What To When You're Waiting To Manifest

Video: What To Do While You’re Waiting To Manifest

Navigating the Waiting Game: Tips for Manifesting Success

Welcome to my blog, where today’s focus is on a crucial aspect of manifestation: what to do while you’re waiting for your dreams to materialize. I’m Jen Stevens, a holistic manifestation coach and the founder of Recode Manifestation Academy. In this post, inspired by a question from one of our community members, Tina, we explore strategies to stay empowered during the manifestation process.

The Manifestation Waiting Period

It’s a common scenario in the journey of manifestation: you’ve set your intention, you’re excited about the possibilities, but then comes the waiting. This period can be challenging, as doubts and impatience may surface. However, understanding and effectively navigating this phase is key to successful manifestation.

Maintaining Belief and High Energy

The core of manifestation lies in the belief that what you desire is on its way. During the waiting period, your primary task is to maintain this belief and keep your energy aligned with your goals. This means continually reinforcing positive thoughts and emotions related to your desires, even when they haven’t materialized yet.

Dealing with Doubts and Impatience

It’s natural to experience doubts and impatience, but how you handle these feelings is crucial. When you find yourself questioning whether your manifestation will occur, use this as a cue to reassert your power and faith in the process. Remind yourself that the current reality is a reflection of past beliefs and that change is on the horizon.

The Power of Assumption

Assume the identity of the person who has already achieved what you’re manifesting. This mindset shift can significantly impact your energy and actions, bringing you closer to your goals. If you’re new to this concept, I recommend revisiting my video on the Law of Assumption for a deeper understanding.

Manifestation is a Conscious Choice

Remember, manifestation is about consciously choosing and focusing on what you want. This focus should be unwavering, regardless of how long it takes for your desires to materialize. Time is a relative concept in the realm of manifestation; what matters is your persistence and faith.

Your Questions Answered

If you have any manifestation or mindset questions, feel free to send them in or drop a comment below. I love addressing your queries in my “Ask a Coach” segment, and your question could be the focus of a future post.

Remember, the waiting period in manifestation is not just a time to be patient; it’s a time to actively maintain your belief, align your energy, and prepare for the arrival of your desires. Stay powerful, stay focused, and happy manifesting!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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What To When You're Waiting To Manifest


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