Create A New Identity To Manifest Your Dreams
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Create A New Identity To Manifest Your Dreams

If you want to change your life, it’s time to throw out the old to create a new identity.

Ever wonder why you can’t seem to make progress towards what you really want in life?

You set your manifesting intentions. And you think you’re doing a great job!

But when it comes to results? Not so much!

Please don’t give up on yourself just yet friend! Manifesting is both simple and complex. While the concepts are easy to digest, putting it all into action is frequently much harder than we’ve been led to believe.

For example, one of the most common reasons why you might not be making progress is probably not what you’d first expect. But it could be simply because of your over-attachment to your identity.

Creating a new reality for yourself requires you to step up and actually become someone new!

For example, if you want to be a millionaire, you’ll only actually become one when you create the mindset and identity of a millionaire.

Or if you want to call in your soul mate partner, you’ll find them when you’re already feeling so loved and secure in your own mind that it almost wouldn’t even matter if that other person was there or not.

Your Energy Is Everything

It’s impossible to call something in if you can’t vibe with it energetically. And stepping into becoming is by far the most powerful way you can align your energy with what you want (and who you really want to be).

However, this is where things can get tricky. Creating a new identity is not just as easy as flipping your internal mental switch–unfortunately.

After all, you’ve spent a lifetime being you. So there are some very well-worn ideas and concepts about yourself that you might find difficult to let go of. As Dr. Joe Dispenza tells us, being us is a habit–and one that we can find very difficult to break.

But if you’re truly ready for what you want, then this identity work is an important thing for you to consider. So if you’re ready to step into your dream life (Yes! Finally) then this is the post for you!

Create A New Identity To Manifest Your Dreams

Create A New Identity Step #1:

See Your Old Identity

We all have stories and ideas about who we really are. While it might not seem like those things matter at all, they actually make a huge difference to your world and your results.

For example, say you tend to think that you’re simply bad with money. Then think about how you might accidentally be making it more difficult to manifest money to you because of this belief.

(Or fill in the blank with love, health etc!)

If you truly believe you’re not good with money, then you’re probably not working on your money abilities. You’re probably not learning about it or trying to make more of it or keep the money you do have. In fact, you’ve probably surrendered away much of your own power: If I’m just not good at money, then not having money isn’t my fault! And I never have to work on changing that.

Au contraire mon frère!

Don’t Give Those Stories Meaning

While your ideas about your innate money talents and abilities probably came from a true event at some point, those individual events don’t actually have to mean anything about you. But holding onto your story as a crutch means you’ve incorporated it as part of your identity.

Let’s take this example a bit farther! It’s also true that almost everyone has screwed up with money at a certain point! Maybe they got into credit card debt, lent someone money they never got back or made a bad investment. All of these examples are actually super common! But those self-made millionaires out there aren’t letting those minor setbacks dictate their money story moving forward. Instead of shrugging and saying “I don’t know how” they set about the very real business of learning how and changing their stories and identities around money.

And that means you can too!

Few things are forever–unless you decide that they should be! So think about what you’re trying to call in and get very honest with yourself. What do you tell the world about who you are and what you’re capable of in regards to this topic? And if you could shift your story just a little bit, what could else could change along with it?

Create A New Identity Step #2:

Toss Out Old Limiting Beliefs

Similar to your own story are your own beliefs about both the world and yourself.

For example, one of the most insidious limiting beliefs I can think of is the simple idea that certain things cannot be changed! I know I grew up with this idea: you were just the way you were and that was that! So of course that idea also cuts off the chance for further expansion and growth–permanently.

However, this is also patently untrue–and even science can back this up! Neuroplasticity has proven that our brains have the capacity to keep rewiring and changing throughout adulthood–an idea that was formerly thought shunned by science and society.

Opt Out Of Limitations

You truly have the power to be a blank slate–and to test what you’re truly made of now (instead of basing your identity off of random events from your childhood–which is what most of us do).

And that’s all just one example!

Basically, anything that limits your happiness or potential in the world is considered a limiting belief. However, they’re not always easy to notice at first glance.

So as you go through your week, I want you to simply notice any weird stories or ideas that pop up for you, especially in relation to your manifesting desire. Maybe you’re insisting on thinking “money is evil” or that “all the good ones are taken”. These ideas are never empirically true–so the real question is: is it serving you to keep believing in them?

Remember, your old ideas are what created your life now! If you want to go to your next level, you also need to work on the new beliefs to match.

(And if you need a little help with that, check out my one-on-one coaching package right here!)

Create A New Identity Step #3:

Create Your New Identity

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.

Oh, The Places You Will Go! – Dr Seuss

When you realize that you don’t have to be who you thought you were, then that opens the very important question: who do you really want to be?

That might be overwhelming to think about at first so I find it’s easier to break it down when you think about what you want. Look at those big crazy life goals of yours and start to do some backwards detective work: what kind of person has that car? That apartment? Those clients? That many YouTube followers?

It’s Not Just About The Goal

Manifesting isn’t really ever just about the material things or arbitrary goals. It’s always about energy and alignment. When you get yourself ready to truly receive on the quantum field, that’s when all the outer stuff shows up (and when you’re like “Woohoo! I manifested that.”)

But those things really aren’t the magic at all. The magic is you. When you step into your next level, only then does your next level arrive!

So get excited because this also means you don’t have to sit around and wait for your manifestation to show up. You can start doing the work, right here, right now or at any other time when you decide to do so.

Create Your New Identity Step #4:

Be A Conscious Creator!

Being a Conscious Creator really is just about that: consciously choosing and creating your life on every level! So stop relying on what you think you already know and ask yourself the most important question of all: what do you really want to be true?

What would life be like if you choose to believe that you always had money? If you were always surrounded by love? What if you really understood how powerful your beliefs and stories really are and started using them wisely?

Personally, I can’t wait to find out!

The story you tell about yourself has more impact on your success than anything else! So perhaps it’s time to start rewriting yours. It might be scary at first to let go to those comfortable old ideas about who you are in the world. But starting again with a blank slate is truly the best way for you to find out who you really are, for once and for all!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Create A New Identity To Manifest Your Dreams


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  1. LOVE it! I’ve found it especially true that you need to BE the person for whom success is natural. You need to BE the millionaire before you get the money, FEEL fit and beautiful before you lose the weight, the whole shebang.
    It can be hard to tap into when you’re new to it, but once you can get into that place mentally, it is crazy how fast things manifest.

    Great article – can’t wait to share it!

    1. Exactly! So glad you enjoyed the post Tabitha! ????

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