Self Love + The Law of Attraction

Self Love + The Law of Attraction

Curious about self love and the law of attraction?

Self-love is a massively important concept for anyone who’s on a path of personal development. But I’m about to take it a step further:

If you don’t truly LOVE yourself, you’re never going to be successful with the Law of Attraction!

That’s because becoming a Conscious Creator requires a few different things:

It requires you to hold the confidence to dream big in the first place.

It requires you to have the ability to decide on what you want, to go after it and to ask for help with it.

And it requires you to believe in your dream and your ability to actually MAKE those dreams come true.

If you don’t believe in yourself, you’re not going to make magic happen.

You must fundamentally believe in your ability to have anything you want.

You must believe in your own power to change the world. (No matter how small that change might seem!)

And you must believe that you deserve it. Right here, right now, exactly as you are (not some “perfect” future version of you.)

As they say in the dating world, you have to fall in love with yourself first before anyone else can.

It’s just as true with manifesting as it is with dating!

If something’s “wrong” with your ability to manifest, this might just be the missing link.

And let’s just be clear: self love isn’t about false ego traps or developing an oversized ego!

It’s simply about loving yourself and believing in yourself enough to do the best thing for you: creating a life you’re wildly in love with.

So just in case you don’t believe me by now, here are 6 more ways to illustrate that self love not only supports but actually SUPERCHARGES your manifesting practice.

6 Ways Self Love Works With The Law of Attraction

Self Love + Law of Attraction Principle #1:

Self Love Allows You To Dream Bigger

So many dreams are crushed before they’ve even had a chance to hatch. When you’re not truly loving with yourself, you’ll be far more prone to all of those Negative Nelly thoughts: Who are you to ask for that? Why would that ever happen to you? What makes you think you can do that?

Of course, dreaming the dream is only the beginning the beginning of the journey towards creating an amazing life! Your desires are here to gently nudge you ever closer and closer to your true purpose. If you shut those desires down because of your low self-confidence, you’ll never get close to achieving what’s truly possible for you.

Self Love + Law of Attraction Principle #2:

Self Love Allows You To Take Up Space

Changing your life fundamentally involves taking up more space in the world. (But not too much space! Your rightful amount of space.)

When you set a goal, you’re deciding to become something bigger and better than what you are! That means you need the attitude to go with it. You need to be able to BECOME that person you’re dreaming of being. When you love and respect yourself, you’ll see how easy it is to step out of the shadows and let the world notice just how wonderful you truly are.

Self Love + Law of Attraction Principle #3:

Self Love Gives You Improved Confidence

Loving yourself means that you are BRAVE enough to declare what you want and to ask for help in receiving it. Many people don’t want to take this step because they’re so afraid of failure! They’re too worried that people will look at them and laugh if they don’t achieve what they said they would. But the truth is that no one is paying as much attention to your life as you are. Never let the fear of embarrassment hold you back! The chance to create your beautiful life is worth so much more than the off-chance of momentary shame.

Self Love + Law of Attraction Principle #4:

Self Love Allows You To Accept What Is

You cannot love yourself and impose pre-requisites for change on yourself at the same time. Self-improvement is one thing; but preventing yourself from living your best life because you haven’t achieved X, Y or Z yet is just self-flagellation in disguise.

You need to deeply understand that you are wildly DESERVING of love and success exactly the way you are. You don’t need to change in order to acquire or deserve a life you love and the sooner you realize that the better off you’ll be.

Self Love + Law of Attraction Principle #5:

Self Love Gives You The Ability To Receive

I know that at first receiving doesn’t sound like a skill at all! But many people have massive blocks about upgrading their lives because they’re not truly open to receiving.

Receiving means you’re willing to accept help and that you’re willing to let yourself change. Many people block any efforts to receive because they’re still trying to control the world around them. (I can’t accept that compliment until I’ve lost ten more pounds! If I let someone help me at work, then maybe my work won’t need me anymore.)

The ability to receive requires you to open your heart to yourself and to the beautiful possibilities all around you.

Self Love + Law of Attraction Principle #6:

Self Love Increases Magnetism

Finally, the more you love yourself the higher your vibration will be! That means you’ll be much more likely to attract the things you want in life because you’ll actually be on their level. This is the biggest reason why a solid self-love practice is crucial for your manifesting efforts! Low-vibes are difficult to change but the more you can practice loving yourself the more the Universe will love you right back.

I hope this post helps inspire you to fall back in love with the most beautiful thing on the planet: you. All the material goods and achievements in the world will be for nothing if you still can’t be happy with yourself at the end of the day. And if you can’t be happy with yourself right now, you may never achieve that! So go on and start challenging yourself towards self-love.

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Have a beautiful week!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Self Love + The Law of Attraction


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