Why Manifesting Should Be Like A Game

Video: Treat Manifesting Like A Game

Manifesting Like a Game: Unlocking Your Best Life with Ease and Joy

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my channel! I’m Jen, your guide on this journey of self-discovery and manifestation. As a life coach and teacher of the Law of Attraction, I’m here to empower you to create your best life ever. Today, we’re diving into a fascinating topic: why manifesting should be treated like a game for optimal results.

Manifesting: A Game of Attraction and Detachment

Often, I encounter people struggling to manifest significant aspects of their lives, like love or money. These areas are deeply intertwined with our self-perception and life experiences. However, a common pitfall arises when your self-worth becomes dependent on these manifestations. This attachment is where many go astray, making it challenging to manifest their desires successfully.

Manifestation thrives in an environment of playfulness and detachment. This might sound counterintuitive, especially when the stakes feel high. But think about it: when you manifest something minor, like a white feather or a sign from the universe, it often appears effortlessly. Why? Because you’re not heavily invested in the outcome.

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The Real Issue: Worthiness and Identity

The struggle to manifest often points to deeper issues of self-worth. Our external world reflects our internal beliefs about worthiness. Accepting less than you deserve, whether in jobs or relationships, indicates a need to work on your sense of worthiness.

Here’s the catch-22 of manifesting: to attract what you desire, you need to feel worthy and content without it. This realization can be transformative. If you’re already content and feeling worthy, the desperation and clinginess towards your goals dissipate. This alignment is crucial for manifestation.

The Inner Work: Shifting Your Perspective

Real manifestation work is internal. It involves addressing the core issues, often rooted in past experiences or traumas. When you start loving and respecting yourself, acknowledging your worthiness, the external manifestations begin to align with your internal state.

Manifesting as a Light-Hearted Journey

If manifesting has felt heavy or burdensome, consider taking a break. Stepping back and loosening your grip can be incredibly beneficial. Remember, manifestation is not about forcing or desperately waiting; it’s about being in a state of flow and alignment.

Final Notes

I hope this video resonates with you and provides insights into your manifesting journey. If you find value in this message, please like this video and share it with a friend who might benefit from it. Together, let’s expand this community of conscious creators. I’ll be back soon with more insights, but until then, I wish you an amazing week. Remember, miracles are just around the corner. Namaste!

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Why Manifesting Should Be Like A Game


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