Jenn Stevens with text A Lesson On Small-T Trauma (Using Bean Dad!)

Video: A Small-T Trauma Example (Using Bean Dad!)

A Small T Trauma Example: Lessons from the ‘Bean Dad’ Incident

Hello, my dear conscious creators! Welcome back to my channel. I’m Jenn Stevens, your spiritual life and business coach, and today we delve into the topic of “Small T Trauma,” using the recent viral Bean Dad incident as a learning example. This event offers a prime example of small-scale, everyday trauma that many overlook but can significantly impact our lives.

The Bean Dad Controversy: An Overview

The internet recently erupted over a Twitter thread by a user known as Bean Dad. This narrative unfolded as Bean Dad refused to help his hungry child use a can opener, instead waiting hours for the child to figure it out alone. While he believed he was teaching independence, this incident highlights an often-overlooked form of trauma.

Small T Trauma: The Everyday Emotional Impact

Small t trauma represents those less dramatic, yet significant, emotional experiences in our lives. Unlike major traumatic events (Big T Trauma), these incidents might seem minor but can leave lasting impressions, especially in children. The Bean Dad story serves as a typical small t trauma example, where a child’s basic need for food and guidance was neglected in pursuit of a ‘teaching moment.’

Parenting, Intentions, and Ego

In this case, Bean Dad’s intention wasn’t to harm, but to teach. However, the method, combined with the public sharing of the event, neglected the child’s immediate needs and emotional well-being. It’s crucial to understand that good intentions can still lead to small t trauma, impacting a child’s perception of their worth, safety, and ability to ask for help.

Reflecting on Personal Childhood Experiences

This incident encourages us to reflect on our childhood and identify similar small t trauma experiences. Often, these moments stem from well-intentioned actions by our caregivers but can lead to deep-seated issues like feeling unsafe to express needs or seek help.

Healing and Re-parenting Work

Acknowledging and understanding small t trauma is the first step towards healing. It involves recognizing how these seemingly minor incidents have shaped our beliefs and behaviors. As adults, we have the opportunity to engage in re-parenting work, addressing these past traumas and reshaping our subconscious beliefs.

A Small T Trauma Example Final Notes

While the Bean Dad incident provides a clear small t trauma example, it’s a universal call to introspect and heal from our past experiences. If you resonate with this and wish to delve deeper into healing and manifestation, consider joining my upcoming monthly membership program. Together, we can navigate these emotional journeys and transform our lives.

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