Jenn Stevens with text Ask A Coach: Not Dreaming Big Enough?

Video: Ask A Coach | Not Dreaming Big Enough?

Dreaming Big Enough: Unlocking Your True Potential as a Conscious Creator

Hello, my lovely viewers! Welcome back to my channel. I’m Jenn Stevens, your spiritual life and business coach. Today, we’re diving into an important topic: “Not Dreaming Big Enough.” Are you setting goals that truly reflect your potential? If you’re grappling with this, today’s training is essential for you.

The Dilemma of Dreaming Too Small

Many of us are guilty of setting tiny, ‘safe’ goals that don’t challenge us or reflect our true capabilities. This often stems from deep-seated issues of self-worth. If you struggle to set any goal at all, it might be a sign that you’re not dreaming big enough. This isn’t about chasing unrealistic, grandiose dreams; it’s about aligning your goals with your true potential and desires.

Happiness Isn’t Goal-Based

A crucial realization in goal setting is that happiness isn’t dependent on achieving specific milestones. It’s a state of being that we cultivate within ourselves, independent of external achievements. Manifestation, then, becomes an exciting journey of exploration, not a desperate quest for fulfillment.

The Art of Setting Right Goals

Setting the right goals involves balancing ambition with genuine emotional resonance. Your goals should excite, energize, and slightly scare you by nudging you out of your comfort zone. This is about embracing the journey of transformation and discovering what you’re truly capable of.

Avoiding the ‘Not-Enoughness’ Trap

If you find yourself setting goals that are just a slight improvement on your current situation, it’s time to rethink. Such goals might not be enough to propel you forward or ignite the necessary passion and excitement for true manifestation.

Journaling and Self-Discovery

To break free from the trap of not dreaming big enough, spend time journaling about your desires. Remind yourself of your worthiness. It’s not about the accomplishments you’ve had so far; it’s about what you dream to achieve. Trust that little voice inside you that asks for more.

Takeaway and Invitation

Remember, every piece of information here is meant to resonate with you on a deeper level. Don’t just watch and forget; apply these concepts in your life. For those serious about upleveling their manifestation game, check out my manifestation school, Recode. It’s a comprehensive program designed to take you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and achievement.

Thank you for joining me today! If you found value in this training, please give it a like. And for more on goal-setting and manifesting your dreams, join Recode. Until next week’s training, happy manifesting, and see you soon!

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Jenn Stevens with text Ask A Coach: Not Dreaming Big Enough?


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