Your Year In Review | How To Evaluate Your 2019

Video: How To Evaluate Your Last Year

How to Evaluate Your Last Year: Reflecting for Growth and Progress

The Importance of Reflecting on the Past Year

Today, we’re discussing a crucial topic as we enter a new year and even a new decade: evaluating your last year. It’s tempting to focus only on the future, but understanding where you’ve been is essential to avoid repeating the same patterns. So, let’s dive into how to deconstruct your last year and start the new year on the right foot.

Understanding Where You’ve Been

It’s a common misconception to think solely about where you’re going. However, without reflecting on your past, you risk creating a similar year all over again. By looking back, you take responsibility for your life and learn from your experiences. Remember, the life you live now is a result of your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Four Questions to Evaluate Your Last Year

Are You a Different Person Now Than Last Year?

Assess if you’ve grown or changed in the past year. Manifesting isn’t just about attracting things; it’s about becoming the person who can make those things happen. Identify where you’ve expanded and where you might have remained the same.

What Did You Create This Year?

Reflect on at least three good and three bad things you created. This exercise reminds you that you are the architect of both your successes and failures.

Overall, How Did You Feel This Year?

Evaluate your dominant emotional state. Were you mostly happy, stressed, or something else? Your emotional state is a powerful indicator of what needs to change or continue.

What Lessons Did You Learn?

Every experience, good or bad, brings lessons. Sometimes the hardest experiences teach us the most valuable lessons. Reflect on what you’ve learned and how it’s shaping you.

Moving Forward with Clarity and Purpose

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll have a clearer understanding of where you’ve been and what needs to change. This clarity is crucial for setting meaningful goals and making significant changes in the new year.

Setting the Stage for a Successful Year

Evaluating your last year is a vital step in creating a fulfilling future. By understanding your past, you set the stage for a more intentional and successful year ahead.

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Your Year In Review | How To Evaluate Your 2019


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