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8 Unmistakable Signs That You’re A Lightworker

Are you currently wondering if you’re a lightworker?

Or maybe you’ve seen that word around and you’re curious about what it means.

Either way, I hope to answer your questions today! And, as one lightworker to another, welcome aboard my friend!

Lightworkers are simply those of us who’ve been sent here with a divine mission.

While everyone is on their own journey and has their own mission, lightworkers are here to help deeply transform the world and raise the collective consciousness of the human species.

In one way or another, your mission is to be a healer, teacher, leader, or guide. But while every lightworker’s mission is important, there are many ways to fulfill this purpose.

Lightworkers can be energy healers, life coaches, therapists, yoga instructors, meditation teachers, tarot card readers, or basically anything in the healing/wellness communities. There is no one “right” way to be a lightworker.

Ultimately, you are here on a beautiful and important mission! But the journey itself is not always sunshine and roses.

Lightworkers can often feel confused or overwhelmed by their gifts. They can even feel like outsiders or straight up outcasts. After all, no one sat you down and told you what was going on! Perhaps your family didn’t understand you or maybe there are even things that you hide from your friends today.

Still not sure if you’re a lightworker or not? No worries! That’s exactly why I put together this simple guide of 8 unmistakable signs that you’re a lightworker.


8 Unmistakable Signs That You’re A Lightworker


Sign You’re A Lightworker #1:

You Use Your Intuition


Some people have anxiety about tapping into their intuitive gifts. But not you! You wouldn’t be able to stop picking up on your intuition if you tried.

Whether you see things (clairvoyance), feel things (clairsentience), hear things (clairaudience), smell things (clairalience ), tase things (clairgustance) or know things (claircognizance), you are tapped into your spooky powers.

Or maybe right now you’re fighting your own intuitive powers! Sometimes lightworkers are surprised to learn about their intuition. They either assume this is something that happens naturally to everyone. Or they downplay what they learn because it doesn’t make logical sense or they’ve been told it’s “bad”.

But fighting your nature won’t do you any favors! Please know that your intuition is a gift and it’s not going to take you anywhere scary or bad. Give yourself permission to pick up on those little nudges and notice what they’re telling you.


Sign You’re A Lightworker #2:

You’re Committed To Growth


No one has to tell you to keep trying new things and learning. Though you might not be consciously aware of why that is, you intuitively know that the gift of this human life is all about the experience.

Perhaps you’re constantly reading new books or listening to podcasts (like mine!). Perhaps you have a coach or perhaps you’re enrolled in a course to learn something new. Or maybe your learning comes in slightly less recognizable forms: perhaps your biggest dream is to spend a year or two traveling the world.

Whatever your favorite form of learning is, know that this is part of your unique spiritual blueprint. Kudos to you for listening to your soul desires and following where they lead you! While the path might not make sense at first, just know that you are always being led closer to your highest version of you.


Sign You’re A Lightworker #3:

You’re Very Sensitive To Energy


You’re naturally fluent in reading energy—yes, even if you could never quite put your finger on what that means! There are some people you just naturally dislike and can’t explain why and others who you are thrilled to meet (again, with no “logical” explanation). Perhaps large crowds exhaust you or maybe you require a lot of alone time in order to feel like your best self.

All of that stuff is just a sign that you’re picking up on the energy of the people around you. Again, this can be a weird experience. Perhaps we’ve even learned how to downplay our initial gut reactions because we didn’t want to be rude or because they didn’t “make sense”.


Sign You’re A Lightworker #4:

You’re Highly Spiritual


You don’t need anyone to tell you where the nearest crystal store is. You’re already on a first-name basis with the owner.

Okay, so crystals might not necessarily be your thing…but as a lightworker, you are definitely drawn to parts of the spiritual world! You might be drawn to sound baths, to meditating, to mandala coloring books etc. The things that you’re drawn to may even feel weird or strange at times. But please know that, even if you can’t consciously explain it, you’re being attracted to the energy of the spiritual world.

So don’t be ashamed of your esoteric book collection or your need to listen to Esther Hicks on repeat! Lean into those desires of yours because they’re delivering you the exact medicine that you’re here to receive.


Sign You’re A Lightworker #5:

You Often Get Bored With “Normal” Tasks & Jobs


As someone who can intuitively see the bigger picture of the world, it can be hard for you to get excited by performing menial tasks at a workplace. Let’s face it: deep down inside you know you’re here to help others. (More on that in the next tip!) So it can feel incredibly frustrating to have to do something that doesn’t seem to immediately help anyone (even though it’s doing the job of paying your very human bills).

This might make you feel like a freak or like you must be inherently lazy. But that’s not the case at all! You simply cannot deny your pull towards your calling and anything that interferes with that can seem quite stressful at times.

Understand that not fitting in in the workplace does not say anything negative about you! Instead, it’s important to understand just how much purpose really means to you. It’s only once you identify your own purpose that you can make the changes in your life to bring that purpose to life.

It’s also important to note that your purpose may never have anything to do with your day job–and that’s okay too! Some people find their purpose in their hobbies or side-hustles and there’s nothing wrong with that. Once you find a way to fully express yourself, you’ll probably find the menial day job much easier to handle.


Sign You’re A Lightworker #6:

You Have The Desire To Help Others


You are so naturally attuned to the needs and desires of others that you automatically want to do your best to help them out. That can get you into trouble at times (especially if you’re an empath or codependent like me!). But it comes from your very nature as a lightworker. You fundamentally know part of your mission here on earth is to help others.

Sometimes this might get you into trouble. You pick up on the problems in your friends or family that perhaps they’re not willing to face just yet. Every lightworker can tell a story or two about how their caring nature ruffled some feathers! And that’s okay.

It might be part of your nature to see where others need guidance but it’s also crucial to learn more about when and how your guidance can be best used. In other words, blurting out your (well-meaning) advice is not always the best course of action! Use your intuition and tap into your Highest Self to develop some boundaries and decide where your wisdom can best be used.


Sign You’re A Lightworker #7:

You Want To Save The World


You may or may not be the type to participate in demonstrations or marches. But one thing is for certain: you definitely care about the overall state of the world.

Watching the news often makes you upset because you simply cannot stomach the injustice of some of the terrible things that are going on. You definitely can’t understand why people hate on others or choose money over people. Sometimes the goings-on of the world might even make you feel depressed because you feel helpless to change anything (and confused at how these things are even problem in the first place).

Whether or not you’re actively on the front lines or currently giving into fear and helplessness, know that you’re ultimately coming from a deep place of caring. You feel like creating a better world should logically be the goal of every human and, as a lightworker, it deeply confuses you that it isn’t.

Take care of your emotions on this one. As always, self-care should be a priority. But know that if this is resonating, you’re meant to get out there and take action in one way or another. Think on the issues that lie closest to your heart and start to make a plan for helping out. (That could be finacial donations, volunteering or even starting a new charity yourself.)


Sign You’re A Lightworker #8:

You’re A Natural Manifestor


Your natural high-vibration and attunement to energy work makes you a natural in the world of manifesting your desires! You have a hard time masking your emotions and you’re not afraid to dive into the deep world of your subconscious mind to look for your limiting beliefs and negative programming.

While everyone is manifesting all the time (whether they know it or not) most people struggle to manifest what they really want. But not you! Your natural inclination towards growth and ability to intuitively pick up on divine winks from the Universe means that you always create momentum towards shifting your vibe and creating what you really want in life!

So don’t second guess your powers. Keep looking inward for the next step and set about making those dreams of yours a reality!



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If this post is resonating with you, then congratulations and welcome to the club! It’s so important to understand that you are not alone on your journey. Even though being a lightworker might feel a little freaky at times, your mission here is so important for the good of the world. I hope what you’ve learned today brings you a sense of peace and power!


Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life



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girl with candles on the beach with text that reads 8 Unmistakable Signs That You're A Lightworker


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