How To Change Your Attraction Point - FAST!

Video: How To Change Your Point Of Attraction

Changing Your Point of Attraction: Quick and Effective Strategies

Today, I’m going to guide you on how to change your point of attraction. This is key to attracting the things you want in life and shifting your reality.

Understanding Our Vibrational Nature

We are vibrational beings at our core. Everything around us, including ourselves, is made up of atoms vibrating at different frequencies. Our current vibrational state plays a crucial role in shaping our life experiences.

The Challenge of Changing Vibrations

Realizing that we have significant control over our life through our mindset and emotions can be daunting, especially if you’re not content with your current situation. But the good news is that vibrations can change rapidly, and you have the power to alter them.

Quick Method to Change Your Attraction Setpoint

You can change your vibrational attraction point in as little as 17 seconds. I recommend setting alarms throughout the day, perhaps in the morning and night, as reminders to shift your focus to the life you desire.

Steps to Change Your Vibrational State:

Set a Timer

Aim for 17 seconds to 2 minutes of focused thought.

Visualize Your Desires

Imagine yourself in the place you want to be, living the life you aspire to have.

Embrace the Feeling of ‘Having’

Think about having your desires already fulfilled.

The Importance of Regular Practice

Consistent practice is key. Spend time each day visualizing both your big vision and smaller, immediate goals. Remember, it’s about shifting from a victim mentality to an empowered state of creating your reality.

The Power of Positive Focus

Spending time each day focusing on what you want is a gift to yourself. By directing your thoughts and energy towards your desires, you move away from living reactively and start creating the life you want.

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Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

How To Change Your Attraction Point - FAST!


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