woman meditating & text that reads My Morning Manifestation Ritual

My Morning Manifestation Ritual

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed me posting about my morning journaling routine.

But of course, Instagram doesn’t relay the entire story! Of course, I love journaling and I am happy to share that with you. But there are some other elements of my Morning Manifestation Routine that don’t ever make it to the ‘gram.

In other words, the in-bed or meditation stuff is probably never getting visually documented. 😂😂

But just because I’m not sharing pictures of myself meditating, doesn’t’ mean it’s not happening! It definitely is–and so today I thought I would throwback the curtains (so to speak) and share the exact routine I’ve been using to start calling in my manifestation desires while setting myself up for the best day possible.

Curious about my morning manifestation routine? Here are my three morning Must-Have’s:

My Morning Manifestation Ritual

Morning Manifestation Routine Step #1:

Listen To Subliminals Or Affirmations

Did you know: we naturally experience an extremely magical time a few times throughout our day? In both the twilight before falling asleep and in the fuzzy moments upon waking, your brain is in a particularly suggestive state. So why not use this moment to help us with our manifestations?

Think of these moments as a fast-track to your subconscious mind. Your conscious mind is simply not operating at its full state, which means there’s far less noise to cut through. That means it’s the absolute perfect moment to listen to subliminals or affirmations.

Lately, I’ve become a true fan of subliminals simply because I can put them on in the background and let my subconscious mind become reprogrammed while I relax.

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Similarly, just listening to your own affirmations is a wonderful way to use this time! To do this, just record yourself speaking your current list of affirmations. (For example, “I am worthy of love.” “I am ready to receive abundance!” I am constantly calling in my desires.” Etc.). Just pop out your Voice Notes app and record yourself speaking for a few minutes!

Then simply make it a habit to listen to those sublmininals or affirmations as you wake up. If you don’t want to try the other things on this list, I recommend doing this one at the very minimum just because it’s so easy and effortless.

Morning Manifestation Routine Step #2:


Morning meditation is a must-have part of my morning routine. It’s not that I’m opposed to meditating at other times of the day but doing it first thing in the morning is the best way I’ve come up with to ensure I get it done.

Meditation is basically a workout for your mind. One of our brains’ primary jobs is to think–and for most of us, it does that far too well. That means we can get easily overwhelmed by the speed and frequency of our own thoughts. Meditation is simply a practice that helps us to slow down and disengage from our mental chatter–as well as to create some all-important space between us and our thoughts.

I know lots of you are still intimidated by the thought of meditation. But I assure you, this practice isn’t about perfection or sitting still for hours at a time. Currently, I’m committed to doing just 10 minutes of meditation in the morning–and trust me, that’s an amount everyone can do.

There are also tons of different ways to meditate. I recommend beginners get started with a simple mantra or guided meditation. My favorite tool for meditation is the Insight Timer app. I simply use the timer setting but there are lots of guided meditations on there in various lengths and styles. Including a few of mine! So go grab that if you don’t have it and get started.

Morning Manifestation Routine Step #3:

Manifestation Journaling

The final part of my morning manifestation routine is the newest addition–and my current favorite. Confession: while I’ve dabbled with journaling over the years, I never really stuck to a journaling practice until recently. But not so long ago, I decided to really commit to journaling and started to incorporate the practice with my manifestation ideas.

The result is Manifestation Journaling. This is my own unique combination of several journaling practices and prompts, designed to help you align your energy with your desires and heal any of the blocks that might be standing in your way.

As I’ve committed to this practice, I’ve come to swear by it! Hands down, this is the best way I’ve found to take my daily manifestation practice from “just thinking and dreaming” into some practical real-life actions that start creating the results I really want.

If you’re interested in learning more, I spill my exact routine plus tons of prompts and pointers to keep you going in my Manifestation Journaling Masterclass.

Of course, these suggestions are simply what I’m loving and what’s working for me right now! The whole point of a morning manifestation routine is to figure out what works best for you. We all have different needs, emotionally, physically and spiritually speaking. Your ultimate goal is to deeply nourish yourself while you mentally attune yourself to calling in your desires.

As long as you can do that, your morning routine will become something you look forward to every single day!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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woman meditating & text that reads My Morning Manifestation Ritual


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