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3 Manifestation Tests & How To Pass Them

Are you facing some manifestation tests?

Waiting for your manifestation to come true? Wondering what to do next?

First of all, congrats! It’s smart of you to learn more about what to do while you’re waiting to manifest. After all, it’s the stuff that comes after intention-setting that’s crucial to your results.

This in-between moment is the perfect time for us to test our trust and to look for manifestation signs.

But just as important as those things are, it’s also crucial to know that not everything in manifestation will happen the way we expect it to.

It’s actually common for you to experience manifestation tests on the journey to calling in what you want.

But of course, the Universe isn’t going to send you a billboard saying: “This is a test!

It’s up to you to understand what to look for, so you can start passing these tests with flying colors.

If you don’t have your mindset right about this, you’ll probably think you’re doing something wrong and give up on yourself (even though you’re actually very close to getting what you want.)

That’s why today I’m sharing everything you need to know about manifestation tests and how to pass them:

What Is A Manifestation Test?

The way I explain manifestation (and life in general in fact!) is to use The Video Game Analogy.

When we’re looping on old patterns, it’s as if we’re simply stuck on one level of a video game. We keep going through the same game path but we’re trying the same moves as we did the last time–and we keep getting eliminated.

It’s the same thing when it comes to manifestation.

This is why it’s so key to remember what’s really going on with manifestation.

It’s not just about you getting something from the Universe.

It’s really about you learning how to rise to your next level.

Manifestation tests occur because they’re the Universe’s way of asking if you’re ready to go to your next level.

This isn’t about punishing you or telling you that you’re not worthy of what you want! Quite the opposite. It’s about giving you the opportunities to prove that you’ve truly shifted.

Still curious about manifestation tests? Check out my list of three common manifestation tests here so you can be truly prepared for your manifesting desires!

3 Manifestation Tests You Need To Know About

Manifestation Test #1:

Standards & Boundaries

This manifestation test is a case of Close But No Cigar.

Imagine this: the seemingly perfect potential partner who swoops in, charms you and then drops the bomb that they’re not looking for a relationship right now.

Or perhaps it’s the job that seems so great on paper: cool office, the right pay grade. But when you go to the interview you quickly realize that the corporate values are completely at odds with what you really want.

In both cases, you’re simply being asked to double down on what you really want.

These manifestation tests are tricky to identify at times! And sometimes we might fall for them for a short while before we figure out what’s happened.

Just FYI, temporarily lowering your standards does not mean that you’ve thrown your only chance at happiness out the window. You can get back to what you really want.

But the choice is always in your hands.

Will you accept the Shiny Object? The Close But Not Quite?

Or does saying “yes” to this means you’re saying no to something else you really want?

Remember, this is your life, your boundaries, your standards.

That’s so much better to swallow the pill of what’s being given to you and accepting it rather than grabbing onto it out of desperation and fear, just hoping that somehow it will transform into what you really want.

Manifestation Test #2:


Ever seemingly manifested what you wanted only to lose it shortly after? This could be anything from a relationship to a job–and when it happens, it’s pretty heartbreaking and discouraging.

When it happens to you then it’s usually enough to send us running back to our self-doubt and fear-based thinking. We blame ourselves: “Maybe I’m not actually deserving of respectful love or an overflowing bank account.”

And that’s exactly why it’s really just a test in disguise.

When you have true confidence in yourself and your Having-ness levels, you won’t fall for the temporary illusion of “failure”. You’ll know this temporary outcome has no reflection on you.

Remember, failure doesn’t even actually exist!

Everything is just a learning experience in disguise, even us not getting what we want right when we expect it.

So right now you’re simply being tested:

Can you still trust in your deservingness? Your full self-worth?

Or are you going to take the bait and go back to not truly believing in yourself?

Manifestation Test #3:

Time & Trust

Sometimes you set your intentions, do your inner recoding work and then sit back to wait.

And wait.

And wait. 😫

This manifestation test is particularly frustrating because it feels like you’ve missed a step. It seems like the Universe forgot about you or perhaps like you’re somehow cursed.

Again, this is just another opportunity in disguise.

The physical world sometimes takes a little time to match up to what we’re calling in. However, that in-between time after setting your intention and receiving it doesn’t mean that there’s a problem.

Sometimes the act of trusting through the unknown is the manifestation test that we truly need.

Can you trust even with “proof”? (Hint: this is manifestation in a nutshell FYI!)

Can you trust even when things take longer than they “should”?

Can you lean into your self-worth and deservingness even before you achieve what you want?

Because if you can’t, it’s time to learn how.

Passing manifestation tests is really always about you and what you’re ready for. It’s all just learning opportunities in disguise! How you respond to any given situation is the biggest indication of your progress.

I know a lot of people will tell you that “good vibes” are enough. But ultimately, manifestation is a massive internal shift. That’s why it’s so important to constantly come back to what you want to be true. If you can recode your mind, trust the process and keep your standards high, your manifestation will ultimately come through for you too!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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