Self-Concept & Manifestation: Change Your Life With Your Mind

Self-Concept & Manifestation: Change Your Life With Your Mind

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to effortlessly attract what they want? It might have more to do with them than with luck!

The secret lies in their own self-concept: the foundation for successful manifestation.

What is Self-Concept?

Self-concept is your mental image you hold of yourself. It’s made up of a combination of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and assumptions about who you are. Your self-concept shapes how you see the world and what you believe is possible for you.

However, this image isn’t just based on your conscious thoughts. Your subconscious mind also plays a big role, storing past experiences, hidden beliefs, and automatic responses that influence your self-concept. But the good news is, with awareness, you can change this!

By understanding your self-concept, you can identify any limiting beliefs holding you back. The brain is like a muscle; with focused attention, you can reshape your self-concept through a process called neuroplasticity.

The Power of Self-Concept for Manifestation

Imagine your desires and dreams built upon a solid foundation. That’s the power of self-concept in manifestation. A positive self-image acts like a magnet, attracting what you truly want. When you believe you deserve love and can achieve your goals, you open yourself to realities where these things come naturally.

This approach aligns with Neville Goddard’s Law of Assumption. Godard teaches that assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled is key. That means: live and act as if you’ve already achieved your goals.

Think about it: someone who believes they’re successful takes actions that reinforce that belief, leading to even more success. On the other hand, a negative self-concept can trap you in a cycle of negativity and missed opportunities.

Your self-concept acts like a filter, influencing what you believe you can achieve. A positive self-concept attracts positive outcomes, while a negative one might hold you back.

By changing your self-concept to align with the person you want to be, you essentially change the filter. This allows you to manifest the reality you desire.

So start asking yourself the all-important questions: What do you want in this life? And who do you need to become in order to achieve that?

How to Manifest with the Self-Concept Method

Begin With Some Self-Reflection

Begin by taking a deep dive into your current self-concept. Think about your life right now and where you’d rather be. Then be honest: are your beliefs empowering or limiting? Your beliefs are the foundation of your reality. If something isn’t working, better to identify it now so you can work on it–rather than pretend it isn’t there!

Ask: Who Is Your Ideal Self?

Next, create a blueprint for your ideal self. Imagine the person you want to be, focusing on qualities and values that resonate with you. Write it down in your Notes app or somewhere you can access it easily. Then come back to it regularly in order to remind yourself of these qualities. Consider this is your guiding star!

Do Some Shadow Work

Much of your self-concept lives in your shadow: inside our self-abandoned parts and shame experiences. But self-concept isn’t about becoming perfect and therefore, having to ignore those parts of you! Your true power lies in owning your entire self, “negative” parts included.

Check out our shadow work journal prompts here!

Act In Alignment

Live “as if” you are already this person. That means think, speak, and act in ways that your ideal self would, as much as possible. Hint: this kind of identity-shifting goes way beyond your manifestation intention, into how you walk, talk, dress, etc.

Try to “tune in” to that mindset when you wake up in the morning. Who do you want to be today? How do you want to feel? Then keep coming back to that no matter what happens throughout your day.

Over time, this will rewire your brain to pop into that mindset and make it your new normal.

Tap On It

You know I love tapping to help heal and reprogram almost anything! So using EFT tapping to reprogram your new self-concept just makes sense. Take yourself through an EFT tapping routine while making positive statements about who you want to become. Check out some videos on YouTube to get started or try my Tap To Manifest program.

Affirm What You Want–Even Without Evidence

Words have power! Create positive affirmations that resonate with your Ideal Future Self. Then use them!

The power of affirmations comes from repetition. So repeat them daily, especially when your mind is receptive, like before sleep or upon waking. Over time, these affirmations become your subconscious truth.

Cultivate Patience

Remember, making a change to your mindset (or life) takes time! Sometimes it takes a minute for the changes to click in. There will be setbacks (and possibly a few manifestation tests) but your commitment is always the most important factor. Consistent practice is key to transforming your self-concept.

So what did you think? Do you have a better understanding of self-concept and manifestation now? What are you going to do to work on your own self-concept?

Manifesting with self-concept is about harnessing the power of your mind to create your desired reality. By changing your self-concept, you become an active participant in shaping your destiny.

It’s not about becoming someone else, but about embracing your full potential. With this method, you’ll discover that you are not just an observer in life, but a powerful creator, manifesting your dreams one thought, belief, and action at a time.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Self-Concept & Manifestation: Change Your Life With Your Mind


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