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How To Shift Your Reality

Did you know that you have a secret magic wand that can drastically affect the quality of your life?

It’s called: your attention.

Your attention is one form of energy you give the world.

And what you pay attention to is always a choice.

Everything around us is neutral and meaningless, until we assign meaning.

That’s why what you see in the world around you matters. You’re filtering out the world that you live in. You’re constantly creating your own echo chamber. This is a powerful skill to have, yet so few of us even realize it.

Remember this basic rule of the Universe:

What you focus on, always expands.

The same phenomena goes by different names. Call it simple pattern recognition. Or the observer-expectancy effect. Or call it manifesting.

It doesn’t really matter.

What does matter is the end result: the fact that what you pay attention to in the world actually affects what shows up in your reality.

Which is the craziest kind of magic in the world!

This simply underlines the fact that, you’re the one in charge of your experience in this world.

You can choose to draw in more of what you want and leave behind what you don’t.

Yes–you’re that freakin’ powerful.

(And don’t you ever forget it!)

So if you want to shift your reality, all you need to do is shift what you’re paying attention to in the world around you.

Most of us have learned to forget how powerful we are.

We’ve been taught to play small. We’ve been taught to be the victim. We’ve adopted learned helplessness (the state of always waiting for someone else to come along and fix us).

But those things don’t represent how powerful you really are and how much potential you hold.

And you have the power to step out of that victim role any time you want to.

You’re not just a passenger in life. You can take the wheel at any time.

And this is how you do it!

You’re actively choosing your focus in every minute of every day.

You get to choose between:

  • Limitations or opportunity.
  • Love or fear.
  • Joy or boredom.
  • Gratitude or depression.
  • Learning experience or failure.

So if you want more of those juicy good things in this life, all you need to do is start looking for them now.

Your perspective = your choice.

This might sound trite or impossible at first too! I get it. But the more you practice exercising the right to choose what you see, the easier it will get.

How To Shift Your Reality: 3 Step Process

Shift Your Reality Step #1:

Notice Where Your Attention Is Going

To start shifting your reality, simply start noticing what you’re allowing into your consciousness throughout your daily life. Notice where your time goes. Notice where your focus goes. Notice what you’re talking and thinking about the most.

Most of us don’t think of our thoughts as being optional. We just go around letting our attention be sucked up by everything around us, without even bothering to consider what all those thoughts are truly doing to us.

So this is your new mission! Developing awareness of your attention is going to feel strange at first. But as soon as you start doing this, you’ll probably be surprised at how much of your energy and time is sucked up by things that you don’t really want.

Shift Your Reality Step #2:

Decide How It’s Serving You

The second step is figuring out how your attention is serving you. Because all of that focus is taking you somewhere! So is that somewhere better or worse? Is it closer or farther to where you really want to go? Does it feel good or does it weigh you down?

Are you paying attention to things that lift you up or bring you down? If you’re being pulled down a Negativity Highway, then why keep subjecting yourself to that torture?

You are a Conscious Creator my friend. And you don’t have to keep thinking low-quality low-vibe thoughts after all! (Even if you’ve always had those thoughts.) So how could you choose a more positive thought, event or person to focus on instead?

Remember: it’s way easier to shift your attention than to try to force those negative thoughts away! So just redirect your attention where you want it to go. What do you want to feel right now? What do you want to be true? How can you create more of that?

Shift Your Reality Step #3:

Think About Your Triggers

While we can’t change the world around us, sometimes the best thing for us really is to change our environment. As you start doing this work, it’s also important to start noticing what’s triggered some of your patterns. Sometimes the best action is to avoid falling into our negative thought traps in the first place.

Take your social media for example. Are you watching or following people who actually inspire you? Or maybe they’re people that you follow out of habit–who used to light you up but these days not so much. Or maybe (worse!) you’re just hate following someone!

It’s time to see those attachments for what they are: energy. You’re casting tiny invisible lines of energy to the things you pay attention to.

And that energy is a two-way street!

As always, some of it will bring you higher and some of it will drag you down.

Maybe you don’t really want to harness the energetic vibration of the Real Housewives. Or a gossipy friend. Or the evening news. (At least not every day!)

Maybe there are people in the world who genuinely inspire you and set your soul on fire. The more energy you pay those people, the more of that incredible energy will be attracted right back to you.

We tend to view all of that stuff as passive and external. But there’s meaning in every choice. There’s energy in every action. We always control what comes in and we always control what we notice.

After you understand that, it’s easier to cast your attention (energy) to something that’s uplifting: to people who inspire or uplift. To internet personalities who you’d actually want to emulate (and aren’t just mildly entertained by).

Popular entertainment might be mindless but it’s not without consequences.

The activities you do day in and day out might be done on autopilot but they still matter.

The things you invite into your life through your thoughts will eventually rub off on you.

It’s up to you to figure out if those energetic consequences are worth the payoff.

Choose them wisely.

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So many of us feel passive and out-of-control of the world around us but we all have so much intrinsic power that we’re forget about. You’re a magical creature and what you chose to bestow your attention on always matters. Make sure it’s worth it!

I hope this inspires you to take positive action towards the things you’re actively inviting into your life.

Thanks so much for reading this today, beautiful soul!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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How To Shift Your Reality


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