How To Live An Intentional Life
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Video: How To Live An Intentional Life

How to Live an Intentional Life: Key Strategies

I’m excited to share with you how you can start living an intentional life. Living intentionally is about being a conscious creator of your life, setting clear goals and intentions, and actively working towards them.

Understanding Conscious Creation

Conscious creation is about designing the life you want, rather than just reacting to circumstances. It’s the difference between consciously swimming in a specific direction and aimlessly floating in the ocean of life. Living intentionally means setting intentions for your life and your days.

Making Intention Setting a Habit

To live an intentional life, start by making intention setting a regular part of your day. I recommend setting daily intentions every morning. This practice is different from your to-do list; it’s about how you want to feel and the experiences you want to have.

Daily Intentions vs. To-Do Lists

Your daily intentions should focus on feelings and experiences, not just tasks. For example, setting an intention to have fun, hear from a friend unexpectedly, or enjoy a surprise. These are about enriching your life beyond the mundane chores and tasks.

Setting Intentions for Specific Events

You can also set intentions for specific events. For instance, if you have a work presentation, set an intention for it to flow effortlessly. If you’re attending a social event, set an intention to always have someone to talk to and feel confident.

The Power of Intention
Intention setting gives you immense power over how you experience life. It may not always work out exactly as planned, but regularly setting intentions can significantly increase the likelihood of those things happening.

Inviting Positive Experiences into Your Life

By setting intentions, you invite feelings of effortlessness, ease, fun, and flow into your daily life. This simple act can transform how you experience each day.

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How To Live An Intentional Life


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