10 Tiny Ways To Get Your Life Together

Video: 10 Ways To Get Your Life Together

5 Ways To Get Your Life Together

Are you ready to get your life together?

It’s one of my favorite times of year and a great reminder to get our lives together for the last bit of the year. (Yes, even if you’re a long way from school like I am!)

So today I thought I’d share a fun video designed to help you create some new habits (and double-down on some old ones). Let’s keep your vibe high so you can create your life at your best level!

Tip #1: Declutter

Decluttering is my favorite first step, no matter what you’re trying to do in your life.

And that’s no surprise! When I first began the Aligned Life, I was actually talking a lot about using your home as a tool for manifestation. So decluttering holds a very dear place in my heart.

Decluttering is beneficial on so many levels. That’s because everything is energy. It’s really important to remember that when it comes to your space, that you are the gatekeeper of the energy in your home. If it is time for you to bring something new into your world and if you are into manifestation, then you’ll want to make sure that you are clearing out your energy and creating a fresh space for new things to roll in.

What Doesn’t Serve You Anymore?

One great way to do that is by decluttering and getting rid of things that no longer serve you. I’m talking about your home but you can apply the same principle to everything: your calendar, the files on your phone, etc. Any way that you can declutter your energy, your space is really going to help set the stage for a new beginning.

Even if you might be afraid of decluttering, maybe pick up the Marie Kondo book and let her walk you through it. I really do recommend this practice and I recommend you doing it regularly. So that is why that’s my number one tip.

Tip #2: Feed Your Brain Positivity

I call this feeding your brain the right diet. When it comes to our actual diet, we all know what that looks like. We all know what it’s like to eat healthy, to eat greens, eat all-natural foods.

But do you think about this when it comes to your brain? So many of us don’t. Instead, we go on to Instagram or Facebook or TikTok or wherever and we just let ourselves consume all kinds of things that aren’t necessarily in our highest good.

Now, I’m not saying that you need to turn off reading the news or that you need to step away from social media forever. Instead, limit the times that you spend on things that aren’t in your best interests.

Maybe if you find yourself reading news story after news story after news story. So maybe it’s time to put a limit on that or give yourself a number of articles that you can read in a day or something like that.

Or maybe you are a Facebook scroller, and you find yourself on there all the time just scrolling for no reason. So maybe you could start to use an app that would help to monitor your time on there and help kick you off when you’re not supposed to be on there.

Replace Low Vibe With High Vibe

Instead of doing these things that are low vibe and are taking you down, think of things that you can bring in that’ll help feed you what you want. So that could be a high-vibe podcast like maybe my podcast. It could be listening to an audiobook, or it could be reading a book. Maybe it’s training yourself, or taking an online course. Anything like that that focuses your attention on something that you want to know about, and that uplifts you, is improving you. And that is bringing you closer to what you want.

You want to make sure that those things are part of your day and that you’re not just sitting there scrolling, and letting whatever just happens to be in your feed fill up your brain. Think about it like a diet. If you could feed your brain a healthy amount of inspiration and education, what would that be like? This is a question everybody has to answer for themselves, but make this part of your daily practice and start editing out the stuff that doesn’t matter.

Tip #3: Audit Your Life

I was just speaking to you particularly about what you consume and what you pay attention to in the media. But in this case, you can take this concept and apply it to everything in your world.

For example, think about the time that you spend on any activity during your week. Start to think about whether or not that activity is ultimately worth it.

I think back now to so many times in my life when I ended up doing things because they were habits. Over time those things were less and less inspirational to me. Yet I found myself doing them just because that is what I always did.

Pleasure Can Change Over Time

Even pleasurable activities can lose some of their charm if you do them too much. Sometimes the things that we used to find a lot of fun in are no longer as uplifting. It’s up to you to look at what you’re doing every day/week and figure out if it’s serving you now.

I’m giving you full permission to acknowledge the things that aren’t serving you–or that maybe you have outgrown–so that you can have the courage to replace them, change them or to limit them. Basically, do whatever you need to do to safeguard your energy. Think about is just safeguarding your energy because you only get so much of it. I really want you to think about it that way. Think about how you can spend your energy and your attention on the things that you actually value and enjoy.

Tip #4: Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep might sound super basic, but it’s amazing at how much of a difference a full night’s sleep can make. So think about your sleep patterns and really consider whether you are getting good quality sleep or not.

We all require eight hours of sleep a night. But I know there are people out there who really pride themselves on getting less than that. Maybe they’re parents of young children or have a really stressful job. Please just question whether the amount that you’re getting regularly is enough. And if it isn’t enough, I invite you to start to think creatively about how you can start to get more sleep.

I know that sleep seems like dead hours and if you’re super type A, it might seem way more tempting to stay up late and to watch more Netflix or whatever. But taking care of your body is so important.

Honor Your Body

For me, sleeping is a huge energetic reset. It really helps me to disengage with the day’s stresses. And for me, actually sleeping is when I get so much inspiration and a lot of intuitive downloads. So for me this is ultra important.

So I challenge you to make sleep a priority in your life if it isn’t already. If you really need to get good quality sleep, think about things like wearing a sleep mask or getting a white noise machine or wearing earplugs. There’s so many things you can do to improve the quality of your sleep and really it makes such a world of difference.

Tip #5: Set Daily Intentions

Setting daily intentions is all about the idea of moving the Law of Attraction from this big heady concept that’s way out there and bringing it in to our actual life. You really can use this every day. You can set intentions every single day for everything that you do.

For example, you can set an intention before you go to the grocery store that there won’t be a lineup. Or set an intention when you’re driving to the mall that there’s going to be parking out front. You can set an intention that your phone call tonight is going to go smoothly. Go wild! You can set an intention for whatever you like.

Play With Asking For What You Want

I recommend that you play with this because this is inviting you to step into your true power as a conscious creator. All you really need to do as a conscious creator is to think in advance of the outcome that you want and to set an intention for it. It’s amazing how many times that you do this that this intention will come true. I know these things seem so small, but if you could really make things go your way all the time, wouldn’t you want to try that out?

So apply this to your life and set at least three intentions for yourself throughout your day for whatever it is. It doesn’t really matter if it’s big or small. I just want you to play with that energy and to really see just how powerful you are. This is a super fun tip for everyone to try out.

Tip #6: Practice Being Happy

Practicing being happy sounds kind of crazy at first. But so many of us think that we have to hold off feeling good or happy until we get something in our life. If you have felt like you are constantly on a treadmill in life, or if you are constantly working towards something and never quite getting there, then this is the tip to apply for you.

I know how this feels. I know exactly how it works. If we think of the typical American Dream life and we think of somebody who graduates high school, goes to college, graduates, gets a job, gets married, has 2.5 kids, blah, blah. It’s like there is this sort of set rhythm to life that we are supposed to go through.

The thing is we have all been ingrained to look at the world in this way for so long. But sometimes we forget that we are not here just to accomplish things. We are human beings, not human doings.

The real trick to being a spiritual being on this planet, being the spiritual person wearing a physical body, is learning how to opt into your happiness and your power in the present moment. That means letting yourself feel happy, letting yourself feel worthy, letting yourself feel deserving even when you are in progress.

Be Okay With Not Being “Done”

We are always in progress. This sounds like such a simple idea. But it is truly radical because most of us have been taught to think of ourselves as less than or unfinished or not worthy yet until we get the degree, until we get the ring, until we get the baby, or until we get whatever it is that’s coming next.

If you want to create a truly happy, powerful life, practice being happy in the moment. Practice being happy with what you have right now and be happy with who you are right now. Try to be happy without having to wait for the next accomplishment or the next achievement or the next thing you’re going to buy. Practice being happy now.

This will become easier over time and you will feel less attached to those big goals. Of course, you can still move towards your big goals, and in fact, I encourage you to. But the more you opt into happiness, the more you build it. It’s like a muscle. And the easier it gets and happier you will become over time.

Tip #7: Throw Out The To-Do List

I am a former to-do list junkie. I mean, I still have a to-do list to a certain degree. But what I’ve been really practicing lately is moving away from the to-do list and into the schedule.

This is a super powerful way to gain control over your time because a to-do list is, in some ways, really disempowering. The to-do list never ends, and it feels like you’re just in the middle of it, because you know you do something. There’s something else to do, and it just stays constant. So, that can feel super frustrating and can make you feel like maybe you’re not doing enough.

Use Your Calendar

The one way I found to combat this is instead of using the to-do list, is to use a calendar approach instead. That means you take your important tasks for the week and you assign certain time slots for them. Then, that way, you just go through your week looking at your calendar, sitting down, and executing what is on the calendar.

This is really cool because it eliminates any of this trying to prioritize in the moment. If you start to feel panicky about how productive you are in any one day, then that will leave you feeling maybe not empowered and leave you trying to do too much or not doing enough because you’ve decided it’s not worth it.

If you start to use the schedule instead, it can really help you to gain control back over your life. It can help you to step away from that mental drama of what do I do next or how do I prioritize, and it can really help you to see visually what you’ve actually done in a week which will let you feel more confident while you’re doing it. So, I highly suggest that you do this tip. In fact, maybe I’m gonna do a whole video about how to do this in a future video.

Tip #8: Meditate

You probably knew that I was going to suggest meditation at some point. If you don’t know me, I’m a huge fan of meditation. I kick off every morning when I wake up with a 10-minute meditation, and it really is one of my favorite tools, my non-negotiables as part of my day.

The reason for that is because to me, meditation is like going to the gym but for your mind. We all know what it’s like to have that monkey brain inside of us going along thinking crazy thoughts, overwhelming us, falling into the voice of fear or the voice of the inner mean girl and just making us feel chaotic and out of control.

Meditation isn’t going to make all that stuff go away entirely. But it is going to help you to come back to your power. It’s going to help you remember that there’s a distance actually between you and your thoughts. You’ll be able to disengage from your thoughts so you’re not going to feel overwhelmed by them. It really does help you to gain control over what is happening in your mind.

Take The Time To Try It

This isn’t something that we were taught unless you were taught meditation as a child, which I definitely was not. This is something that I’ve really had to work on as an adult, but it is absolutely amazing.

I think every single person in the world should be meditating. You can start with 5 minutes a day, 10 minutes a day. I only do 10 minutes a day, so it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Also, you don’t have to think nothing for 10 minutes. There are so many different ways of meditating. I would suggest starting off with a match of meditation or listening to a guided meditation, and there are so many out there, including my two meditations on Insight Timer. If you’re interested in listening to those, I’ll leave a link in the description box below.

Tip #9: Take Care Of Your Body

Notice I didn’t say go work out! But I do want to encourage you to take care of your physical form. So yes, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, but this human body is our vehicle for our time here on Earth. It is really up to us to take care of ourselves in one way or another.

I don’t mean you need to go sign up to run a marathon. I don’t mean you necessarily need to go sign up for a physical trainer or anything like that. But if you can do just a little bit in your week, in your day, to take care of yourself, that is really all that’s required.

Personally, I like to go on walks. I do some yoga and some very basic, you know, kind of Pilates exercises at home, and that is really all I need. But I used to do running every morning, and that’s really good for energy and for clearing your mind.

At different times in our life, we are going to be more receptive to different kinds of physical exercises. So I don’t care which kind you do, and I’m not telling you to do this so that you can lose weight or anything like that. But I suggest that you take care of yourself in one way or another. That’s really just part of taking pride in ourselves. It’s like putting on makeup or doing your hair. Just take pride of being here and being in this body. So I really encourage you to think about that, especially if you aren’t already.

Tip #10: Create A Morning Routine

I love a morning routine. I love having things that I do in the morning, and I love, you know, working on myself before I start with the chaos of the day.

I’m not completely perfect, I have to admit. I do definitely scroll Instagram sometimes before I do my morning stuff, but I really try to do the morning stuff as soon as I can. The reason for that being is because we all know what it’s like in modern life. We get up with the best of intentions, and then we check our email and something has gone wrong or you know, there’s something happening on social media, and then suddenly all of our intentions have been taken over by someone else’s request or by something that’s happening in the day. And therefore, we forget to spend the time on the things that we need.

Safe Space In Your Morning

The reason the morning routine is so wonderful is because it safeguards that space for you. If you carve out, 30 minutes or an hour in your morning just to do these things for yourself, then you know you are getting them done.

There are so many different ways that you can play with this as well. I already mentioned that I do a morning meditation. I also do a tarot card pull, and I do journaling on most days. But whatever you want to create as part of your morning routine, that’s entirely up to you. I suggest that you think about it and pick three, two, or even seven things that you can do every day that are your must-do’s.

Think about this as curating a sacred space for you. It’s setting your day up in the best way possible. And honestly, this is just really a form of extreme self-love, radical self-care, and this really just ensures that you are in the best energy and the best mindset for the rest of your day, which is a really amazing thing to do for yourself.

Final Thoughts

That’s it for today’s video. I went as fast as I could and it still got out pretty long. But I really hope that you enjoyed these tips today. Thank you so much for watching along! I would really love to know which one was your favorite. So if you want to go ahead and leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you.

If you like this video, give it a like. If you want to watch more, click right here. And other than that, I’ll see you in the next one. So until then, as always, just remember: get ready for the miracle. See you guys.

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