Why Your Only Job Is To Believe

Video: Why Your Only Job Is To Believe

The Power of Belief in Manifestation: Your Key Role as a Conscious Creator

Today’s topic focuses on the crucial role of belief in the manifesting process. It’s a concept that might feel a bit alien, but understanding and embracing it can transform the way you approach your goals and desires.

Your Job is Simply to Believe

The core of manifestation lies in the power of belief. Our conventional wisdom teaches us to ‘believe it when we see it.’ However, in the realm of manifesting, we flip this idea upside down. It’s about believing before you see it. This shift can feel challenging because it goes against everything we’ve been conditioned to accept. Your primary role as a manifester is to trust, surrender, and hold space for your desires. It’s about working on your worthiness and maintaining belief, even when external evidence seems to contradict your desires.

Why Trusting and Surrendering is Hard

We live in a world where seeing is believing. We wait for scientific proof and tangible evidence. But in manifesting, it’s about creating a new reality with our belief. Holding onto that belief, especially when you set specific targets, and they don’t materialize in the expected timeframe, is where the real test lies. If a date passes and your manifestation hasn’t materialized, the temptation to give up can be strong. However, your role is to keep believing, trusting, and moving forward.

Believing Despite Evidence to the Contrary

Manifestation is not a linear process. There will be times when things don’t show up as you expect them to, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t on their way. Sometimes, the universe works behind the scenes, orchestrating better outcomes or lessons we need to learn first. So, even if things seem off track, believe that something better might be coming your way.

The Importance of Persistent Belief

A significant part of manifesting is to persist in your belief, even when you encounter near-misses or temporary setbacks. For instance, you might meet someone who seems perfect but then quickly exits your life. Instead of viewing this as a failure, see it as a sign that what you desire is almost within reach. Life is not linear; it’s full of unexpected twists and turns that can lead to the most magical outcomes.

Your Number One Job as a Manifester

Keep believing, regardless of the current reality or apparent setbacks. Your job is to maintain a steadfast belief in your vision. This belief is your manifestation magic, the ingredient many overlook. Trust in the wisdom and imagination of the universe and remember that there’s much happening behind the scenes in your favor.

Final Notes

In today’s video, we delved into why belief is the cornerstone of manifesting. As a conscious creator, your only job is to believe hard in your dreams and goals, despite what the current reality might suggest. Remember, belief first, until you see it. Embrace this mindset, and you’ll unlock the true potential of manifestation.

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Why Your Only Job Is To Believe


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