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How To Get Unblocked To Manifest

I talk a lot about getting unblocked in order to manifest However, I know manifestation blocks are a controversial topic.

Some manifestation teachers refuse to even talk about blocks, reasoning that the more you look for them the more you will find them.

Which to a certain extent is true! So let’s warn you now: if you get stuck on unblocking yourself and never give yourself permission to move forward, the unblocking work can become a block in itself.

However, I strongly believe that most of the population needs this important unblocking work.

We all have areas of our life where manifesting stuff is as easy as snapping your fingers. Maybe for you, that’s always manifesting new friends or new job opportunities or new romantic prospects.

But usually, there’s also one area in which you always feel stuck.

The places where it feels like the world is working against us or like we just can’t make progress no matter what we do reveal the exact location of our manifestation blocks.

That’s because what’s really happening is that there’s a huge disconnect between what your conscious mind wants and what your subconscious mind wants.

Frustratingly, you don’t actually notice this disconnect yourself! Instead, you’ll feel like you just keep running into the same problems over and over again no matter what you do. (For example, constantly feeling overlooked at work, even after you change your job, or continually dating what turns out to be Mr. Oh So Wrong).

This is especially maddening because you’re often taking action to “fix” things. For example, you know you’re feeling overlooked at work so you go and find a different job, only to end up feeling the exact same way in the new job. Once you’ve experienced this disappointment a few times, you might even be tempted to throw in the manifesting towel.

In reality, it’s just you playing out exactly what your subconscious wants. Your subconscious mind has an entirely different agenda than your conscious mind and it will get its way, without you even realizing what’s happening.

Using exterior action or force can only get you so far! Sometimes it’s enough to push you past your block but oftentimes it isn’t. That’s because you haven’t fixed the real cause of the problem.

(This is also exactly why relying on willpower and white-knuckling your way to your desires just doesn’t work!)

Your subconscious mind will simply always win this internal tug-of-war unless you do the work to unblock and heal yourself.

Those subconscious beliefs and desires are exactly what a manifestation block really is. But just to get the point home, here are a few more examples of what a specific manifestation block might look like for you:

  • Perhaps you have limiting beliefs about money. (“Rich people are evil” or “No matter how hard I work there’s never enough”
  • Or maybe you have some secret fears about what you’re trying to manifest. (“If I get a boyfriend, what will my single girlfriends think about me?”)
  • Or you might just have a low sense of self-worth about what you’re trying to call in (“People like me are never successful” or “Who would listen to me because I’m only 22?”

Sure, those things might sound illogical or silly to your conscious mind. But to your subconscious mind, they’re just as real as the air you breathe.

If you’re tired of feeling stuck and frustrated or like the world is moving against you, you’re definitely not alone. But today we can begin the process of unblocking your subconscious mind so that you can begin to manifest with ease:

How To Get Unblocked & Manifest Your Desires In 3 Steps

Unblocked to Manifest Step #1:


Simply noticing our own blocks or stories is honestly the hardest part! That’s because we’ve lived a lifetime of truly believing these things. We accept them as straight-up facts so we never question where they originally came from or whether they’re currently serving us.

Working with a Manifestation Coach (like me!) can help to pinpoint exactly what your blocks are! But if you’re not able to do that at this moment, here’s a quick exercise to help:

  • Think about what you want to call in/achieve
  • Notice every single thought that pops up that tells you “no” in any way. This is tricky because it often feels like we’re just being “realistic” or “logical”. However, it’s crucial to not immediately buy into those ideas.

That little voice of reason (sometimes even masked as the internalized voice of your parents’/soccer coach/whatever) is not working in your best interests! The sooner you realize that, the better.

Unblocked to Manifest Step #2:

Forgive Yourself

The quickest way to stop the healing process is to downplay your thoughts or continue to pretend that you’re not having them! So you need to forgive yourself as you move through this practice.

Simply “hearing” or noticing the thought in your mind is all the proof you need to understand that this thought or belief exists within you. Your ego mind will probably kick up a fuss about this: “I don’t actually believe I’m not worthy of love” or it’ll tell you that that is just a fleeting thought and doesn’t really count.

Your blocks might feel ugly, illogical or shameful. But ignoring them will not make them go away!

Don’t listen when your ego-mind talks you out of needing to fix anything! Yes, it can be shocking or embarrassing to realize what our subconscious mind is up to. But if you don’t fully process this part, you’re never going to fully heal either. That means, the same old patterns will continue to play out in your world and you will continue to feel stuck.

So if you’ve come this far, don’t stop now! Be brave and acknowledge the skeletons in your mental closet. And most importantly keep loving yourself when you find them.

You didn’t choose those beliefs and stories consciously. But now is your moment to do so!

Unblocked to Manifest Step #3:


Noticing your unhelpful patterns & beliefs is an important first step. And sometimes that big Aha! Moment is all you need to get unstuck.

But most of us need a little extra work to become truly unblocked. After all, those limiting beliefs and stories have played out in your mind over and over again for many years. It takes some conscious effort to replace the old story with the new story of your choosing.

There are lots of ways to work with your subconscious mind to heal and reprogram.

One of my favorite daily tools is Manifestation Journaling: it’s the exact process I use each day to begin writing my Future Self into reality.

Another favorite tool is NLP hypnosis & coaching. This is the work I do with my private high-level clients to rewire and reprogram their mind to attract what they want almost effortlessly.

There are lots of other ways too of course (hypnosis meditation, subliminals, EFT tapping etc.)

The most important thing is to pick a modality and stick with it! Remember, that reprogramming won’t just happen without your conscious attention. But your mind is 100% in your control–and your future happiness and success can be too!

Again, don’t just come this far to come this far! Commit to your desires and dreams and, no matter what you decide on, commit to doing the work.

Remember: this is your life and you get to live it the exact way you want to. But that will always involve you taking your subconscious mind into account as well.

I’m so excited to hear what you do with this process so go try it out and be sure to report back!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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woman standing in grass with text How To Get Unblocked & Manifest Your Desires In 3 Steps


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