it’s ultimately the attitude that counts, not the dollar amount of what you’re actually asking for.

The Truth About Abundance

Money will not set you free. I half-heartedly tweeted the other day that “celebrities exist to show us that you can be beautiful, famous and rich and still an absolutely miserable fuck”. It was tongue in cheek but the point remains. Nothing outside of you can truly make you happy. Wishing for more money (which, let’s face it, is what most people are after when they seek “abundance”) will not solve the other issues you have in life.

Money can be a bandaid; it can be a distraction just as much as drugs or alcohol can be. So while I’m not asking you not to ask for more abundance (we all have the right to live as abundantly as we wish!) I’m asking you not to follow the money blindly because you believe it’ll be a magical panacea for everything else that’s wrong with your life.

If you don’t know how to be happy now, money will not be your teacher! It’s always the true mastery of our inner self that brings us the greatest joy, not the outer accoutrements of life.

I hope this inspires you to think abundantly (and freely!) about your own life! Even while you’re manifesting great change in your life, never forget that the most important thing of all is you.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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7 Ways To Feel Abundant (Even When You're Broke!)


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