Reparenting Series: "Be A Good Girl/Boy"

Video: Reparenting Be A Good Girl (Or Boy)

Reparenting Series: Rethinking the ‘Be a Good Girl’ Paradigm

This time, we’re delving into the deep-rooted concept of being a ‘good girl’ or ‘good boy.’ If this resonates with you, stay tuned for a transformative discussion.

Reparenting: Healing Childhood Narratives

Reparenting is a journey of revisiting and healing our childhood experiences. It’s not about blaming our parents, but about empowering ourselves to heal past wounds that may still affect us. In this series, I’ve explored common childhood scenarios that might have been misinterpreted and held onto in harmful ways. Today, I focus on the implications of the ‘be a good girl/boy’ message many of us received.

The Hidden Messages of ‘Being Good’

As children, our subconscious minds are highly impressionable, often misinterpreting well-intentioned messages from our parents. Here are some potential negative interpretations and their lasting impacts:

Making Others a Priority

This mindset, especially prevalent in women, teaches us to put others’ needs above our own, often leading to self-neglect and resentment.

Seeking External Validation

The desire for rewards or approval for ‘being good’ can set unrealistic expectations in adulthood, where such external validation is rare.

Ignoring Personal Needs

Constantly prioritizing others can lead to a disconnection from our own needs and desires, hindering our personal growth and happiness.

Valuing Others’ Opinions Over Ours

This can lead to a dangerous dependency on external validation for self-worth, leaving us vulnerable to emotional instability.

Suppressing Personal Opinions and Preferences

A lack of self-expression can result in frustration in relationships and an inability to make decisions that truly align with our desires.

The Path to Healing

Reparenting involves recognizing these ingrained beliefs and working towards healthier thought patterns. Here are some steps to begin the healing process:


Let go of past mistakes and understand that they’re part of your growth journey.

Mindful Language

Speak to yourself with kindness and respect. Your words shape your self-perception.

Stop Worrying

Learn to differentiate between helpful planning and unproductive worrying.

Live in the Present

Let go of past regrets and focus on creating a positive future.

Prioritize Self-Care

Recognize your needs and give them the attention they deserve.

Final Notes

This reparenting journey is crucial for personal growth. By revisiting our childhood narratives and reshaping them, we empower ourselves to lead happier, more fulfilled lives. Remember, you are deserving of happiness and self-love.

Thank you for joining me in this reparenting series. If this video resonated with you, please like, comment, and share it with someone who might benefit. Don’t forget to subscribe for more insightful content. Here’s to your journey of healing and self-discovery – get ready for the miracle!


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Reparenting Series: "Be A Good Girl/Boy"

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