The Concept of Esho Funi

The Concept of Esho Funi

If you’re interested in spiritual home design, then esho fushi is something you need to know about.

Esho funi is a Buddhist concept meaning oneness of yourself and your environment. This concept illustrates the fact that separation is an illusion; our inner life and exterior world are one and the same. We are exactly what we have attracted in this world including work, home, family and friends.

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This means is that inner changes can affect your external world.

So if you don’t like the way your career is going, the friendships you have or the home that you live in, the first steps you need to take are inside yourself.

How liberating!

While I place great importance on cultivating an awesome place to live in, it also crucial to address some of the underlying inner issues.

If you’re messy, let’s find out why that is! If you chronically neglect your home, it’s important to discover when that pattern began and what triggered it. If you claim that you don’t care about your space, what else are you not caring about?

The patterns of neglect are likely repeating themselves in other areas of your life.

Changing yourself and changing your space are both incredibly powerful acts. But it’s smart to combine these two processes and use them towards the same goal.

So start seeing your home as a real priority. Make it reflect who you are and where you want to go! It really is important.



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