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Video: Slow Down To Speed Up Manifesting

Speed Up Manifesting by Transforming Your Relationship with Time

Hello, beautiful conscious creators! Welcome back to my channel. I’m Jenn, your special life and business coach, bringing you weekly doses of inspiration and motivation. Today, we delve into a transformative concept: changing our relationship with time to speed up manifesting.

The Time Dilemma: Are You Always Rushed and Behind?

Do you often feel rushed, like you’re perpetually behind schedule? If these thoughts resonate with you, you’re not alone. Many of us experience this anxiety, especially now. These feelings are symptoms of a broken relationship with time.

Redefining Time: Slowing Down to Speed Up

Let’s explore how we can slow down to speed up our manifestations. Our default thinking about time often hinders us, causing stress and anxiety. But why continue with these negative ideas about time when there’s a different, more empowering way to view it?

The Power of Perception: Rethinking Time

Consider your current beliefs about time. Do you see it as a scarce resource, always slipping away? This scarcity mindset limits us. However, by challenging these beliefs and adopting an abundance mindset, we can reshape our experience with time.

Collapsing Time: A Manifestation Concept

I often talk about collapsing time in manifestation – the idea of achieving significant results in a shorter period than expected. For example, earning a considerable amount of money in a year. This concept highlights our attachment to time and how it can become a barrier in manifesting our goals.

Abundance vs. Lack: A New Time Perspective

Switching from a lack mentality to an abundance mindset is crucial, not just in terms of wealth or love, but also regarding time. An abundance mindset in time means feeling spacious and trusting in your schedule, rather than rushed and anxious.

Your Manifestation Power: Rules You Create

Remember, as a conscious creator, you have the power to decide the rules of your life. This includes how you perceive and interact with time. Breaking free from negative time beliefs opens up a world of possibilities in your manifestation journey.

Practical Tips: From Mental Recoding to Manifestation

Question Your Beliefs

Adopt Abundance Thinking

Embrace a spacious, trusting approach to time. This shift from lack to abundance can drastically alter your experience.

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I hope this video inspires you to change your relationship with time and embrace a new, abundant perspective.

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