What Are Manifestation Blocks? and How to Bust Through Them to Get What You Want

What Are Manifestation Blocks? & How to Bust Through Them

Have you ever felt stuck manifesting a particular desire? Maybe you set your sights on a goal, visualized it coming true, and only for it to remain frustratingly out of reach?.

You’re not alone my sweet! This is a common experience And here’s one of the reasons why:

Many of the roadblocks preventing you from manifesting are called manifestation blocks.

They are the limiting beliefs, feelings, and behaviors that get in the way of attracting what you desire.

So today we’re diving into everything there is to know about manifestation blocks, including examples of the most common type, and how to address them.

What are Manifestation Blocks?

Manifestation blocks are typically limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging behaviors that actively prevent you from manifesting your goal. They include anything from fear of failure, feelings of unworthiness, or limiting beliefs about money.

The tricky thing about manifestation blocks is that our blocks are usually unconscious. That means, they’re not easy for us to identify! Instead of seeing your blocks, it might feel like the world is constantly working against you and what you want.

However, you have more power than you think. There’s just some healing and reprogramming work that you can do that will change the way you see the world–and ultimately, change your results.

Where Do Manifestation Blocks Come From?

Manifestation blocks come from our subconscious patterns and beliefs.

There are three different ways our subconscious mind can get programmed:

Many times these blocks form during our childhood years. From age zero to seven, we’re basically just our subconscious mind walking around in the world, absorbing everything around it, without any filters from our conscious mind. That means we pick up on the words, beliefs, and emotions of our primary caregivers (as well as anyone else who might happen to be around).

Your subconscious mind is also heavily impacted by emotional pain. We experience a trauma, then we create a negative belief and usually a coping mechanism around that experience. Since your brain has created this strategy as a way to “keep you safe”, these can be some of the most difficult patterns to break.

Finally, repetition is another way we pick up beliefs and patterns. If you hear the same types of beliefs over and over again (even as an adult), you will probably end up believing them. This can include messages we see on TV (like skinny = better, etc.) , things we hear from our friends, religion, and society at large.

How To Get Over Manifestation Blocks

No matter what your situation might be, the good news is that manifestation blocks can be identified and overcome. Here’s how to do it, step-by-step:

1. Get Curious About Your Blocks

Reflect on your thoughts, feelings, actions, and potential limiting beliefs. (Journaling works great!) Be curious and open-minded.

  • What patterns do you notice?
  • What are your recurring thoughts or feelings?
  • What stories are you holding onto?
  • Do these things serve you or block you?

We can break down your findings into three categories: feelings, behaviors, and beliefs. Start with whichever category you find first. But most of us will need to look at all of these categories to truly address the problem.

Negative Feelings

If you feel something negative around your manifestation, then get curious about where that’s coming from. Feelings come from us; they don’t just drop in from the sky!

You might be causing your negative feelings with a limiting belief (“I’m not smart enough to earn so much money”). Or you might be picking up on a feeling from something that happened to you a long time ago. (You saw your parents freak out over paying bills every month and now you freak out over paying your bills every month.)

If you can relate your feeling to a belief, jump to the limiting beliefs section.

If your feelings have their roots in your past, it’s time to do some inner healing work. If you’ve found something that’s rooted in your childhood, you can try shadow work, Internal Family Systems, and/or Inner Child healing work to begin to untangle your emotions. You can also try out EMDR or tapping (like in my heal’d program) to do this important subconscious healing work.

Most of these modalities will help you out a lot so pick what feels best for you–or try a blend of techniques. For a headstart on this (and so much more) check out my heal’d membership program!

Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

If you’ve noticed that you have a pattern of self-sabotage in a certain area, then get curious about what’s causing that. For most of us, the answers lie in low self-worth/shame or fear.

Get curious about your particular form of self-sabotage. What’s your thought pattern leading up to that? Are you in avoidance because you’re afraid to make a mistake/fail? Maybe you’re afraid to be seen or you’re suffering from imposter syndrome. Maybe you’re telling yourself “I’m not ready yet”. Or maybe you secretly don’t want to change your life the way it is.

Don’t judge yourself here! The more honest you can be the better. Remember, our actions all come from a logical place–even if you can’t see that on the surface. Awareness is everything. Getting curious about the motivations of your inner self-saboteur is often all you need in order for that part of you to feel heard and understood.

If you find the core thought or belief that drives this behavior, go through the limiting belief practice.

2. Target Your Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs go hand in hand with our emotional traumas, negative feelings, and toxic patterns. Targeting your limiting beliefs is an essential part of this transforming your manifestation blocks.

Limiting beliefs are any beliefs that limit what you think is possible for yourself or the world at large. Those might be things you heard over and over from your parents or something you picked up from TV shows, books, etc. (eg. “All men are terrible” or “Money is the root of all evil”)

As long as you keep thinking the same limiting belief, you will have the same feelings and patterns. But changing your beliefs allows you to change your relationship to your manifestation intention.

Ask yourself: Is this belief really true?

Of course, you’ll probably find some “evidence” that it is true. It happened to you! And your bestie! And your great aunt Mildred!

But force yourself to see this belief in a new light. Is this belief true for everyone, 100% of the time? If not, then what else could be true instead?

(Hint: you can’t physically see it or prove it by science, then it’s not actually true!)

Prove It Wrong

Let’s challenge your limiting belief even further by thinking about some times in your life when it wasn’t true at all. For example, if you think money is evil, look for examples of people with money doing good things for the world. Our brains love to be right, so we need to give ourselves evidence that a new belief could be right too.

3. Create New Beliefs

No matter what you’re manifesting it’s crucial to ask yourself: who do you have to be in order to have this goal? And what beliefs would support that?

Yes, you get to believe anything you want to in life. Even if no one else told you it was true. Even if TV shows and the media told you it wasn’t true. Your mind (and your beliefs) are solely in your control.

Honestly, it’s absolutely crazy that anyone would opt into beliefs that don’t support us or our dreams. Yet, that’s exactly what we all do, every single day.

Give yourself permission right now to believe something new and good about yourself or the world. Remember, this all happens in the privacy of your own mind. You don’t need to judge it or worry about what anyone else will think. This is your life. Don’t you want to find out what happens when you go all in on you?

Take a look at your limiting belief and ask: what would I rather believe instead? Make a list of your new beliefs that you want to start programming.


It’s not enough to simply decide on a new belief! You must also take action to start installing that belief in your brain (like adding a new program to your computer).

There are lots of ways to do this:

  • Hypnosis
  • Tapping / EFT
  • Writing out the new belief affirmations-style in your journal
  • Repeat it as a mantra in a meditation or just while you brush your teeth, wait in line at the bank, wherever
  • Record yourself saying it and play back the recording (You can listen anytime but first thing in the morning or last thing before you sleep is the best time!

4. Take Action

The proof is in the pudding, as they say. If you show up for your life in the same way you always used to, then you’ll keep creating the same results.

That means we always have to take new action in manifestation! As I always say, the Law of Attraction contains the word action. Manifestation is about meeting the Universe half-way–not about expecting the Universe to do everything for you!

So be honest with yourself: if you’re sitting around dreaming of big goals, but not doing anything differently in your day to day life, get curious about why that is. If you find a limiting belief or feeling, go back and work through this process again to focus on that.

Do Something

Taking action comes in various shapes and sizes. For you, taking one tiny baby step per day or week might be enough to create confidence and momentum. For others, it’s leaning in and taking that big Jump Off A Cliff action that you know you should do but haven’t gotten enough courage for.

Some questions to help:

  • Is there something you know would help you but you’ve been resisting?
  • Is there an action you’ve been avoiding historically? What is it & why?
  • Is there a buffering behavior you do instead of doing what you need to? What is it? (ie. too much shopping, scrolling, drinking, etc.)
  • Don’t know where to start? Try mapping backwards from your goal. Breaking a big goal down into tiny steps can make things see more manageable.
  • Is there a new habit you can focus on that will help?
  • Still don’t know what to do? Brainstorm out as many ideas as you can on a piece of paper and pick one to focus on every single week.

Examples of Manifestation Blocks

Unworthiness/Lack Of Self-Belief

Deep down, you just don’t believe that you’re worthy of your goals. So as much as you convince yourself to go after money, love, or success, a very loud part of your brain doesn’t believe that it’s actually possible and start self-sabotaging every chance you have.

Solution #1: Break It Down

Work on raising your self-worth. Raise your standards in baby steps instead of making a huge leap. Instead of aiming for “I can manifest a million dollars,” start with a smaller belief you fully embrace. For example, “I can attract unexpected financial opportunities.” Gradually build your belief muscle by achieving these smaller goals.

Solution #2: Feed Your Brain

Surround yourself with examples of people who already have what you want (IRL or online) in order to prove to yourself that it is possible.

Goal Misalignment

You’ll always struggle with manifesting things that aren’t really good for you. Many times, we’re seeking programmed milestones of success or adulthood simply because we’ve been programmed to believe that we really want them.–even though we don’t.

Think about the “typical” life progression: graduate high school, go to university, get a job, find a partner, get married, buy a house in the suburbs, have 2.3 children. This is what many people expect their life to look like. However, this is only one way to live; there’s a world of possibility out there waiting for you!

For example, maybe you secretly want to move to Europe or start your own business (like me!). But if you cave to societal pressure about what your life “should” look like, you might never realize those dreams.

Solution: Alignment

Make sure you goals are actually lighting you up. Don’t go after things because you think “That’s just what people do”. Don’t try to impress anyone else. Don’t carry something out because you decided on it when you were twelve! Look at your goals right now and ask: does this really light me up? Does this nourish me or inspire me? And if not, what else might inspire me instead?


One of the best ways to know if you’re living in fear or not, is to notice what actions you’re taking–or not taking as the case may be.

Solution #2: Get Curious

If you’re still having trouble, lean into what’s blocking you: fear of success? Failure? Fear of being seen? Try taking your fear to the limit. Would things really be that bad if your fear came true? Most of the time, our fears are much stronger than the actual reality.


Many times having a manifestation goal means having a perfectionist fantasy. If we get that job, make X amount of money, or date that person, then we’ll suddenly feel cool/worthy/successful etc.

The first problem here is the simple fact that perfection doesn’t actually exist. If you think either you or the world must be perfect for X to happen, then you’re just blocking yourself.

The second problem here is that we end up giving too much power to our goal. It’s never the goal that makes us feel those things. Manifestation is about feeling those things first so that we attract the goal.

Solution: Be Realistic

Take your manifestation goal off of the pedestal! You will still be you when you achieve it: the same flawed you with the same very-human feelings. Don’t try to make it all mean more than it really does. That’s one of the fastest ways to block your own manifestation success.

Solution #2: Be Her/Him Now

You don’t have to be perfect, you do have to raise your self-belief in whatever area you’re trying to manifest. So if you’re trying to manifest money, think about what kind of person you’d be to attract that money in. Then start taking steps to feel like that now. Give yourself permission to feel financially successful. Remind yourself of this as much as you can and do some reprogramming work around it if necessary.

Just please do not keep waiting to “get” the thing in order for it to magically happen! The mindset and self-belief work is all in your hands.

Can You Get Over Manifestation Blocks Instantly?

Absolutely! While it may take time to fully transform your mindset, a powerful shift can happen in a flash.

However, for most of us, there’s much more to it than that. While the idea of instantly removing blocks is catchy, it’s important to be realistic. Deeply-rooted subconscious beliefs usually take time to heal and transform.

Imagine a negative message you’ve heard for years, like “money doesn’t grow on trees.” It takes effort to replace that with a new belief of abundance.

In other words, there’s no simple shortcut to manifestation success. Quick fixes and “magic pills” might seem tempting, but they rarely deliver lasting results. So instead of seeking those out, focus on the journey of growth and self-discovery.

Remember: Consistent effort and self-awareness are key to lasting change. With dedication, you can dismantle your manifestation blocks and open yourself up to a world of possibilities! ✨

So what did you think? Do you have a better understanding of what is a manifestation block? Do you feel better equipped to overcome you blocks?

The universe is always supporting you in your highest good. Your manifestation blocks are not punishments. They’re an opportunity for you to become your strongest, most authentic self and the very roadmap towards your manifestation desires.

Instead of feeling stuck or frustrated, try to enjoy the process of unblocking and becoming the person you really want to be! When you do this, the path to your manifestations will unfold almost effortlessly.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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What Are Manifestation Blocks? and How to Bust Through Them to Get What You Want


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