10 Signs That You Have Manifestation Blocks

10 Signs That You Have Manifestation Blocks

Looking for signs you have manifestation blocks?

When it comes to the manifestation and creating your dream life, being blocked is a super common problem.

This is extra frustrating because it’s not like someone will come up and tell you: “Hey lady! You’re blocked.”

(Unless you happen to be around me of course! 😂 )

Instead, you’ll just keep experiencing the same lack of results. You’ll really want something but become super disappointed that you don’t have it yet. And sooner or later, it’s hard to not take things personally.

That means you might start wondering if something is wrong with you specifically. Or you might think that this whole Law of Attraction thing isn’t even real at all.

But please don’t give up before your manifestation comes true!

Yes, quite often we do experience blocks on the road to creating the life we want. But this is a normal part of the process. Your blocks aren’t a punishment. Nor do they mean anything is wrong with you.

Life isn’t happening to you. It’s happening for you.

Your blocks are simply an area for you to heal and grow. Once you can raise your worth in that area and reprogram your mind to attract what you want, that’s when you’ll break through and finally call in your desires.

But in order to do all that, you first have to realize that you’re blocked. Awareness is the first key to healing always. We need to learn the lesson, feel the emotion and then do the healing.

So yes, this is work — but it’s actually the best work of all: essential soul work that is making you stronger and ultimately taking you closer to becoming your Future Bad-Ass Self.

In order to help answer the question of whether or not you’re blocked from manifesting, check out these ten common symptoms–as well the advice on how to get unblocked again!

10 Signs That You Have Manifestation Blocks

Manifestation Block Sign #1:

You’re Repeating Patterns

Are you stuck in a rut? Perhaps you keep dating people only for it to end for the exact same reasons. (Ugh!) Or maybe you quit one job only to trade it for another that ends up with you feeling just as overlooked and undervalued as the first one did.

While we say we want something new, often our subconscious brain did not get the memo! So while you might be looking for a conscious relationship or a workplace that respects you, your subconscious mind might be looking for something entirely different! If this is happening to you, it’s a good sign that something from your past is preventing you from creating your dream future.

Manifestation Block Sign #2:

You Have Unexplained Overreactions

Our subconscious mind rules our reaction state. So unexplained overreactions are a strong indication that there’s some healing work we need to do in a certain area.

If you find yourself suddenly blowing up or crying “for no reason”, then it’s time to do some inner work. What about this experience is reminding you of something in your past? What was your earliest memory of feeling this way?

Trauma-related experiences in our past can create very big limiting beliefs that ultimately block us from manifesting what we want! But these things can also be healed. If this is you, it’s time to get curious and begin the healing journey so you can become unblocked.

Manifestation Block Sign #3:

You Feel Intense Jealousy

We’ve all experienced the green-eyed jealousy monster at some point! But did you know that your jealousy can be a tool to help you figure out what’s missing in your world?

The more sudden and intense jealousy is the bigger the clue. Get curious and look within to figure out wha actually triggered you. Sometimes our desires can catch us by surprise. Our society has a rather messed-up relationship to desire which means we might find ourselves very much in denial of our own desires from time to time.

In any case, know that your jealousy is actually a gift. It’s never about the other person or situation. It’s about understanding some of your own desires–and once you see and acknowledge them, you can now set about the incredibly important business of giving yourself those very things.

Manifestation Block Sign #4:

You’re Starting & Stopping

You get really excited about manifesting. So you throw yourself into doing alllll the things.

But that excitement doesn’t last. So you lose your momentum and fall right back into your old patterns. Until a few weeks later, when you find yourself getting fed up with your life and excited about manifesting once more. Only to wash, rinse, repeat. Ad nauseam.

This symptom is really a sign that you don’t believe either in manifestation or yourself. It’s about you giving into your inner voices of fear and self-doubt–even though they always bring you back to the exact spot you don’t want to be (ie. where you are right now!).

To get through this one, you have to truly decide to go all-in on your dreams. You have to learn how to keep going despite the fear and self-doubt–and most importantly, you have to keep going even when you don’t have any evidence that it’s working yet.

If you keep waiting for the results before you believe, you’ll be waiting forever! So to get unblocked it’s time to start believing.

Manifestation Block Sign #5:

You Don’t Really Believe You Can Be/Do/Have Your Desires

One of the biggest blocks on the manifestation road is our own identity. By now, you’ve accumulated a lifetime’s worth of ideas about who you are. Yet not all of those ideas are helpful to creating the life of your dreams.

Essentially, manifestation is about identity shifting. It’s about becoming a slightly enhanced version of ourselves. But actually becoming that person also requires us to let go of who we are right now–and that’s something your ego-mind will always fight you on.

To your subconscious mind, the most important thing in the world is keeping you safe. But it thinks safeguarding your identity is part of that.

In order to get past this one, you have to start believing in who you want to be more than in who you are. But while your brain might kick up a protest at first, this one isn’t so hard! Just keep coming back to your own potential instead of your past.

Manifestation Block Sign #6:

You Don’t Know What To Do Next

Confusion is a good way for us to hide away from our own power. And honestly? It’s really just fear in disguise.

It’s 100% okay for you to not know how to do something. In fact, if you’ve never done something before then of course that will be the case.

For one thing, telling yourself that you’re waiting to feel “ready” is a common excuse. But ready doesn’t really exist. All the thinking and planning your brain wants to do doesn’t add up to real-life experience. There’s a very big difference between reading a book about driving a car and actually driving one yourself!

Second, this can be another sign of learned helplessness. For example, I’ve heard so many people say “I’m just not good with money” thinking that was a great “reason” for their money problems.

But money–just like love, health, success, and anything else in life–is something you can learn about. That means it’s fine to not know everything right now. But if you really want to change your situation, it’s also up to you to start learning what you need to in order to change it.

Manifestation Block Sign #7:

You’re Not Changing Anything

The life you have now is the result of your old thoughts, beliefs, and actions. So if you want something different, you need to change yourself first.

But just in case you don’t believe me:

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

Ultimately, not changing yourself is a sign that you don’t really believe in your ability to attract something new into your life. It’s a sign that you’re giving into fear and self-doubt. So you’re staying cozy and safe by doing the same things you’ve always done–and ultimately living the same life you’ve always had.

Getting past this block is about truly going all-in on what you want! If you’re truly ready for a change, you’ll have to do the work to get there. So what can you start to change right now? Start with your beliefs and your childhood and see where that takes you.

Manifestation Block Sign #8:

You’re Feeling Uninspired By Life

This manifestation block is tricky indeed! But if you’re feeling uninspired by life and you can’t even figure out what you want to manifest, this one might be you.

Again, it stems from low self-worth. If for most of your life that you’ve believed that you can’t really have the things that you want in life, you might try to “save” yourself from the disappointment of not achieving them by not even letting yourself admit those things in the first place.

But your desires are not optional! In fact, they’re sacred. They’re part of what you’re here to experience. They’re part of your soul purpose. So of course if you learn to deny this important part of yourself, you’re going to end up feeling disconnected and uninspired.

It’s simply time to start listening to yourself, my friend! But the more you tune into that part of you, the more authentic and powerful you will become.

Manifestation Block Sign #9:

You’re Waiting For Someone To Fix You

If your manifestation intention revolves around winning the lotto, meeting your “Prince Charming” or having someone bail you out in any way, then it’s a sign to pause and figure out why.

Unfortunately, learned helplessness is a real thing! Many of us don’t really believe in our own potential. So we try to manifest other people taking care of things because we don’t trust that we can do that ourselves.

But with manifestation, leaving room for the magic is an important concept! That means not micromanaging how things show up for you. Or in other words, putting your focus only on someone or something fixing your problems is not giving the Universe a lot to work with.

To shift this, start to get clear about why you don’t think you can manifest things for yourself. Get creative and start thinking outside of the box. Ask yourself questions like: “If I had to fix this, what would I do?”

Again, ultimately our “problems” are actually just our biggest opportunities for growth. It’s almost impossible to manifest something that you’re also running away from. So it’s time for you to step into your self-worth and do the healing you really need to change things.

Manifestation Block Sign #10:

You’re Not Making Any Progress

The ultimate sign of a manifestation block? You’re not making any progress!

Sometimes a lack of progress is because we’ve bitten off more than we can magnetize in a single bite. If you picked a giant manifestation goal, then perhaps it’s just time to change your focus to a smaller more-manageable goal. (For example, if you’ve been trying to manifest one million dollars for the past three years, change your number and start smaller!)

But if you’re trying to manifest something reasonable (like your first extra $1000) and still coming up short, then something is definitely amiss. So it’s time to be honest: What beliefs do you really have about your goal? What actions are you taking? And what are you really telling yourself about why it’s not working? ( <—- This one question is so important!)

There’s always something you can do to become unblocked. But that means getting curious about yourself and actually doing the work to heal and reprogram your subconscious mind.

Because once your mind is on board, then your actions will change and that’s exactly when you become magnetic to what you want.

No matter how your manifesting blocks are showing themselves, I just want you to know that there’s always something you can do to heal, reprogram and change things. Don’t give up on yourself! Manifesting works as well as you do. So going all-in on your dreams will be the best gift you can ever give yourself.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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10 Signs That You Have Manifestation Blocks


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