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How To Manifest $1000 In One Week

Wondering how to manifest $1000 in one week?

First, you have to know about a money block that you’re probably suffering from.

It’s actually embedded in the way we think about money. Our story about how long money “should” take to show up is the very thing that blocks us.

That’s right, babe! It’s your very expectations about how long it takes to make or earn money that prevents you from manifesting money fast.

If you’re on a money manifestation journey and you’re not quite where you want to be, this is definitely something you’ll want to learn how to fix.

One of the best ways to do that is to challenge yourself to manifest money fast. That way, you can start proving a new outcome to your subconscious brain. Once your subconscious brain has “evidence” that something is true, that’s when it will allow more of that result into your world.

We will only ever manifest what we think we’re capable of so sometimes challenging yourself to do something difficult is the best way to reset your own expectations!

With all other areas of manifestation, I caution my students not to work with rigid timelines or deadlines.

But with money, those “rules” go out the window. That’s why today I’m recommending trying to manifest $1000 in a week (or a month etc.) It’s both a fun manifestation game and a great way to connect you back with your true manifestation power, no matter what else is going on in your world.

Playing with setting money amounts and deadlines is actually great for your manifestation practice in general. I still meet loads of people who are trying to manifest an amazing life through wishy-washy desires (ie. “I want more money” etc.).

So venturing into the world of set dollar amounts and hard deadlines is great practice for deciding on what you want and asking for it in all areas of your life!

(In fact, if you’re resisting doing this I think that’s a huge sign that you need exactly this practice!)

Are you ready to manifest $1000 into your life within the next week? Let’s get started by following these 7 simple rules:

How To Manifest $1000 In One Week: 7 Rules

Manifest $1000 In One Week Rule #1:

Declare Your Intention

Whenever you’re serious about manifesting something, the first step is always to make your intentions absolutely clear! But again, how many people out there are still not brave enough to claim their desires?

Lots of people have issues being direct and asking for what they want, both in real life and in manifestation. But if you don’t ask, you’re not going to get it! So take a moment to stake your claim in what you want right now.

If you’re truly serious about manifesting $1000 in the next week, then take a moment to declare it. Stop, center your energy, and say your wish out loud. Or do what I love to do and write it down somewhere. Be sure to include the full dollar amount and your deadline, plus date the note with today’s date as well, just to record it.

You can stick your note on your bathroom mirror, in your phone case, or journal. But try to put it somewhere where you can see it and be reminded of your goal over the next week.

Manifest $1000 In One Week Rule #2:

Stay Playful

Have you ever tried to manifest a lot of money fast in the past? (For example: trying to manifest your entire rent check 3 days before it’s due!)
I’m going to take a wild guess that that attempt just didn’t work out for you. But let’s be clear: it’s not because you’re unlucky or undeserving or because just there isn’t money out there in the Universe that you are entitled to.

It’s because in those emergency situations you are waaaay too up in the meaning of money to actually let it in.

That desperate clingy energy does the very opposite of what you want it to do. It drives the very thing you want far, far away.

It’s just a hilarious joke of the Universe that we manifest everything much better when we’re not so attached to the outcome! So the more you can stay in fun, happy, playful energy the easier it will be for you to manifest.

Keep an eye on your energy as you go through the week. The minute you start to get grasp-y or micro-manage-y (or whatever your particular controlling poison might happen to be) then remember to release and get back into the vibe of fun. Stay grateful for what you already have and ask for the $1000 because the very act is fun in itself, not because you absolutely need the money for rent or to prove something about yourself.

The more playful you can be, the better!

Manifest $1000 In One Week Rule #3:

Attract Don’t Force

Think about this: if you were on the street one day and suddenly started to chase a dog/child/man (lol!) what would happen? Of course, the dog/child/man would do what its instincts told them to do–and run the other way!

But the exact same principle applies to money. When you’re running directly at it, it’s going to do its best to run the other way.

Instead, be happy, open, and friendly to money, just as you would a person (or dog!) in real life. When you’re inviting but not forcing, that’s when the other energy can actually feel safe and interact with you.

Feeling kind of confused about how exactly to do this? One powerful way to start tuning into that energy of money is to use a money attraction subliminal that you can listen to while you work out, sleep etc. Go over here to check out one by me!

Manifest $1000 In One Week Rule #4:

Open Doors But Stay Unattached

The Universe is a naturally abundant place and there’s truly money available to us from many different sources. However, most of us have accidentally created a money bottleneck in our world by unintentionally limiting the ways in which we can receive money.

So if you’re serious about manifesting money fast, it’s wise to help the Universe along by providing the Universe with a new pathway or two for money to find you.

Think about it like this: if right now you’re wanting to manifest $1000 but you don’t do anything differently, then money can only find its way to you down a few paths (a bonus at work for example). But if you open the doors to new opportunities then there are always more options for the Universe to choose from.

Take some time this week to consider how you could open new portals to money. Selling last year’s handbag collection? Finally, telling people about your photography skills? Get creative and see what you can come up with!

Just don’t get frantic about this! Remember it’s not about doing it all. But it is about opening new doorways for yourself.

Manifest $1000 In One Week Rule #4:

Reprogram Limiting Beliefs

As you go through your week, your biggest job is to notice how your brain gets in your way. Basically, anything that gets in the way of what you manifesting money is something for you to notice and reprogram.

Most of us have a ton of limiting beliefs and negative programming around money. Keep an eye out for familiar but limiting thought patterns like “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” “Rich people are greedy.” etc.

Those beliefs might seem harmless enough but they’re actually creating invisible barriers to our money goals. But you are a Conscious Creator, my friend! Please exercise this right by noticing what your brain is telling you and reprogramming the ideas that just aren’t helping.

Manifest $1000 In One Week Rule #5:

Take Action

As I always say, the Law of Attraction also contains the Law of Action. Meaning: it’s up to you to do something to help draw in your desires.

But again, this isn’t about getting frantic, pulling all-nighters, and doing everything you can possibly think of. In fact, this is less about what you actually do and more about the fact that you are doing it.

The Universe loves and rewards speed. So if you have a sudden brilliant idea this week, be sure to act on it–and quickly! Those pings and sudden flashes of inspiration are being given to you for a reason so be sure you take those divine gifts and run with them.

Manifest $1000 In One Week Rule #6:

Stay Trusting

As you go through your week, stop looking at the clock and freaking out that “it’s not here yet!” That type of behavior just indicates that you’ve fallen out of trust.

When you set your intention, it typically goes hand-in-hand with a sense of trust. Yet through the week our Inner Worrywart can rise to the surface and drag us far away from that calm trusting place.

Try to think about it this way: if you knew with absolute certainty that your $1000 was on its way to you, would you still be freaking out? Probably not! But the very fact that you are spending so much time worried about “What if?” is taking your precious energy away from thinking about what you really want.

Remember that our mindset is creating our results, in every thought and every choice. So slipping into that un-trusting state is actually pushing what you want further away.

If you notice this, remember to go back to confident trusting and let your manifestation come find you.

Manifest $1000 In One Week Rule #7:

Receive + Celebrate

I know receiving doesn’t seem like something you have to work for. It happens when the money shows up right?

Well, it’s not always as easy as that! When it comes to manifesting money, we have to remember to look at the big picture.

Money often shows up from several sources. Maybe you get a surprise refund check and maybe an acquaintance suddenly offers you a paid weekend gig. Maybe neither of those amounts are $1000 by themselves–but if you add them up, boom! There’s your money.

However, if you weren’t paying close attention you might have missed out on noticing your very own miracle.For this reason, you must always stay open, aware, and receptive to what’s happening in your world. Maybe keep yourself a little manifestation diary (or the Notes app on your phone) and record your progress in there. And yes, even the little things (like a friend buying your coffee) can go towards your goal.

The goal is to accept that money as it shows up and be grateful for every little extra bit! After all, there’s basically nothing worse (energetically speaking) than asking the Universe for something and not acknowledging it (or being grateful for it!) when it actually does show up. So let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.

Challenging yourself to keep a grateful and magical mindset just makes you more magnetic in general. So stay in tune with your world and watch what happens as you become more and more magnetic!

I hope you have so much fun with this simple money manifestation challenge! If you try it out, I’d love it if you could come back and share your results. And as always, feel free to pass this post along to a friend.

Happy money manifesting my friend!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

PS Looking for more? You might also want to check out this post about abundance blocks or this one about signs of low self-worth around money.

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hand with money and text How To Manifest $1000 In One Week


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