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9 Signs You’re On The Right Life Path

Do you ever look for signs that you’re on the right life path?

Do you sometimes lie awake at night worrying if you’re doing the right thing?

Maybe you even have problems making decisions in general because you spend so long weighing all the pros and cons, obsessing over getting it perfect.

Personally, I spent a long time (like my entire 20’s!) worrying about whether I was on the right path.

Some of that worry was totally normal, a simple side effect of going through life figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

But some of that worry and anxiety definitely came from the fear that I could somehow get it wrong.

Now that I’m older and (mostly 🤪) wiser, here’s what I’d love to tell that younger version of me:

You’re always on the right life path.

There’s no such thing as the wrong life path

Sure, sometimes in life, we make what appears to be the “wrong” decision. We might even spend considerable time mentally punishing ourselves for these “mistakes”.

But the cosmic truth is that nothing is actually wrong. Nothing is a mistake.

Some things are good and some are less good. Some are initially good but turn into something not so good.

And at the end of the day, it’s not about being right or wrong. It’s all just learning experiences.

Sometimes we need to figure out what doesn’t work so we can figure out what does. Most of the time, you simply cannot think (and worry) your way to the “right” answer.

So figuring out the right answer (to any one decision or to life in general) involves taking action, even if sometimes that means taking the “wrong” action before you get to “right” one.

None of this means you’re broken or stupid or that your life is now messed up…forever.

You are always exactly where you need to be.

Worrying about whether you’re on the right life path is normal! But a better question would be: are you trusting the process and moving forward no matter what?

If you’re needing some external reassurance that you’re on the right path, then today’s post is for you.

9 Signs You’re On The Right Life Path

Signs That You’re On The Right Life Path #1:

You Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination can be caused by a number of things. But most times, it’s a symptom of overwhelm or fear.

When you’re on the right path, you’re too excited about where you’re going to fall for your brain’s measly tricks! You’re excited to take the next step and you’re not messing around.

Whereas if you’re continually pushing off something that “should” be good for you, maybe the problem is that you don’t want it as much as you think you do.

If you are procrastinating, time to check in with what’s really going on! Laziness doesn’t actually exist so take it as a sign to notice what’s happening underneath the surface.

Signs That You’re On The Right Life Path #2:

You’re Energetic

Surprise! Your energy levels don’t have as much to do with what’s actually happening in your life as they do with how you’re thinking about them.

Having a natural excitement and joy for your scheduled tasks is a definite sign that you’re out of resistance and moving towards the life path that you really want.

If your low energy is not physical (poor nutrition, lack of sleep, depression etc.) then this becomes a giant clue to help you see what’s amiss. What are you resisting? If you could redesign your day, what would light you up?

Signs That You’re On The Right Life Path #3:

You’re Finding Synchronicities

Being in a flow state is a definite sign that you’re on the right life path! And my favorite way of seeing that is through synchronicities.

For example: Seeing repeating numbers (aka angel numbers). Thinking of your friend and receiving a text from them seemingly out of nowhere. Someone mentioning a song and then hearing that exact song later at the grocery store.

To the outsider, these moments don’t look like anything out of the ordinary. But when you experience them over and over again, it becomes pretty clear that there’s a message being sent to you: a message giving you encouragement to keep going.

Signs That You’re On The Right Life Path #4:

You’re Consistent

As boring as it might sound at first, consistency is truly one of the keys to success in life. For example, if you say you want to improve your health but you’re not consistent with a change in diet or exercise, you’re definitely not going to get the results you’re after.

Self-sabotage is how we get in the way of what we really want. But when your desire and vision for the future are strong, that’s when it’s easy to show up and stay consistent, no matter what.

If you’re not showing up for your dream life consistently, then don’t let that stop you entirely. Again, this is a moment to check in and see what’s actually happening. Fear is often the real culprit. (Yes, even fear of success and happiness!) But once you confront that fear head-on, you’ll be able to make better progress with your consistency.

Signs That You’re On The Right Life Path #5:

You Don’t Give Up

Fact: no matter how dreamy your goals might be, you’re probably going to face a little turbulence on your way towards creating them. However, just like with everything else on this list, the way you think about those hurdles is everything. If you’re going to take something as evidence that it’s “just not meant to be” then that’s exactly what you create.

The trick to being a true Manifestation Success Story is to believe in your dream more than in the current evidence that suggests otherwise. You absolutely must leave that door open for the possibility for success or you’ll end up giving up on yourself too soon.

It’s never too late to get back to focusing on what you really want! So if you gave up and got stuck in a pity party for a while, it’s still okay. Just pick yourself back and keep going.

Signs That You’re On The Right Life Path #6:

You’re Good At Decisions

Making decisions fast is a superpower! But when you’ve got your eyes on the prize, it becomes a whole lot easier to make them.

Avoiding decisions isn’t as powerful as our brain would have us believe. Most of the time it just creates more time distance between where we are and where we want to go. Thinking too much is equivalent to sitting on the sidelines rather than getting in the game.

Again, if you’re stuck in indecision, you don’t have to stay there. Time to remind yourself that there’s only so much thinking ahead that’s useful. The best proof is always in the pudding of taking action. So challenge yourself to make a move (any move!) with the confidence of knowing you can always adjust later on.

Signs That You’re On The Right Life Path #7:

You Don’t Experience Jealousy

While envy can be a beneficial experience, jealousy is not. Jealousy occurs when we not only want what someone else has but we also want to tear that person down to our level. (Yikes!)

This is an unfortunate side-effect of lack mentality. When we fundamentally believe there’s not enough to go around, then we mistakenly believe that someone else having something means it will be harder for us to achieve the same.

However, lack is never real. And when you’re full of confidence in your own mission, it’s harder to begrudge anyone else’s success and happiness.

Signs That You’re On The Right Life Path #8:

You Don’t Sweat What Other People Think

When you’re on the right path, other people’s opinions about you are none of your concern. After all, whether they’re good or bad, they’ll never actually help you cross your own finish line. So you might as well take all of them with a grain of salt.

When you’re insecure in who you are and where you’re going, that’s when you’re more likely seek outside opinions in an effort to build up that belief. But those outside opinions are not true self-trust! Caring about someone’s positive beliefs about you means you also have to care about their potential negative ones. In the end, neither opinion (good or bad) has a true reflection on you.

If you find yourself seeking that sort of approval, it’s a sign to figure out what you want to hear–and give it to yourself instead!

Signs That You’re On The Right Life Path #9:

You Trust Your Intuition

You’re not waiting for a sign from your intuition because you’ve already heard that call and know you’re on the right path. You’re getting green lights from the Universe but most importantly, from yourself. You’re not wasting any time asking for signs because you trust that you’re on the right path so completely.

Looking for signs or asking for advice or endlessly debating whether it’s intuition or anxiety are all just signs that you don’t have that trust. Again, this doesn’t mean anything has actually gone wrong! But it is a sign that you need to work on developing your self-trust and your own intuition.

Remember babe, you are always on the right path! If you need a reminder of that fact, then you can work on giving yourself that reassurance you so crave by following these tips.

As you can probably tell, this game is really all about self-trust! When you truly trust in yourself and your journey, then you’ll become too busy focusing on making stuff happen than to fall for your brain’s old insecurity tricks.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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