The Importance Of Eliminating Visual Clutter

How Visual Clutter Can Harm You

Relax! The clutter I’m talking about here today is not your garden-variety clutter.

Visual clutter is literally attached to our stuff. And we usually don’t even give it a second thought.

What I mean by visual clutter today is specifically marketing and advertising materials. Logos. Slogans. That glaring bright corporate messaging is always around us–but it doesn’t need to be.

Take A Scan Of Your Space

So take a moment and do a quick check: quickly look around your space and see what kinds of visual clutter you can find.

What kinds of logos and labels have you allowed into your space? And what kinds of messages are living in those logos?

Once you open your eyes to them, it can be quite surprising to see just how many there are.

I’m not talking about conspiracy theory-level stuff here. But logos and slogans are designed to lodge themselves into your head. They are ultimately designed to make you buy things. Anyway you slice it, they are targeted corporate messages as well as unnecessary visual clutter.

And why let those corporations have a piece of your tranquil space?

Your home will be a trillion times better without them.

It all goes back to one of my core messages: be vigilant about what you allow to be around you.

Your Action Plan

Fortunately, fighting the visual clutter is really easy. I’m an especially big believer in decanting our most often used products like hand soap or dishsoap into clean label-less containers. The stuff in your cupboards and shelves (and even fridge) is less problematic since you don’t see it quite so often but you can take this exercise as far as you want. Try decanting and repackaging the things in your kitchen and bathroom and see what a difference it makes.

You don’t need to get rid of absolutely everything with a logo. Sometimes those logos make us feel really good! And that’s cool. What I am asking is that you simply take the time for some awareness and then make a conscious choice. So if you choose to keep any around, make sure you are truly aligned with them–and their meanings.

I hope this post gave you some food for thought today and inspired you to eliminate visual clutter in your home! Let me know how it works for you.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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The Importance Of Eliminating Visual Clutter


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