7 Ways To Manifest Faster Than Ever Before

7 Ways To Manifest Faster Than Ever Before

Wanna manifest fast? Fast, faster, like yesterday fast?

Well you’re definitely not alone! By far, this is one of the hottest manifestation topics out there.

So I want you to know that I get it. Sometimes you’re just waiting around for something to happen and it gets frustrating.

Sometimes it seems like the Universe forgot about you or that your order got lost or that perhaps your manifesting powers are just somehow broken.

I just want you to remind you that that isn’t at all true! The Law of Attraction is always working.

But here’s the thing: if you’re waiting for something to happen, perhaps that’s the real problem.

The Universe works on your command! So if you’re staring at the walls and twiddling your thumbs, I’m going to take a wild guess that there’s still some action you need to take.

Why wait if you don’t have to? There’s always some mindset or energetic tweak you can make to start creating the reality you want starting right now. Pick up the manifesting pace and get your butt back in the game with these seven ideas!

7 Ways To Manifest Faster Than Ever Before

Manifest Faster Method #1:

Get Super Focused

Before you start worrying about manifesting faster, be sure that you’re actually manifesting!

Here’s what typically goes wrong with this: We’re too wishy-washy about what we want. For example, trying to manifest “love” or “more money” when you don’t really know what those are is going to be a losing game, no matter which way you slice it!

Getting crystal clear about what you want is the first step towards making it happen. So please don’t be afraid to get specific with the details! You’re not being greedy. You’re actually just stepping into your true power as a Conscious Creator.

Manifest Faster Method #2:

Reprogram Your Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are tricky little suckers! So often we don’t even realize we have them. That’s because it’s easy to pay attention to what’s happening in your conscious mind and not so easy to see what’s happening in your subconscious mind.

I definitely recommend doing some inner work on yourself to figure out where your secret blocks and limiting beliefs might be. Think back to incidents from your past that concern the topic you’re currently manifesting. What were your big lessons or hurts?

Those moments from our past might be long behind us but most of us are living with the unhelpful results from those things. But remember you’re not powerless here! You get to consciously decide on what you want to believe, including some beliefs that will speed up your manifestation intention.

Manifest Faster Method #3:

Ditch The Perfection Fantasy

It’s super common to buy into perfection thinking when it comes to manifestation. That means: we think that when we get the car/guy/apartment/whatever then the rest of our problems will magically disappear and life will become perfect.

That just means that without even realizing it, we’ve put our goals on a big ol’ pedestal! But we’ve also done something else. The second we attach so much importance to our desires is the second we push those desires beyond our current reach.

It’s a fact: no matter what you’re manifesting, there will always be a downside. Life isn’t perfect and there’s actually a downside to everything. So take a moment to consider what your potential downsides might be.

This might seem to go against popular “think positive” manifesting advice but that’s okay. If you can actually create desire for every aspect of your intention, it will speed things up, not slow them down!

Manifest Faster Method #4:

Declutter Your Life

Decluttering your life (your home, computer, phone, desk, calendar, WHATEVER) is so important to manifestation.

After all, everything is energy: including your old unworn clothing or mementos from past relationships. If you’re serious about speeding up the Law of Attraction, then let’s help out the process! Getting rid of your old stuff, organizing your clutter and rearranging your energy in general is a wonderful way to invite the Universe to come in.

You can’t keep pouring more into a full cup! Emptying out some water (so to speak!) creates the energetic space for something new to come in and fill it.

Manifest Faster Method #5:

Practice Future Gratitude

Take a deep breath for a moment and imagine if you were already there–living, breathing, thriving–with your manifestation intention. Now what would that feel like?

Many manifestors get stuck here. Instead we keep imagining our future with our intention. But we never think about what it would feel like to actually have it. So practice bridging that time gap and imagine that it’s already here. This is what I call Future Gratitude and it’s absolutely essential to creating your desired reality!

Manifest Faster Method #6:

Do All The Things

When it comes to manifestation, there’s a big myth that all you have to do is decide on something then sit back and wait around for it to happen. But manifestation is really all about asking the Universe to meet you half way.

The Universe will always simply match your own energy. So if your energy is nothing, guess what the Universe will respond with?

If you want to manifest faster, then what can you start doing to make things happen? The Universe rewards speed with speed–so challenge yourself to take action now. Do the thing that scares you, set the appointment, start the project. If you keep waiting, you’re only keeping yourself waiting more in the long term as well!

Manifest Faster Method #7:

Collapse Time

It’s true: our very attachment to time is one our biggest blocks to manifesting fast. That’s because we’ve all been socialized to think that the big things in life take a long time (or a lot of hard work) to come true. So even though you’re using manifestation now, you might still be very attached to those old Muggle world time lines.

Try imagining what it would be like to simply have your manifestation right now. Then notice any objections that come up about it!

So what did you think? Which method are you going to use first to start manifesting faster than ever before?

What I really want you to know today is that waiting and doing nothing is futile! There’s always something you can do to speed things up and that’s a powerful thing to truly understand. Happy manifesting friends!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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7 Ways To Manifest Faster Than Ever Before


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