Money Manifesting: 3 Abundance Blocks You Need To Clear

Money Manifesting: 3 Abundance Blocks You Need To Clear

When it comes to money and manifesting, so many people have issues! Money often feels heavy, it feels hard, it feel stressful! But that’s really just our abundance blocks rising to the surface.

After all, money is a highly emotionally charged topic! We often glean our feelings of self-worth from our money situation. So if that situation isn’t good then we don’t feel good about ourselves.

However, as you students of the Law of Attraction and spirituality, already know: that approach is completely backwards.

Of course when you let what you observe in the world you’re going to end up feeling not-so-great about yourself!

But what happens when you learn how to change how you feel on the inside?

Not only do you start to feel better about yourself and your world immediately (yay!) but you also change your point of magnetism–and are then able to get beyond those abundance blocks of yours and to start calling in exactly what you want!

(Which, in this case, is money! But the process is the same for literally everything.)

Remember, that you are a Conscious Creator my friend! You are already creating the world you see around you. When you start to elevate your consciousness, then you get to choose what that world looks like. (What a powerful gift!)

Today I wanted to give you a little pep-talk about money because I know this is a hot-button issue for so many spiritual people!

So many of us have big abundance blocks that trip up our money manifestations! That might sound like an intimidating term but it’s nothing to do with anything outside of you.

Our money and abundance blocks are entirely our own creation–which is great! Because that also means we have the power to clear them.

So today I’m going to talk about three of those abundance blocks, with the hope that you can start rearranging your inner experience of the world–and in turn reap the rewards of abundance in the physical world!

Money Manifesting: 3 Abundance Blocks You Need To Clear

Abundance Blocks #1:

Letting Money Define Your Worth

We’ve already touched on this but it’s a big one so it’s worth noting again! Most people who are struggling with money let the (small) numbers in their bank account define how they feel about themselves. As is the case with anything, the more you look to the outside world to prove something to you, the less successful you’re going to be!

In reality, your worth actually comes from you, not from your bank account! And the coolest thing about realizing that is knowing that you can raise your worth at any time!

Most people are waiting for the bank account to inflate before they let themselves feel good. But instead, you’ve got to start creating that worth in your mind and (most importantly!) communicating that worth with the world! In other words, you’ve got to self-actualize when it comes to money or you’ll forever continue to have issues of lack and scarcity around money.

Abundance Blocks #2:

Get Out Of Scarcity

The Law of Abundance states that there already exists a source for everything that we could ever want for ourselves. The world is full of beautiful and bountiful miracles! The problem is, our brains are so hard-wired to look for problems that we sometimes forget to notice.

Our brain is just trying to protect us but it does that by constantly searching the world for problems. So basically our very biology is tricking us to turn away from the spiritual truth!

That means it’s up to us to constantly remember that scarcity isn’t real. That doesn’t mean money is going to magically appear in your wallet over night! But when you open your eyes to possibility then possibilities will start to multiply all around you. Living in scarcity means you’ll never even see those possibilities! The doors are closed before you ever even notice they are there.

Abundance Blocks #3:

Money Shame

This is a big one! According to the Hawkins scale of human emotion, shame is the absolute lowest vibration that we can ever experience! However, as humans we all experience shame, especially when it comes to money.

Money is still something of a forbidden topic–which seems to imply that we should all just have enough. And if we don’t? Then we must be lazy or stupid (or whatever else Fill In The Blank).

All those negative thoughts aren’t really yours! They are just the result of cultural conditioning. As a spiritual being on this planet, somewhere deep down inside you know you are worthy of love and respect, even if your bank account is in the negative.

But energy is everything. And judging and condemning yourself for not being at some arbitrary number is not the way to change your situation! So instead of automatically assuming there’s something fundamentally wrong with you, why don’t you choose to accept where you’re at first? Love on who you are exactly as you are?

You can still push towards your desires but we don’t have to hate ourselves in the process! We’ve just been trained to think that if we want more there must be something wrong with where we are. Repeat after me: there’s nothing wrong with where you are right now! Just start to look at it as the beginning phase of a bigger journey.

If you can balance on this fine line between self-love and desire, then you’ll find yourself in the exact right place to call in what you really want.

Just because you have some abundance blocks does not mean you have to give up on your money manifesting goals! You have the power to change anything about yourself–and that in turn changes your world! So get excited about your own power and start deciding on what you want. That is the path to becoming both a Conscious Creator and someone who’s got an overflowing bank account.

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Money Manifesting: 3 Abundance Blocks You Need To Clear


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