Why You Should Make Iffirmations (Not Affirmations)

Why You Should Make Iffirmations (Not Affirmations)

Have you ever heard of iffirmations? Until recently, I had not.

These days, affirmations are one of my favorite mindset-shifting tools.

But that wasn’t always the case.

When I first heard about them, I had all the thoughts that you might be having:

This is so stupid.

How do I even know this is working?

I’m not rich and saying I am definitely doesn’t make me feel any richer. In fact, it kinda makes me feel worse!

Needless to say, as magickal as affirmations really are, there’s a learning curve involved.

Here are a few of the problems with affirmations:

The first issue is that we really need to connect with what we’re saying for it to work. In other words, if we keep saying “I’m rich” but thinking “That’s sooooo not true”, we’re actually just creating more cognitive dissonance. This might make us feel worse by continually highlighting the problem rather than what we really want.

Second, we also tend to reach too far when we choose our affirmations. It’s actually more effective to move from feeling negative about something into feeling neutral about it, rather than trying to jump directly to where you want to go. Of course, those neutral statements don’t sound nearly as exciting to repeat something to yourself as “I have money” (as opposed to “I am rich”). But getting our brain to recognize this neutrality first will help you get where you really want to go.

These days, I still use affirmations as a part of my manifestation routine. But I’m also loving a New-To-Me tool that’s very similar…but even better.

They’re called Iffirmations.

While an affirmation is a statement, an iffirmation is a question.

So instead of using affirmations to create new neural pathways in our mind, we’re using questions to spark curiosity and problem-solving in our mind instead.

While it might not seem like it at times, your brain is a problem-solving machine. If you ask yourself a question, your subconscious mind is going to get hard at work to come up with an answer.

That answer might come hours, days, or even weeks later! But that just shows the magic of your subconscious.

While you might not be consciously considering the problem, part of your brain is hard at work. Eventually it will click enough information together to come up with a reasonable reply.

(Have you ever remembered something important in the middle of the night? This is why.)

Truth is, our brain is a superpower. Butt very few of us are using to its true potential! Iffirmations offer a simple way to begin to put your own magickal problem-solving and creativity to work at creating the life of your dreams.

How To Make Iffirmations (Not Affirmations)

How To Make Iffirmations Step #1: Start With Your List

Most of us have a pretty good idea about what we want to manifest.

More money.

A hot body.

A better relationship!

But if you haven’t thought about this in a while, make yourself a list of 1-5 things that you really want to work on manifesting. Every journey begins with a clear destination in mind, so really put some thought into it and get as clear as you can.

Here’s some examples of how to get more specific with those goals:

I want:

An extra $1000 in my bank account.

To lose 5 pounds.

For my man to take me out to a fancy-schmancy romantic dinner.

Just remember, wanting “more” of something is not clear enough!

How To Make Iffirmations Step #2: Write Down The Affirmation

Now take your list and write down a Plain Jane Regular affirmation for each one.

I have an extra $1000 in my bank account.

I have lost 5 pounds.

My man is taking me out for a fancy dinner this weekend.

Remember, the rules when it comes to affirmations: always use present tense and don’t use negatives! (ie. “I don’t”) Your brain will only hear the basics.

You also don’t want to say things like “I want” or “I desire” as those words affirm the lack, not the having (abundant state).

How To Make Iffirmations Step #3: Turn Each Affirmation Into An Iffirmation

This is how you level your affirmations up! Take each affirmation and turn it into a question:

How is it possible that I have an extra $1000 in my bank account?

How is it possible that I have lost 5 pounds?

How is it possible that my man is taking me out for a fancy dinner this weekend?

How To Make Iffirmations (Not Affirmations):

Step #4: Repeat Your Iffirmations Daily

The magic with affirmations is repetition. The more you repeat something in your mind, the more you create the new neural pathways that support that thought.

The same process works with information. Repeating your questions to yourself will remind your subconscious mind to keep working away at the problem at hand, while you’re sleeping, driving to work, washing the dishes, etc.

How To Make Iffirmations (Not Affirmations):

Step #5: Act On Your Downloads

Eventually, your brain will start feeding you new ideas about how to “solve” the problems at hand. And of course, it’s up to you to actually implement those changes.

Sometimes just trying something new in the real world is enough of an energetic shift to create more magnetism–and boom! You’ll start manifesting in the very things you want, in no time.

So tell me: What do you think about iffirmations? Are you going to try out these tips for your manifestation goals?

Remember to stay fun and open while you’re playing with this process. But I know you’re going to love it. We all have so much more knowledge and wisdom than we realize and this process is a wonderful way to remember that.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Why You Should Make Iffirmations (Not Affirmations)


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