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Subconscious Manifestation: A Complete Guide

Could your subconscious manifestation be the real key to getting what you want in life? Yes it’s true! Read more to find out why.

Hey there Conscious Creator! Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Have you been struggling to manifest the same thing, month after month, or year after year?
  • Do you feel like other people can manifest super easily while you can’t seem to get it to work at all?
  • Are you settling for less than what you really want because you don’t think you can make anything more happen?
  • Are you living a life that’s not bad but doesn’t quite match up to your dreams?

Here’s where most manifesting books, coaches, and programs get it wrong.

Those people that tell you to just “visualize” and “think positive thoughts” so you can “change your vibration” and magically call in your desires are only telling you about one piece of the manifestation puzzle.

And yes, I do talk about those things too! However, I always encourage you to take the work deeper.

Please know that if you’re feeling stuck or like you can’t quite get what you want, it’s not a reflection of you.

It’s actually just a big red flag that there are deeper patterns happening in your own mind that you’re are likely unaware of.

But if you continue to ignore this stuff, it will continue to (secretly) trip you up and prevent you from getting what you really want.

The Truth About Subconscious Manifestation

The problem is that right now you are manifesting from your subconscious mind as well as your conscious mind.

While we all have our conscious desires that we are highly aware of, we also have unconscious desires: the desires of our subconscious mind.

That means that while one part of you is very much hoping to change, the other (larger) part of your mind very much doesn’t want to.

Your subconscious mind is hard-wired to protect you at all costs. And unfortunately, because of that program, it will hold onto old situations and patterns–even if they’re painful or unsatisfactory–just because it knows what to expect.

Your subconscious mind will always favor the familiar over the unknown.

Without doing the work to reprogram your entire mind to feel worthy of what you really want, you’re always going to run into blocks calling in your manifestations.

Here’s how I explain this: imagine having a car with one wheel turned in one direction and one wheel turned in the opposite direction. When you try to go in two directions at once, you will remain exactly where you are.

It’s impossible to make progress in either direction, as long as your will is divided and your subconscious mind feels it is not worthy of what you really want in life.

So if you’re in any way feeling stuck with manifesting or like you just can’t make progress towards what you want, then it’s time to fix it! It’s time to start creating awareness around your own subconscious programming so you can begin to heal it.

3 Parts Of Your Subconscious Mind

Your shadow, your worthiness (or havingness levels, as I also call it), your programmed limiting beliefs: these are the biggest subconscious mind elements that have an impact on your manifestations. Let’s have a look at each one:

Subconscious Manifestation Part #1: The Shadow

Your shadow self is one of the biggest elements of your subconscious programming.

When I talk about the shadow, I’m referring to two different things.

1. Your Dark Desires

Humans are complicated creatures. While we have some very high-vibe desires, we’re also frequently motivated by factors that we’d rather not admit to ourselves.

For example, while your conscious mind is dreaming of wealth perhaps your subconscious mind is secretly enjoying the f*ck out of not having money!

It might very well love the drama and the attention and the constant rollercoaster dynamics of not knowing how to pay your own rent.

Most of us have a lot of shame around this–which means, we don’t even want to admit it to ourselves! But if we refuse to look at them, we can never heal and transmute those desires.

Or, in other words, as long as we pretend those dark desires don’t exist, they’re going to continue to rule over us.

2. Your Rejected Selves

You might be the most badass, confident, sexy creature right now. But were you always this way?

Most of us experienced some times during our childhood and youth where we were very much not the people we are today.

Maybe you were the overweight child or the acne-riddled teenager. Or maybe you had debilitating shyness (like me!) or some other issue that made you feel rejected, unlikable, and ashamed.

Those days might be long behind us. However, most of us “got over” those times by learning how to be something more acceptable.

However, that is just a coping mechanism. It typically means we’re still rejecting that version of use. On some level, we still agree with the shame we experienced back then–which is the complete opposite of full self-acceptance and real self-love.

Exploring your rejected selves can spark some huge lightbulb moments. This powerful work will always help you to become a more whole and integrated (and therefore powerfully magnetic) version of you.

Subconscious Manifestation Part #2: Your Limiting Beliefs & Trauma

It’s tough to believe at times but so many of the things we take “as fact” are actually, not factual at all!

These things are limiting beliefs: the beliefs we have about the world that limit and prevent us from actually having what we want in life.

They sound like reasonable factual ideas: “There’s no good single men in this town.” “No matter what I do I can’t lose weight.” etc.

What has really happened is that our brain has gone out and looked for proof of these fleeting ideas over and over again, to the point that we don’t even question them anymore.

But trust me, they’re not actually true and–even worse!–they are getting in the way of you manifesting your desires.

This problem becomes even more compounded when the beliefs are the result of what I call Small-T Trauma: the kind of childhood trauma we all experience that “teaches” us that we are unlovable or not worthy of getting our needs met.

The lessons we learn in those moments (like when a parent ignores your requests to play) are extremely deeply embedded. What was a passing moment in your past can result in you carrying around a story of: “My needs are not important” or “I am not worthy of attention.”

Subconscious Manifestation Element #3:

Low Self-Worth & Identity

I just talked about limiting beliefs. While there are lots of types of limiting beliefs, multiple beliefs can work together to lower our self-worth and create an identity that ultimately settles for way less than we want (and deserve).

We all have some ingrained ideas of what we’re worthy of when it comes to love, money etc.

But the more deeply ingrained those ideas are, the more difficult it will be to shift them.

Taken to an extreme, when we identify these things as just part of who we are, we will fail to realize that we have power in this situation!

Basically, you have the power to learn how to become anything you want to be, no matter what your brain is telling you.

If we are someone who perpetually accepts low paying jobs or not-so-healthy relationship patterns, it’s time to think about our identity beliefs. Why do we continually accept these things into our life if we know they’re not what we really want?

Your self-talk is a huge giveaway here as well. If you have conscious (or unconscious) thoughts like “I’m such a loser.” “I’m a hot mess.” then you definitely have some subconscious identity issues to work on.

Subconscious Manifestation Blocks & Your Self-Worth

All of these elements can come together in various ways to form subconscious blocks.

But to put it simply, when your self-worth is too low, you will continually settle for less than what your conscious mind wants, without you even noticing it.

It will feel like you’re stuck in a neverending loop or pattern: changing jobs or relationships only to face the same issues, over and over again.

You might start to think “that’s just the way it is” or maybe even that you’re cursed or doomed to live a life that’s not what you really want.

But it’s really just your subconscious mind acting out its old unhealthy programming.

Starting now, you have a choice.

  • Take no action with your subconscious mind and continue to let life play out the way it currently is (going around in circles & feeling frustrated).


  • Understand that while your subconscious has been blocking you, you can take back control if you want to.

We all have the power to reprogram our subconscious mind to raise our self-worth and increase our havingness levels (aka receiving more money, love, success, health, etc.)

This process isn’t just going to happen without you taking control.

(You can’t read a book about going to the gym and expect to lose weight!)

Your subconscious mind will be more than happy to keep doing what it’s always done. But you do have the power to change that! With a little time and effort, you can begin the process of healing.

Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind For Manifestation

So now the question becomes how exactly do I reprogram my subconscious mind to receive what I want to manifest?

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to do this!

The important thing to remember is that your subconscious mind was programmed over time. So it usually takes time for us to fully integrate the new ideas we need to help us manifest.

Here are a few examples:

NLP (and/or) hypnosis is one of the most powerful methods. (I am soon releasing my new hypnosis package so stay tuned!)

Hypnosis meditations and subliminals for manifestation are a way to do this at home. (I’m also offering a brand new monthly program with more of these very soon!)

EFT (or tapping) is another method.

Plus, there’s also journaling: a practice that I personally use daily, in conjunction with the other tools to help me rewire my subconscious mind for what I want.

Remember my dear friend, you are not cursed. You are not broken. And you are definitely not the exception to the manifesting rule! You are perfectly capable and deserving of manifesting your desires. You just need to understand the way in which your brain works first and then start doing the work to heal and reprogram what you think is possible.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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